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I love this....

Great trail, well constructed and maintained. A push for this 71 yr old

17 days ago

Back your car into an open space near the sign for Green Valley Campground and walk through the campground. There are several restrooms at the campground and the trail head is at the far end of the campground past the closed rd sign. At the first fork stay to the trail on the far right to 2N13A. Take that trail all the way to the peak. The last mile or so was covered in shale and kid of slippery especially on the way back down. It takes a bit of a rock scramble to get to the actual peak and there were plenty of angry red ants near the top so be careful where you sit. There were also a lot of gnats in the morning and a fair amount of shade. Not some much shade or as many gnats on the way back down. You can see Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear Lake at the top and there are some other pretty views along the way. Counting the walk through the campground and on the closed rd to the trailhead we clocked about 8 miles to the peak.

21 days ago

This one is a great family hike. Very kid friendly. Incline is not bad at all and trail is well traveled.

Nice hike great views

1 month ago

Great Hike!!! Not to steep. Terrain was a little rocky.

Great hike just peaked Greyback via dollar lake trail on July 3, 2017. Weather was spectacular. Loved this way up better than Vivvian Creek. Longer but not crazy verticle like Vivvian. The best source of water is at the trail divide. Yes there is water at High Meadows but tough to find and tough to get at. Stayed over night at Red campground great spot.

1 month ago

Great hike with great scenery. Perfect thing to do while camping at Serrano campground. Approximately .7 miles from the campground to the trailhead. Need an adventure pass to park there if you are driving.

South Fork Trail in Barton Flats continues to be a very strong hike in spite of recent fires. It still has a beauty which is different than before. Never hiked a burn area before. The burned trees are very interesting. What is really different is the undergrowth and especially the wild flowers which has to be one of the best in the mountains right now. There is lots of light getting to the forest floor because of the burn, making this wonderful flower show! Trails are in great shape (and only slightly rocky). We went to South Fork Meadows only, and had lunch near the stream.

Got dropped off at icehouse trailhead, picked up on lytle Creek Rd. Has some dangerous areas. Was very fun. no foot traffic at all until middle fork rd. total of 7 hrs 10 minutes.

My college friend took me and another friend who were both visiting from out of state on this hike. Was a great morning hike to experience the area and see the lake from above. We did see a rattlesnake (second time my friend has on this trail), so keep your eyes peeled near the rocky spots and your dogs close!

Loved this hike. My recording showed just over 8 hours of active hiking (not counting camping time or time at the top), so could definitely be done in a day. But I hiked to Trail Flats Camp (7miles, 3.5hrs), camped, and finished the loop the next day.

Lightly trafficked, I didn’t see many people at all. Vivian Creek is a busier route to the summit, and your run into those hikers at the top.

I chose to ascend via the eastern side of the mountain. That side of the loop is slightly longer than the western side, but not by much. My gps said 11 miles when I reached the summit.

Trail Flats was a great campsite. No water though, and no views. The only other camp site I actually saw was the summit camp - very exposed, but there are rock shelters set up. All of the other camp sites are a little away from the trail so I didn’t see them.

The only obvious water source right at the trail is at the loop fork three miles in. Other than that, you will have to go off trail to find water. I filled up 4 liters at the fork and it lasted me the whole loop.

Use this trail to go on Pacific coast trail

Beautiful hike. not very tough but not too easy. Didn't see any other hikers and I went on a Saturday. Saw several Mtn bikers though and 1 guy on a dirt bike.

Backpacked this a couple of months ago, such a rad trail! Had to turn around because we couldn’t see the trail anymore under the snow

Great trail. easy 5 mile round trip hike with nice views of the lake.

It was beautiful - as Big Bear always is but follows a dirt road entire time so if you’re looking for a small trail in the forest, this isn’t it. But worth exploring!

Above tied stream crossing is some tricky screed. Too hot today for me

2 months ago

Awesome hike and great views at the top. Stay on the dirt road 2N13D and take it to the top that way. Much easier than the original recording and I parked .3 miles before the begining of 2N13D and it came out to over 7 miles with 1500 ft elevation gain (a lot of which is in the last mile to the top)

I set out to do this hike as part of my training and exploration. I hiked out to Third Stream which is about 2.5 miles with my camping pack on. I rested there and explored the area a little before heading back. I cannot mark this trail complete yet because I have not made the saddle but I will be back. Lost of ladybugs in the Stone House area.

2 months ago

This was a great last minute hike choice. Knowing that there was a gorgeous view of Big Bear Lake waiting for us at the top made it all worth it. It’s a good moderate hike, lots of lizards and birds, many friendly fellow hikers, several bench seats at view look outs to take a break on if needed. Take water and some snacks

Did this yesterday and it was amazing. Still a little snow on the side of the trail towards the summit but nothing to worry about.

Weather was beautiful - didn’t need much more than 2 layers for most of the hike but it did get cold later in the shade.

We did it all in one go - took 9.5 hours including about 45 mins hanging on the summit - we were moving fairly quickly and packed super light.

The views going up the mountain after dry lake are incredible. Highly recommended.

This is my review on Dry Lake Hike, last week went to Dollar Lake, via the South Fork Trail, see my review on that Hike. We left at 7:30, weather was perfect, had 3L of water. Be aware that a large portion of this hike is through burn areas.
After 1 mile, you reach the Old Horse Ranch and meadow, another 2/10's of a mile you reach the Forest Service Road, if you go left up the road, for about 1.5 miles, you reach Poopout Hill Trail, a short 6/10's of a mile hike, with a nice view of San Gorgoino Peak, that intersects with the South Fork Trail.
About the 3 Mike mark, you reach the Dry/Dollar Lake split, go left and you come across your water stop if you need water. At the time of this review, their were 3 streams with flowing water. The next section is nice easy switchbacks with nice views. The very last section is much more rockier as you are going up a dry riverbed.
Once you reach Dry Lake (lake is dry), you can go left or right. Left takes you to the camp sites, Right takes you to the Dry Lake Trail, which leads up to the Peak. Their is a sign for water at Lodgepool Springs, we didn't go check it out or actually how far it is away. Their are lots of camp sites on the east side of the lake. We sat on a log, at the edge of the lake, had a relaxing lunch and took in all the beautiful views and wehad the entire area to our self.
As we headed back down, stopped to watch a woodpecker hammering away at a tree, saw lots of Steller Jays, Chipmonks, a dear, and two Jack Rabbit's. Lots of different varieties of flowers, and the Flume - which is a waterway off the Santa Ana River that winds all the way down to Jenkes Lake.
We took the short trail up to Poopout Hill, and down the service road, then back down the South Fork Trail back to the car. Overall the hike was awsome, didn't find it all that difficult. Only saw 4 people on the trail all day, and they were a group going up to Dry Lake to camp. Overall hike was around 8 hrs, but we were just taking our time, enjoying bring out in nature.

Amazing hike!!! We had to park 1.5 miles away since the road gets tough. Lots of sun but beautiful views ! We couldn't find he waterfall but had a great time nonetheless! Didn't see one hiker out there!

Just completed this hike. 4hr30min with a couple breaks and 3L of water. Lake was dry, the creeks were flowing but is very easy to cross. Unfortunately, the first 2-3 miles was burned down a couple years ago and right now is still just a forest of charred trees.

Incline is mild with a couple short tough parts. Only saw about 10 people. Great day hike, will come back in the winter.

Too much snow to summit this route right now. Wait until summer. Crampons are not enough. Need ice axe and rope. Had to turn back after 9 miles.

Loved this hike, beautiful views, friendly people, and great exercise! I was glad I brought my walking stick as it was quite rocky in places.

3 months ago

First time hiking and loved it. Beautiful views.. Rocky but durable. Will do it again. And I’m 63.. Feel so proud

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