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We hiked and backpack Mt San Gorgonio at 11,503ft over 22 miles, November 2017. The nights were so cold, below 40F, that our toes were frozen that we couldn’t even feel them and endlessness sleeping nights. Hiked in the dark for 6 miles without headlamps using the night sky to navigated our descent back to base camp from the peak and the trails.

Steep hike, lots of naked people extremely worth it. Random dogs running everywhere, lots of pot and hippies but so much fun. Brought my kid but definitely won’t be bringing him back. Much more for adults, will definitely be coming back. Bring lots of water and a towel if your getting in the springs. You have to cross the cold water to get to the hot springs. You must come early unless you plan on staying the night due to it getting dark very early.

Loved this hike. It's not bad of a hike at all. The worst part is walking over the rocks on dried up riverbed. But people were bringing their little kids and dogs. The waterfall is beautiful. I just wish there was less graffiti and trash. I plan on coming back with my dogs!

Climbed to the top on January 7. Got super lucky with the weather. On summit was in the 40s, no wind and sunny. Actually was able to wear tshirt. The search and rescue squad was looking for a lost hiker from the day before. Some Marines that had camped out the night before said they had “seen her.” We left parking lot at 7 am dawn and got back at 5pm dusk. Saw sunrise and sunset. Next day if snowed.

We started from the north side (miller canyon). Maybe the south end of this loop is nicer but we turned around after about a mile - too many “red flags”. First it starts near a dirt bike riding area, which I’m not against but we could hear them the whole time. It also had some sort of prison near the start. And finally the trail was just following a steep 4x4 road next to some power lines.

so beautiful, a must go back in the summer to enjoy the water

I wish there was more honest people on here about this one or maybe it’s because they haven’t been to other places. The waterfall is nice if you can ignore all the graffiti and garbage people leave behind.

Awesome trail! Has everything you’d want - inclines, views of the lake, dig friendly, decent distance and not crowded. Will do this one again and again.

good hike, great views, ruined with a giant satellite at the top.

Did this hike 1-15. Wish I had a current report prior. Snow is covering trail from 8000 feet all the way to the top. I made it to the top with micro spikes only. Probably not the best idea but the snow higher up was soft. Followed foot steps that were off trail but went right direction. Beautiful views.

Started 1/12 at 7:30 am, lots of snow from the beginning. After half way camp we took a different trail (looked like the right one) that took us an extra 2 miles out of the way through 2-3 feet of snow. Finally made it to high creek just before dark. it was about a 9 hour day due to the "detour".. High Creek was below 20° at night.
We decided not to go for the summit on 1/13 becuase of two factors: exhausted from the previous day's detour and we were told it was waist deep snow and undoable even with snow shoes (which was the only gear we were short of).

All said and done it was an unforgettable experience and the wilderness is absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait to come back and conquer Old Gray Back!

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9 days ago

Jan 2018; Parking by Permit only. No access.

My third time hiking to the peak of San Gorgonio. My second time not making it to the top. Which is another story.

The views from the trails are and have always been amazing to me. This trail like many others has a wide variety of switchbacks. Of which are not excessively steep. The second half or so of the trail, this time of year (January 13, 2108) was blanketed in snow. About 3 feet of which towards the end which was one of the factors in why it went incomplete this time around.

All around great hike the trial head is not to far off from the parking lot, maybe a half mile. The USFS will ask for a permit for parking as well as if your planning to spend the night. For parking they do have a non-permit day lot.

Overall great hike of the now 5 hikes I’ve done in San Bernardino. I will come back and complete this one.

It was a fun little trail, perfect for our group with two toddlers.

awesome natural feature. right off the PCT. downhill going in and up hill going out.

Easy walk for families. Very peaceful and beautiful.

So pretty up there perfect for kids a bit of rocky start but great lil hike just wish people had more respect for nature picked up their trash and didn't graffiti all the beautiful rocks. We took a trash bag with us and picked up trash along the way.

What a great surprise with the waterfall! The rain a few nights ago really was wonderful!!

on Hurkey Creek Trail

11 days ago

Beautiful day, after two days of rain. The sound of Hurley Creek bubbling over the rocks for the first 1/2 mile invited exploration. Not that I left the trail to walk across on rocks, or a felled tree bridge. Went about two miles up, then turned back. Paid $6 to park at Hurley Creek Campground. I was given a map that didn’t give much info of the trail. I felt it was well worth the money and time. Glad I treated myself.

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