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off road driving
8 hours ago

Great trail all the way to the reservoir. My second trip off roading and had a blast!! Great views up top!!

8 hours ago

Really beautiful views at the top. It started off a little challenging but after the first mile or so it levels out. The trail splits off in many places, but there are blue trackers to keep you on path. Beautiful view of the lake from the top of the peak.
If you keep going you will end up at a small lake. It took us about 2.6 hours round trip going from the main road to the lake and back. My Fitbit counted 6 miles and 13,050 steps. The trail is dog friendly but make sure you check their paws because there are a lot of small rocks and sharp pine needles.

This was a great hike. It took us about hours to the top. The is a little rocky at times, but was hardly any trouble. The first mile has a lot of gnats and flies due to the streams, but you quickly gain 1000' and they are no longer a problem after that. We saw some bear prints but no luck in seeing an actual bear. We sat at peak for some time and were amazed at the numerous butterflies floating about, even saw a blue bird. It's a tough trek, but so worth it!

Loved this hike. My recording showed just over 8 hours of active hiking (not counting camping time or time at the top), so could definitely be done in a day. But I hiked to Trail Flats Camp (7miles, 3.5hrs), camped, and finished the loop the next day.

Lightly trafficked, I didn’t see many people at all. Vivian Creek is a busier route to the summit, and your run into those hikers at the top.

I chose to ascend via the eastern side of the mountain. That side of the loop is slightly longer than the western side, but not by much. My gps said 11 miles when I reached the summit.

Trail Flats was a great campsite. No water though, and no views. The only other camp site I actually saw was the summit camp - very exposed, but there are rock shelters set up. All of the other camp sites are a little away from the trail so I didn’t see them.

The only obvious water source right at the trail is at the loop fork three miles in. Other than that, you will have to go off trail to find water. I filled up 4 liters at the fork and it lasted me the whole loop.

The trail is really hard to find. Over half of the trail is walking through tons of rocks and not really sure if you’re going the right way unless you’re following the map. Once you start climbing up towards the waterfall the trail is more clear, but the left to go up to the waterfall is easy to miss. We went in the afternoon on a Saturday and there were quite a bit of people there. People left trash and dirty diapers along the trail, we tried to pick up what we could along the way. Tons of rocks had graffiti on them as well. Despite that it was still a good hike and will definitely go back again.

9 hours ago

My family and I love this hike. We brought our dog and she loved it too. Lots of families on Father’s Day but not so crowded that it felt like an amusement park. Fun time with everyone. It’s worth the extra hike up to the top of the falls if you’re willing to get some bumps and bruises climbing the rocks.

Use this trail to go on Pacific coast trail

A lot of people mention they’ve had issue with the gatekeeper and to take the other alt entrance, this adds extra time and risk and isn’t necessary. He is fine just be respectful and remember it’s a private ranch and he’s out there all year round dealing with constant helicopter rescues from people that don’t pay attention to his instructions / directions. They are simple and nothing to be overwhelmed by. It gets crazy hot out there in middle of summer so lots of water and don’t overheat in the pools cos you still have to get yourself back up that hill! The place is beautiful and well respected by its visitors, the pools are amazing and each vary in temperature. It’s clothing optional out there but nothing enforced. Remember to pick up any rubbish you see on your way out... keep this place clean!

Use this trail to go on pacific coast trail.

Gradually inclines. Easy to find off the freeway. Views are amazing! Better then I expected. Wear good shoes and watch your step because some areas have a steep fall. No shade. Free parking. Had two rattlesnake "warning" encounters. Didn't see one though. Over all easy trail for all ages. Definitely will be going again.

Awesome place to hike with a toddler and a hiking backpack

2 days ago

Just did Butler Peak this morning. Very beautiful hike all the way up to the peak. Nice gradual climb, nothing too crazy. Once you're up, amazing views of Arrowhead, Big bear, Snow valley, and the High desert.

Nice view at the top. Well marked trail and and fair amount of shade. We started the hike at 8 am on a Friday and saw about 20 people total during our hike. It took us about 1.5 hours up and 1 hr down. There is a campground about half way up with a vault toilet which was a pleasant surprise. The ascent was easy but I would say this trail was moderate due to the length which we clocked at over 7 miles. Would go again.

Beautiful scenery and homes, nice walk. Park to left as you drive in and the walk along the fence towards the bay. Follow it around to the left and pick up the trail along the coast of the lake

great hike. once you're at Grandview, beautiful view of the big bear valley.

3 days ago

Dope cliff jumping spot

You follow the trail until you find this path leading all the way down to the base of the river. It's pretty steep on the way down and not very kid or pet friendly. Cliff is great with a range of heights. Safe enough water depth to send it

This trail was really nice. A lot of switchbacks at the start but levels out towards the end. Really nice high elevation rocks and pines towards the lookout. Would absolutely do it again.

trail running
4 days ago

Fun trail, some of which becomes hard to follow the higher you go up. Thankfully, it's easy to stay on course because of the blazes in the trees. I did encounter a black bear on Wildhorse Meadow Road just after exiting the Sugarloaf trail on my way down. It ended peacefully (the wonderful creature wandered off after a few minutes), but it may be helpful brush up on what you should do when you come face to face with bears in the area.

Heavily worn path with a lot of people on the weekends. It's easy to go past heart rock because the trail is so worn. Had a nice hike nothing to strenuous. The hike is mostly down hill on the way there and obviously uphill the way back. The parking could be a slight challenge depending on the day, but heart rock is a cool sight.

Can someone please tell me where the start of this trail is??? Drove around for hours and never found it!!!

Had a fun time running this trail in my 2WD locked 4runner. Took about half the off-shoots, turned around on a few but still had a blast. Seems there are two listings for this trail, Cleghorn Loop and Cleghorn Ridge.

7 days ago

The views and scenery on this trail are top notch; you won't be disappointed. We started it in the late afternoon and came down at sunset; the conditions were perfect. It ended up being around 7.2 miles for us, not 6.4 as this listing shows.

7 days ago

Great hike for the whole family. We took our 10, 6, and 3 year olds. The 3 year old was super tired and wanted to be carried part of the way, but it was an easy hike for us and it was a great first hike for the kids. Great views.

7 days ago

Not boring at all!! such an enjoyable hike.

off road driving
8 days ago

Stock 2017 JKUR HR can do this with a little rock stacking. Trail is mostly flat, 4 or 5 semi challenging obstacles. Couple scratches on the gas tank skid plate.

fun family trail

Beautiful hike. not very tough but not too easy. Didn't see any other hikers and I went on a Saturday. Saw several Mtn bikers though and 1 guy on a dirt bike.

great trail! with mind blowing experience at the top!

I really loved it.❤ I would definitely want to go again!!!!

Beautiful hike no clear signs to heart rock. Would not have found it if it was not for a wonderful young lady and her beautiful children. It is a easy hike but did take me and my friend a bit longer as we both have bad knees. We did take hiking sticks and they helped.

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