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Decided to try something different and started at Forsee Creek to Shields, Anderson, San Bernardino East to West then descended via Johns Meadow. Great views, variation in terrain, and highly recommended except I underestimated the heat and only took 3L of fluid. My dog drank 1L and I ran out the last two hours. She was able to soak and drink at one small spring before the Johns Meadow split and at two larger creeks in the meadow but paranoid me decided not to drink from any and left the filter and purification tabs at home. Big mistake on a hot day that hit 80 in Angeles Oaks. GPS listed about 18.5 miles and 4436 elevation gain. This route is less traveled and I only ran into people descending from San B.

steep but awesome view

It was a fun hike. Bumpy & rocky road to get to the parking lot. Trucks or Jeep will do fine! Make sure to bring lots of water and food. It is rocky trail to get to the water fall. Don't forget bring bug repellent - lots of bugs and mosquitoes.

My college friend took me and another friend who were both visiting from out of state on this hike. Was a great morning hike to experience the area and see the lake from above. We did see a rattlesnake (second time my friend has on this trail), so keep your eyes peeled near the rocky spots and your dogs close!

2 days ago

We had a great time under the shade of the beautiful trees. Lots of opportunity to sit and enjoy the views of what’s left of the sadly drying up Big Bear Lake- come see it before it’s a thing of our past. Lots of locals and tourists but not too much traffic for a weekday summer hike. Easy parking. The public restroom was pretty gross! This is a super easy hike. A 5 year old could handle it!

Great trail, for as far as we could make it. Rookie move to 1) start at 11am in June ack! too hot! 2) not have proper footwear.. flip-flops? duh and 3) wanted to walk, but ended up carrying my 3.4 lb Yorkie with me (see reason (1)!
ah! lesson learned but! I will look forward to a Fall or early Spring do-over

off road driving
2 days ago

We started from Fawnskin and it was an easy ride down. Great views from Fawnskin and a great way to get up, or down from Big Bear if you have the time.

I think this is a great trail for a beginner hiker to put them self to the test. Trail had consistent traffic on the weekend with gorgeous views.

Sapphire Falls is closed until April 2019. Here is the link with the details:


This is one of my favorite hikes. I would not rate it as easy. Each time I hiked it, I went home sore. Good workout. :)

off road driving
3 days ago

Super fun trail !

3 days ago

This was a very easy hike. The drive up to Crestline was beautiful. There was pleanty of parking near Seely Park and the trailhead was easy to find. The trail was a mostly paved road and relatively flat. There was small white sign on a post indicating where to venture down into the canyon. The creek bed was beautiful with a small waterfall, rock, and lush trees. Would be great for a picnic. I took two friends who don't regularly hike and they really enjoyed themsleves.

Short and easy hike. Pretty area. Note, you need a nature pass to park here.

Easy hike. Heart Rock is very unique and worth a visit. Make sure to use plenty of mosquito repellent. I came home with tons of bites!

Was water at trail fork springs very slow trickle
Camped at trail fork springs very windy!
at night

off road driving
4 days ago

What a trail! Fun, rocky trail with some great inclines and large, sharp rocks that require a little skill to maneuver. Absolutely stunning views of the surrounding area too that you just can't beat. The first half of the trail is certainly the harder part because it's relatively smooth sailing once you get to the clearing. We did this trail in lifted tacomas but stock tires (Goodyear Wrangler). Definitely passable for stock height vehicles but 4wd is definitely a must since there's no possible way to turn around if you get stuck on the trail. Trail is very narrow on the edge of some large cliffs most of the way so be careful and pick good lines. Check out my video for a detailed report.

Will definitely go again

Hiked the trail today, nice weather! A little hot but it was doable. This isn’t my first time hiking this trail, I noticed today there were a ton of fire ants through out the trail which made it hard to rest. Maybe it was a good thing though because I kept moving! Saw a couple of Californian King snakes but they were along the side of the trail. Overall this is a great trail, definitely a butt burner. Ditch the stair master and come here instead!

off road driving
5 days ago

first time taking out my xj sport with 30s and 3inch lift. we made it all the way had so much fun. just 4.l and pick your line and smooth throttle control and you will be good.

off road driving
5 days ago

Great trail all the way to the reservoir. My second trip off roading and had a blast!! Great views up top!!

5 days ago

Really beautiful views at the top. It started off a little challenging but after the first mile or so it levels out. The trail splits off in many places, but there are blue trackers to keep you on path. Beautiful view of the lake from the top of the peak.
If you keep going you will end up at a small lake. It took us about 2.6 hours round trip going from the main road to the lake and back. My Fitbit counted 6 miles and 13,050 steps. The trail is dog friendly but make sure you check their paws because there are a lot of small rocks and sharp pine needles.

This was a great hike. It took us about hours to the top. The is a little rocky at times, but was hardly any trouble. The first mile has a lot of gnats and flies due to the streams, but you quickly gain 1000' and they are no longer a problem after that. We saw some bear prints but no luck in seeing an actual bear. We sat at peak for some time and were amazed at the numerous butterflies floating about, even saw a blue bird. It's a tough trek, but so worth it!

Loved this hike. My recording showed just over 8 hours of active hiking (not counting camping time or time at the top), so could definitely be done in a day. But I hiked to Trail Flats Camp (7miles, 3.5hrs), camped, and finished the loop the next day.

Lightly trafficked, I didn’t see many people at all. Vivian Creek is a busier route to the summit, and your run into those hikers at the top.

I chose to ascend via the eastern side of the mountain. That side of the loop is slightly longer than the western side, but not by much. My gps said 11 miles when I reached the summit.

Trail Flats was a great campsite. No water though, and no views. The only other camp site I actually saw was the summit camp - very exposed, but there are rock shelters set up. All of the other camp sites are a little away from the trail so I didn’t see them.

The only obvious water source right at the trail is at the loop fork three miles in. Other than that, you will have to go off trail to find water. I filled up 4 liters at the fork and it lasted me the whole loop.

The trail is really hard to find. Over half of the trail is walking through tons of rocks and not really sure if you’re going the right way unless you’re following the map. Once you start climbing up towards the waterfall the trail is more clear, but the left to go up to the waterfall is easy to miss. We went in the afternoon on a Saturday and there were quite a bit of people there. People left trash and dirty diapers along the trail, we tried to pick up what we could along the way. Tons of rocks had graffiti on them as well. Despite that it was still a good hike and will definitely go back again.

5 days ago

My family and I love this hike. We brought our dog and she loved it too. Lots of families on Father’s Day but not so crowded that it felt like an amusement park. Fun time with everyone. It’s worth the extra hike up to the top of the falls if you’re willing to get some bumps and bruises climbing the rocks.

Use this trail to go on Pacific coast trail

6 days ago

Great ride with the family a couple turnouts with unreal views easy enough for Jlu Sahara.

A lot of people mention they’ve had issue with the gatekeeper and to take the other alt entrance, this adds extra time and risk and isn’t necessary. He is fine just be respectful and remember it’s a private ranch and he’s out there all year round dealing with constant helicopter rescues from people that don’t pay attention to his instructions / directions. They are simple and nothing to be overwhelmed by. It gets crazy hot out there in middle of summer so lots of water and don’t overheat in the pools cos you still have to get yourself back up that hill! The place is beautiful and well respected by its visitors, the pools are amazing and each vary in temperature. It’s clothing optional out there but nothing enforced. Remember to pick up any rubbish you see on your way out... keep this place clean!

Use this trail to go on pacific coast trail.

Gradually inclines. Easy to find off the freeway. Views are amazing! Better then I expected. Wear good shoes and watch your step because some areas have a steep fall. No shade. Free parking. Had two rattlesnake "warning" encounters. Didn't see one though. Over all easy trail for all ages. Definitely will be going again.

trail is fun in a jeep, as far as the shooting area it's in the lower part of canyon. just don't go weekends very crowded

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