Getting here has become a major pain!! Two points of entry are shut down, however once you finally get to the trail the canyon is superb and well worth it. Had no idea something like that was sitting right in my backyard!

SO COOL! The actual canyon part is so amazing and not too challenging, but still a good work out! I loved seeing what everyone had carved into the sides and climbing up the ladder.

The connection to Annie's Canyon trail is closed due to construction along the 5 freeway.

Link to Orilla side closed due to freeway construction, lame. Otherwise Annie’s Canyon rocked.

1 month ago

Beautiful blue sky, and plenty of kiddo's heading up this trail on a Saturday! Pretty packed, but still enough breaks in between people to breathe and get some fun shots. Went in through North Rios Avenue, went right up through the canyon and out through the switchbacks and back again.

cool hike.. the narrow canyon is amazing !

This is a heavily used trail, but it was nice. I will go back when the construction is over.

Short, but sweet!

Loved it! Great trail and the look out point is awesome!

It’s a fun place.

2 months ago

Beautiful canyon rocks. It’s definitely worth to explore.

2 months ago

Love the canyon! We Opted Outside on Black Friday as did many others. It will be even better with less people squeezing through.

unique canyon hike with some pretty impressive rock formations. you can hear the cars on the highway in some parts, but worth it!

Pretty easy hike. Going through the canyon slot was cool. We originally wanted to get there via La Orilla trail but due to construction near the I-5 we couldn’t.

Too many non-connected dead ends on the west side

We hiked up the moderate side first and then the sandstone canyon side. Both go to the same top location but the canyon side is much more narrow and steep. I didn’t see One so maybe there should be a NO DOGS sign at the bottom of the slot canyon side. There was a sign about half way up. The couple behind us brought their dog and ended up having to carry it up the ladder part. Very lovely trail overall and we will hike it again soon.

Very unique hike. A must do in north county.

Great trail took my 8 and 10 year old and it was not too difficult for them. Wish it was longer :-)

Surprised narrow canyon walk

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