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The wild lands of the San Bernardino and San Jacinto Mountain Ranges were designated a National Forest more than a hundred years ago. The Forest Reserve Act was passed in 1891, giving us the San Bernardino Forest Reserve, which became the San Bernardino National Forest in 1925. The San Bernardino National Forest as public land was set aside for the conservation of natural resources such as trees, water, minerals, livestock range, recreation, or wildlife. Today, the San Bernardino National Forest serves as southern California's outdoor year-around recreation destination, as well as providing valuable watershed protection. Drive the scenic Rim of the World Scenic Byway and Palms to Pines Scenic Byways to discover your local National Forest.

12 hours ago

Great views

Awesome, not sure what the other users confusion about the bridge is.
Very simple:
Stay on the PCT as the map describes, no reason to cross the bridge on use the bridge at all (the bridge will lead you on the PCT but in the wrong direction)
Blue marked rock leads to "main" popular water fall cliff jumping and swimming
There are many many more isolated pools to swim in if you continue on the along the PCT trail, there are many fairly steep side paths that will lead you down to the pools. Awesome.

1 day ago

Off the 15 freeway and off Sierra Ave exit go west. About 10 minutes in there will be a rangers office, pull in for your $5 parking permit (highly recommend otherwise a $100 fine plus it goes to the mountain stuff). One mile after that lárice up and look for the parked cars on the way up, two parking spots along the guard rail. Noticed some cars didn't have permits but be careful. Get off the car go down the hill cross the water creek be careful not to fall in bc you will be wet. Lots of granite rocks for 10 mins and I would not recommend kids under 7 years old as they can roll ankles. Too many young kids hold adults up since it's a tight trail up/down. I would recommend walk in the middle where the smaller river rocks are not too far to the left. Easier path but some walk to the left where a rock slide can happen just look for smaller rocks to walk over. Once off the granite rocks look for people coming up and down to go up the climb that's when the fun starts (im kidding). Climb is steep and leads to the waterfall which is always packed w people and did I mention steep. We did the entire hike in 35 mins w 2-3 breaks and a lot of of picture breaks one way. Fun hike but tight once you go up after them darn rocks. Again some parents force their kids up/down which is dumb because they slow everyone down unless they give the right away. Not a place for kids under 7. You will roll your ankles on the granite rocks on the way in, look down when walking and you should be fine. Up the climb some rest stops and no bathrooms. At the waterfall a ton of people, a lot of graffiti but nice. Overall good for beginners but those rocks on the way in! Lots of shade so about a liter of water should be enough. We gave up on the way out in the creek bc by then you're like whatever lol.

Always a great hike. Had to park in the Discovery Center parking lot as the Cougar Crest lot was full. Hiked with my kid. The last 1/2 mile to Bertha Peak is real steep but doable. Just take a few breaks if you need it. Views along the Cougar crest, PCT and Bertha are amazing. Took us 4.5 hours round trip which included a 30 minute break at the summit towers/buildings. Kinda rocky in spots but pretty much dirt trails and the dirt access road to the summit. I would rate this as a moderate 6.5 mile hike.

off road driving
1 day ago

Very pretty great for a person with no experience a baby could do this .

2 days ago