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Decently steep ascent with amazing views through the entire hike. Saw some snakes at and near the top so be aware!

Great hike, beautiful vies make sure you bring plenty of water there's no shade best to hike it early, I enjoy best doing the loop, either way they both have lots of loose gravel you must be careful on your way down.

Hike was great, just be careful on the way down the loose rocks are super slippery, bring good hiking shoes with traction. All over all a nice hike!

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Ride 2.5 miles from my house and ride this trail. Good early morning ride or hike! Nice and easy hike to do if you are lookin for some quick exercise.

Hard trail 3 uphills trails are well maintained. El cajon mountain would definitely be harder than this one

A 6 mi loop with beautiful views of distant ocean, Point Loma, downtown, lakes, jets, and hills. Best to do loop on cooler, clear days. Navigation of loop somewhat tricky due many erosion ruts, game trails and power line access roads. Tips: 1. Start going thru double truck gate. Go several 100 yds then turn right down sketchy short trail to line up with massive erosion rut up the mtn. 2. Generally follow erosion rut trail to flag at peak. 3. Continue past peak flag 1/8 mi on clear trail and at rock hideout start creeping down the backside. 4. Do not take two dead power line access roads on map to left! 5. Aim for far distant kiosk looking bench cover that overlooks the reservoir. 6. Go to metal equip. shed and turn left on single track mtn bile trail at side of shed. 7. After decent to gentle ravine generally aim for access road under distant power lines. 8. Aim for ball field light poles. 9. Turn right uphill on sketchy trail in step 1.

For first time hikers i definitely wouldn’t label this hike as “moderate” it might be fairly hard for some. My husband, my self & our 2 year old did this hike in 2.5 hours, no shade and really sunny bring lots of water & sunscreen (i got very burnt). I got light headed on the way up so bring a protein bar! Overall it’s a great workout,family fun activity and not to mention the breathtaking views from the top! Very steep on the way down with loose gravel so be very careful and have good shoes with support.

Was a great hike. It gets pretty step right in the beginning for about half the hike and then it smooths off some. Great view at the top and as of yesterday the flags were still there.

Super Bonita caminata, la vista preciosa. Un poco resbaloso al regreso por que te resbalas con las piedritas.

so much fun. i love this place. its local and more fun/ less crowded than cowles.

A very pleasant hike in early spring. We didn't start the hike until around 11 am. It was sunny but there was a nice cool breeze almost the whole time, so it was very comfortable. It's easy to see how it could be brutally hot in warmer weather though. You can choose to hike the steep trail straight up if you want the incline. We opted for the switchbacks to get a little more milage. The main reasons for not giving it more stars were the lack of trail markings, the heavily eroded trail with all its loose rocks, and the view which, while nice, was nothing spectacular. Overall, it was an enjoyable outing, but nothing to write home about.

P.S. The flag is still there

Went on yesterday with a group of people and 2 dogs. My brother in law invited us because he regularly goes there. Awesome view throughout the hike and got better on the top.
Once you get to top there's no other way back but how you got up. Don't make the mistake I did trying to find another way down. It looks like there is but there isn't. A 3.5 mile hike turned into a 9 mile hike haha good times

Nice hike and was not too populated. I can imagine it getting hot in the summer, but it wasn'y too hot when I went..I used the switchbacks on my way up to avoid the loose rocks on the trail leading straight up. I would recommend that everyone does the same to avoid erosion. I will definitely do it again for an easy hike, but will try to bring water next time.

Definitely a great leg workout! Brought my GSD and he made it up no problem! Steep coming down so wear hiking shoes! Can’t wait to go back up on a clear day.

I took my dogs on a rainy Sunday morning! This trail is a steady incline to the top but nothing too difficult. No shade so be sure to go early and bring plenty of water.

Great hike. Just watch out for the loose rocks on the way down.

moderate? maybe I'm just getting old. but i loved it

Amazing view! I was so proud of my 3 yr old for making it to the top and back down without any assistance. I loved that it wasn’t heavily populated and enjoyed seeing all the dogs out on the trail as well. Kid/dog friendly. Definitely a must!

Bring hiking sticks, very loose and steep..

Great hike. Bring lots of water. Flag is still up 2/24/18

Steep, loose rocks, hot when hiking, cool at top, beautiful views.

This trail may not be the ideal trail for a first time hiker (pending on one's conditioning). 10 mins into the hike you are met w/40-50 degree inclines. Fortunately there are less challenging paths that gives you the option to go aggressive or to be gradual.

Over all the view once you reach the summit, makes the trek all worth while. I will definitely be back to do this trail again. One word of advice, wear proper hiking footwear. Terrain on this trail varies from loose gravel, to rocky, and uneven surfaces.

It was great hike with great views! Overall enjoyed it and would recommend this hike for anyone.

Does anyone know if the flag is still up ??

Nice close hike if limited on time. Way too many people cutting switchbacks have created serious erosion issues. Planned work on trail seems stalled forever

Park at San Miguel Park. There are many trails on the approach veering off towards Sweetwater reservoir. On a bike this gives you options to extend your trip. There are 2-3 trailheads at the base of the climb. Very steep initial entrance, may need to walk a bike for a short ways before hopping on. You can take the switchbacks or plow straight upwards for a bit of a quad pump. Very challenging protrusions of rocks for bikers on the switchbacks and along the trails once over the top. A full suspension with some speed could float over them, but a hardtail will need to pick over carefully. Once topped out at the Rockhouse, a nice view awaits, and more trails leading out of the top meadow area towards Mount Miguel or Sweetwater. More hiking or biking possibilities there and descent options down the backside as well. Saw a huge deer with a full rack near the top TWICE. Once a huge tarantula, and coyotes/rabbits/snakes are common. HOT in the summer with radiant heat from the sun exposure in the afternoons. Bring fluids.

Does anybody has the physical address of this trail? Where can you park?


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