this hike is great for the casual walker, but with the traffic noise and construction it is loud and annoying. the canyon is closed due to maintenance and only open on weekends. If that. i was so disappointed All Trails need to update their site. I was up early to go do this on my day off and I'm very disappointed

Biked down to the trailhead from downtown. Saw some lizards and birds. Nice unexpected steep climbing spots. Other than that, nice and easy hike.

Easy short hike. Really like the narrow path going to the top. We did encounter a big rattle snake like others. But it just slithered into the brush. Parking is limited.

This hike is an easy one. saw a very large rattlesnake cross a path. He wanted nothing to do with us. very well maintained. Go early parking is limited. Going up thru the rock formation was fun considering I'm slightly claustrophobic. I was glad I did it, all while carrying my 16 yr old Chihuahua on my back. wear bug spray.

We had so much fun hiking here. It's very cool hiking trail. Enjoy hiking here

A very nice hike. We started at Rios Rd and was about 1/2 mile flat trail to the canyon. The canyon itself is moderately strenuous--some steep inclines and very tight pathways--but it's very short (less than 1/2 mile) and you can stop at the "cave" if you need a break.

fun little hike. the construction doesn't allow you to go the whole way but the view point on Annie's trail is nice. you can smell the ocean air and it was breezy. about 1.5 miles. easy hike.

The Rios Ave trail is pretty cool itself but Annie's Canyon is where it's at. Definitely take the "strenuous" route when you get to the sign for Annie's. You'll get to experience slot canyon hiking which was absolutely amazing. Some technical type areas in the way of squeezing through and grabbing foot/hand holds but I would imagine just about anyone could accomplish this. A couple high step ups were a little difficult(I'm 5'4) but was still able to get up. It's an absolute blast and you feel so accomplished when you get to the top. Views from the top are great. I'm not claustrophobic but at a couple spots felt a little closed in but it's not too far to the top so just keep calm and you'll be fine. As long as you mind your foot placement it's not too difficult. If you don't want to do the slot canyon, head to the left at the sign and it's a normal hiking trail with the benefit of the same end point up at the top. I can't wait to do Annie's canyon again.