It leads to a beautiful and scenic view of the lagoon. There are two big hills when you first entered the trail. Along the way it was green and cool.

Cake by the Ocean!


There was a landslide just now on San Elijo trails 11/22/16 at 4:45 it was at the narrowest part of the mushroom cave entry, quite a bit of sand and 2 volleyball size rocks could have easily injured or killed someone. There were eight Junior high school age kids on the same trail I made sure they got out of the canyon safely. Cliffs definitely unstable & dangerous right now, hike at your own risk!
Update: OMG!I just posted a picture of me taking a selfie and you can see the landslide in the background!!!

Súper padre para toda la familia

My first trail hike with my daughter and certainly long overdue seeing how I have heard about the mushroom caves for 20 years or so, great fun, so easy I did it in my flip-flops a good trail hike for the whole family.

Great hike , Annie's canyon is beautiful

easy but still very pretty.