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Beautiful view. Awesome hike. It look so perfect it looked fake or staged.

great hike the last 1/4 mile a killer

This trail started out fine. It was pretty dang steep, so we were glad we didn't have small children with us. The problems came when we were about a third a mile up. The path was so worn down by heavy foot traffic that you could no longer tell where the trail was at all! I even tried using the map from the app. No go. We wandered around for an hour then headed in the general direction of the lake. Eventually we found the trail about where we left it. The whole thing was frustrating. Counting all the steep terrain, and the unclear path, this is a difficult hike, and not pleasant.

8 days ago

Took our five kids on the trail. It was easy for all ages (youngest is 3). We all loved the nature facts at each station! Lots of great views, too!

10 days ago

Went with my husband, 7yr old daughter and 10 yr old son. It was amazing!

We got a tab bit lost finding the trailhead. I believe there might be two ways to get there? We took the Bowen Ranch route. We brought along our 6, 17, and 18 year old boys. We knew the area was clothing optional so we spoke to them about possible nudity and to be open minded about the choice of others to wear (or not wear) clothing. There were definitely quite a few nude people, mostly men. And to our surprise the boys didn’t seem weirded out or awkward or giggly. They minded their business and enjoyed the creek and hot springs. The hike is moderate in difficulty and dog friendly. The trail is very clean. The rocks around the springs are easy enough to climb. Wish more people would remember to pick up their undergarments and trash. There is a $5 (per person) fee. The attendant that gives you the map is a bit abrupt, but I’m sure she has seen too many people do stupid things in the area so it’s understandable. Overall, we will come again, sans children and maybe even camp next time!

Just completed this hike. 4hr30min with a couple breaks and 3L of water. Lake was dry, the creeks were flowing but is very easy to cross. Unfortunately, the first 2-3 miles was burned down a couple years ago and right now is still just a forest of charred trees.

Incline is mild with a couple short tough parts. Only saw about 10 people. Great day hike, will come back in the winter.

had some good fun here. went rope swinging. jumped off the cliff into the water and pretty much got in every pool lol. groups of nudist showed up. Like 10 dudes with there jocks out lmao

Worth the hike...

12 days ago

A perfect trail if you’re looking for a quick nature stroll! Thoroughly enjoyed the scenery and there were some pretty views over the lake. Family friendly and should be doable for most everyone. There were a few uphills, but nothing too bad. The parking lot has a decent amount of spots, but does require an adventure pass.

6 am start under heavy cloud cover and drizzle. Reached the upper Momyer creek trail in just under an hour at 2.8 miles, here you go left and start the serious part of the hike. This lower part of the trail has recently been cleaned up making the journey more pleasant than in the past. The toughest part of this hike is between mile 4 and 6 where you gain about 2,200 ft of elevation, after that the steady steep gain is replaced by nice switchbacks. The upper trail has been cleared in places along the way but there still are a lot of overgrown areas and long pants are highly recommended. You will reach a bend in the trail where it crosses over the ridge and into a bowl where the trail traverses the entire length and one more long switchback before reaching the top of the 10,000 foot ridge, there are a few large downed trees in this final section resist the urge to go straight up and just walk around them. From the signed junction go left for the San Bernardino peaks, right for Anderson, Forsee creek, Dollar Saddle and beyond. For me today’s peak was East San Bernardino and was just a 10 min. easy walk from the junction. The views from this particular peak are my favorite in all of Southern California as you can see the big three and many other peaks from this vantage point. This is not an easy trail at 15.5 miles and 5,350 feet of total elevation gain and should only be undertaken by hikers in good physical condition. Enjoy and be safe.

Really good hike! Not trekked as much as some other nearby trails. Good views.

very hard trail over grown shrubs and trees on trail .. you better be in good shape if you do this its a true but kicker .. last thought watch out for ticks i got one

19 days ago

A moderately difficult hike with some steep parts, but with a beautiful view of Big Bear Lake from the top of the boulders. Parking can be difficult past 9:30-10am because there are limited parking spaces along Hwy 18.

I highly recommend that you continue on Castle Rock Trail to Bluff Lake Reserve further south (view my photos to see why). It's actually my favorite part of the hike because it's tranquil, quiet, and a really nice break from the crowded Castle Rock.

The trail offers a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains and of the lake as well. Big Bear is a beautiful and very scenic area with a lot of outdoor activities to offer whether during the skiing season or not. The trail has a few inclines that can be difficult if you're not in shape or have any medical issues. Great place just to hang out as there are picnic areas around the lake. Can easily make a nice day out it. Plenty of near by trails as well that range from easy to more advanced levels.

Too much snow to summit this route right now. Wait until summer. Crampons are not enough. Need ice axe and rope. Had to turn back after 9 miles.

25 days ago

Great trail for kids, pets and beginners. Has a stunning view of Big Bear lake. For the more experienced hiker, this trail connects to another unmarked trail that leads to Bluff lake, which is roughly 2.5 mi round trip.

Nice little outting. We did this hike after arriving in town mid-afternoon and finished in time to grab dinner then head back to camp as the sun was disappearing

26 days ago

Nothing exciting, but good if you're in the area with younger kids who aren't up to a mountain hike.

If you are wanting a quick hike that is not challenging, this is it. For me, it was a workout! That was mainly because my son (aged 8 and has special needs) decided 1/2 way that he was not going to walk. I had to carry all 70lbs of him out. That said, even then, the hike was doable.

26 days ago

Amazing views!! road is currently blocked so looking at around a 6-7 mile hike up then back down. Not for the faint hearted but absolutely worth it! incredible views and got it all to ourselves it was perfect.

Easy walk. Absolutely recommend! Minimal effort for maximum return! We went on a day where it was 104 degrees and the palm trees provided excellent shade.

Just backpacked the entire Section from April 13 through April 23, 2018. Incredible trail; so much variety! It’s important while backpacking to always be aware of the most updated water reports.

Excellent day with my lady and pup. Monday is my new favorite baldy day. No crowds at all.

1 month ago

Very nice hike with lots of panoramic views.

Beautiful trail. Prolly 93% of the trail is shaded. Most of the inclined stuff happens before the first mile. After that it's pretty easy. This was my first hiking experience. Me and my wife loved it! I would say it's more than 6 miles tho. Took us 2.5 hours but we chilled at the top for 20 minutes to enjoy the views. Brought 2L of water and drank it all. I hiked it in chucks but I do not recommend doing that =p

Loved this hike, beautiful views, friendly people, and great exercise! I was glad I brought my walking stick as it was quite rocky in places.

Great views & a decent workout. No snow left up there. Coming down I wish I had poles for the first mile or so as it's steep and very dry/loose dirt/gravel surface. We slid down some sections like we were basically riding a skateboard. The sound of the waterfall lets you know when you're almost back to the parking lot.

1 month ago

First time hiking and loved it. Beautiful views.. Rocky but durable. Will do it again. And I’m 63.. Feel so proud

Once you get to the Grandview you won’t regret it! It’s such a beautiful view. The trail is moderate and I recommend the adventure.

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