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Went here with the intention of getting all the way to San Gorgonio peek. Unfortunately had a late start due to not having an adventure pass ahead of time, and having to wait til 8am for the local store to open. Tip: buy adventure pass ahead of time. I haven't hiked or worked out in over a year and the trail wasn't too bad, it's definetely tough specially that first mile but it's steady. I loved the views. Will definetely be back to make it all the way up!!

Had a late start, about 0930 approx.. I only made it to the junction of Half way camp and Vivian creek trail due to the person i brought wasn't conditioned for such an adventure. Still a great trek. Lots of beautiful views within just the first mile or so. The first mile really isn't that bad if you have decent endurance level. Keep in mind i carried only about 15 lbs in my pack. If you're going to bring a partner or group, I highly recommend them being in shape so they do not ruin or halt your Plans!

Nice hike that oscillates between easygoing scenic wooded strolls and vertical treks up dusty switchbacks. The peak is a bit underwhelming and the lookout 2/3 the way up is better in my opinion.
I prefer the Cactus to Cloud hike up Mount San Jacinto next door.

It was one of the best hikes I have done in Southern California so far. I highly recommend it to anyone considering this adventure.

Nice moderately challenging hike slow uphill great views., defiantly worth it

Enjoyed this trail and High Creek Camp!

Did this hike Oct. 8. that was 3 weeks ago. The trails were easy to follow and well maintained. It was a tough inclining. 1.5 miles before getting to the top. I got sick from elevation (I was sick and elevation added to my sickness. So, a little advice don't go farther if you are feeling the sickness. It was a bad decision because I was about to collapse if I didn't get to take a 20mins nap). I gave up already but my friend pushed me to keep going. We hiked a little farther until we see the San Gorgonio peak about .3miles away and that's when I took a 20mins nap. That made me feel better and continue the hike all the way to the peak and back down.

Overall, it was a great experienced. As I said, trails were well maintained and easy to follow. Also, its more than 18 miles. We hiked the trails in a day from morning to night.

I will try to hike San Gorgonio Peak again next year.