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mountain biking
1 day ago

Great trail!!

This one was tough! But so good!!! Ive hiked maybe 20 times prior to this one but I am definitely a rookie when it comes to hikes. This one is very similar to Cowles in difficulty and workout. There are 2 ways to the top: 1. Straight up (shorter, steeper, more challenging) or 2. Switchbacks then you merge with the a real trail. We took the switchbacks on the way up and took the straight down steep route on the way down. I found myself naturally running down the hill but it can be dangerous because of the lose dirt so you gotta be careful.

Went with my son which made the hike that much harder

Nice hike - lots of different paths / erosion, but great views from top

I have been seeking this one trail through two other apps... This one directed me to where it begins. Easy to use.. More info...more detailed so my limited sundown closure trails are now my daylight pleasure trails...

mountain biking
1 month ago

Great Trail if you want to test your climbing skills on your MTB. It’s a Challenge!!! Some pretty cool downhill trail options at the Top.

Make sure you go early and wear shoes with good traction! It looks harder than it is.

Took my dog out early morning for a quick hike. She loved it! It was just after it rained so it was a little muddy but overall great trail.

mountain biking
3 months ago

For mountain biking is A hard way to go up But great for down hill It’s very technical lots of rocks

To get to the top and recommend going around the mountain from the Lakeside towards the antennas

Overall great trail

The area itself is great for hiking and mountain biking. However be mindful using this app to guide you on the trail, as there are dozens of other connecting, crossing and paralleling trails that the app does not show for some dumb reason and can easily mislead you causing a whole bunch of back tracking.

3 months ago

Awesome hike very steep watch your step coming down so worth it !!!

mountain biking
4 months ago

Nice trail to learn how to mountain bike.

This trail was awesome!! Nice view almost all around, no shade however is worthy

Awesome trail, you definitely get your moneys worth on this steady steady climb. Awesome views at the top

My 1st favorite place to hike. Every time we go flora and fauna is different and beautiful. Birding is great too.

this Trail was nice for an early morning. it would definitely be hot later in the day there's no shade period after you make it to the top where the American flag is, if you keep on going for another mile or so you hit a beautiful River with lots of trees. the rattlesnakes are out watch your step.

**** NOTE ******
This map / trail takes you past the rock house to the other side of the mountain, and literally drops you off underneath some huge power lines. Not sure it is worth continuing after the rock house.

Overall this was a great hike that really got the blood pumping and ended with an awesome view. Overall the trail is in pretty good condition. I recommend getting some hiking boots to ensure you are getting the best grip possible when going up/down the steepest parts.

Parking is easy since this hike starts at a residential neighborhood.

For the most part this hike just goes up and not too many flat areas that will allow for you to relax. I frequently hike and was able to do this no problem, even followed a lady carrying her 3 yr old up it! Although I will admit, it looked extremely challenging.

Just make sure to take your time and go during a cool parts of the day as there is no shade. Make sure to bring plenty of water and enjoy the views form the top!

Today, I hiked it. It was a good early east county hike for the pre beginning of summer hike. On the way up, it was steep, took some of the switchbacks on the steepest section. Great views on a clear day. Be careful on the way down, it gets slippery with lots of loose rocks.

Awesome hike with great views. Avoid the heat and go right before sunset to get a spectacular view at the rock house.

Decently steep ascent with amazing views through the entire hike. Saw some snakes at and near the top so be aware!

Great hike, beautiful vies make sure you bring plenty of water there's no shade best to hike it early, I enjoy best doing the loop, either way they both have lots of loose gravel you must be careful on your way down.

Did a couple of months ago - very steep start with lots of loose rocks so be careful
Rest is pretty good fun with some great views

Hike was great, just be careful on the way down the loose rocks are super slippery, bring good hiking shoes with traction. All over all a nice hike!

mountain biking
7 months ago

Ride 2.5 miles from my house and ride this trail. Good early morning ride or hike! Nice and easy hike to do if you are lookin for some quick exercise.

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