The place of after-lunch-walk for QComm employees.

Warning. This trail has a tick infestation. Had to take many of them off my dog.

If you are looking for the bridge shown in one of the pictures someone posted, you will not find it at Los Penasquitos on the Lopez trail. I recommend following the trail on left under the road to the waterfall rather than follow the Lopez trail. The Lopez trail is narrow, overgrown, and leads to a Rocky River bed and no trail. You could charge on over the rocks to somewhere? IDK?? I stopped at the street overpass bridge about 2.3 miles in and turned around and went to the waterfall. Bring lots of water. I saw someone get life flighted for dehydration near the falls.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Trail is paved and clearly marked; it's the bayshore bikeway path. Lots of traffic on the Coronado side closer to the cayes. It's a nice outting with some good views (again on the Coronado side). Would recommend cycling it instead of walking. Lots to see, but not one of the best.

8 months ago

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