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It was very hot and dry, so carry plenty of water. Trail is well maintained with great views. The last half mile or so was very steep. My GPS recorded 7.2 mile to the top of Bertha Peak.

20 hours ago

It has been said that it changed its beauty due to the trash and graffiti. But we still saw how amazing it was getting there. We did a short video of our trip. https://bit.ly/2MSX59I

20 hours ago

Nice hike. Pretty much all up hill on the way there. Once you make it to the top, coming down is easy. There was a rattle snake curled up on the side of the trail.
Great views from the peaks of the rocks.

2 days ago

Great views and it helped having trees for shade when we needed it. We got up partial way in our car and hiked the rest. Volunteer rangers at the top were really friendly and loved talking about the terrain. I highly recommend this hike.

3 days ago

easy hike, not too many people were there which made it nicer.

trail running
5 days ago

Nice hike. More easy than moderate. Many people seen wearing only very simple shoes. Than it can't be very difficult. Great views but the lake disappointed a little.

I love this....

Great trail, well constructed and maintained. A push for this 71 yr old

A beautiful water fall.

Fun hike, great views.

12 days ago

I did a shorter version of this hike (5.7 miles total) that begins at the junction of Polique Canyon Road and the PCT (as described in John Robinson's "San Bernardino Mountain Trails" book and by other reviewers on this page).

In addition to a shorter overall distance, my route from the PCT to the summit was slightly different from what's shown on this page. At around 2.3 miles, I hiked west on an overgrown road (shown as 3N80 on this map) to a use trail that travels south to the summit. This entire section from the PCT to the summit is the hardest part of the hike, as it's very steep and the trail is faint. There are ribbons and cairns that guide you though.

The view from the summit (a pile of rocks) isn't that great, so follow the ribbons south of the summit about 100 yards to a lower outcropping of rocks. The view from there is incredible.

love this trail. I've both hiked and MTB it

great trail. alot of fun. not too hard

Lots of rocks, would recommend hiking shoes and water shoes for when you get to falls. It’s really nice though, I’m for sure going back.

13 days ago

Very short and easy trail. Very pretty, but be careful of falling pinecones. The animal foot prints were very cute. It says no dogs, but it was a dog ok trail. We did see dogs there. Definitely will go there again.

Great hike, did it backpacking over 2 nights 2.5 days. Did a bit of the scenic route so it was more like 32 miles or something. Amazing adventure, first night camped at cucamonga second night on baldy. Met some great people made amazing memories and overall had one of the coolest experiences I’ve yet to live, 10/10 recommend. Did it early June and the weather was good, being like 10L of water if your doing this in one day though!

A nice hike with family. Had fun climbing on the rocks!

14 days ago

Great hike. Runs along the road. Parked across from Camp site #2 just off the Rim of the World

We didn't make it all the way before we turned around, but almost. it's a great hike, not very difficult. We only saw a couple other hikers the whole time. Planning on doing it again and going the whole way.

Great hike, took the entire family, lots of shade

Beautiful view once you get to the top!

off road driving
17 days ago

Super easy trail. Don’t even need 4wd. Just a standard truck with decent ground clearance can make it through if you keep the momentum going on the longer rocky parts.

first time and had a wonderful time.. going back again soon.

18 days ago

Beautiful forest hike. View is spectacular but it needs to be very clear to see the ocean and Catalina. Nice view of San Gorgonio peak. Went at 6am to avoid the mountain bikers.

no wilderness permit required..I ck at ranger station before heading up..just the pass for the car..6.5 hrs total

off road driving
18 days ago

Very easy trail with nice views. 4wd not necessary.

Great little training hike with a steady incline. Very rocky the majority of the time so wear appropriate shoes. A vehicle with nominal clearance can make it to the trailhead or add a mile to your hike and park at the road. The actual summit doesn't have a panoramic view but if you head toward the rocks (toward San Gorgonio) theres some sweet look out points. Added a waypoint to my track for a good lookout fort in the rocks.

20 days ago

Beautiful day for a hike to the falls. So disheartened to see the graffiti along the way. I support art and expression, but please don't use Mother Nature as your canvas.

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