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I like back packing, hiking this riverbed. Sometimes ride my mountain bike all the way down to Riverside from here. Some homeless camps here and there. Be alert if go out on the riverbed. Still nice.

mountain biking
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Great for mountain biking. Be careful and go prepared.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

If you are unfamiliar with the area, the easiest way to find the trails is to park in the Mill Creek Ranger Station parking lot. There is a trail that starts directly across route 38 from the entrance to the Ranger Station parking lot. It is not easy to see but it is sometimes marked by a rock pile. Once you are on that trail, just explore the different options to orient yourself. There is also a single track that starts where Madiera street dead-ends north of Mentone Elementary school. This single track can be ridden up to the Ranger Station, although it does get interrupted at parts and without a guide it might be tricky to navigate.
The Mentone single tracks can be combined with the Crafton Hills to make a longer ride. Cross over Route 38 and take the paved reservoir road into the hills. There are two marked single tracks that drop down onto this road. The two single tracks meet up for a nice loop and you can continue up to Zanja Peak from both.
In the hot summer months, ride very early or late. Unlike the Crafton Hills trails that are nice and smooth, the Mentone single tracks do have some rock gardens and challenging parts.

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