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Amazing, scenic, not hard, along the river, a very good hike

Excellent hike. Not too steep, well maintained trail. Not sure exactly where All Trails has the end though to come up with 6.4 miles. Deep Creek Day Use Area is about 2.4 miles in (4.8 miles). Or keep going up the PCT and there's a lovely bridge 3.4 miles in. Aztec Falls is about a mile or 1.5 in & down 1 of 2 steep trails. Definately recomend AWD for the rocky road in. Looks like you're not supposed to be there past the 1st gate but its fine & Google maps says you have arrived well before the parking area.

Really fun trail! I suggest you pack light and leave electronics in the car though . You do have to get in the water and swim up to climb the mini waterfall to continue the trail. Not sure if they’re open yet though.

Great trail. Perfect for our 5 and 6 year old daughters. They loved it.

Are the falls open yet I've been dying to go!!!

2 months ago

Keller Peak, The Children's Forest, and The Exploration Trail, all seem to be the same trail. It's always lovely, peaceful, and scenic. Like everywhere in SoCal, it gets crowded at about 11am or noon. Mountain Bikers show up about that time, and that's when I usually leave. get there early.

How do you go when it’s closed , is there security/cops that’s there watching?

No view of the lake but beautiful scenery. Awesome in the winter

Super fun hike, as easy or challenging as you want to make it! We only spent 1.5 hours, but did a bit of bouldering and had fun in the couple inches of snow on the trails. Heads up: you need to buy a pass to park your car at the trailhead, but some locals told us they visit often and that the rangers usually only check in the evenings. Still, I would go for the pass over a hefty fine!

Absolutely beautiful. Amazing bridge and creek.

Awesome hike my group ended up doing today bc Sugarloaf was closed. Very easy. Took my sedan and parked when I got to the sign that reads 'Splinter's [something that I forgot lol]'. i suggest parking there unless you have a better car for dirt road as the end of the 1/4 miles left to the trail parking is pretty rocky and lower cars would prob not manage.. you can go slightly past the sign, but after the small paved portion, I wouldn't risk it. Nice views of the river and you cross it once before arriving to it again. Started the hike at 8am and by the time we were heading back, it was much warmer with about half the trail shaded. Very remote, only saw 2 other parties and a couple dirt bikes could be heard in the distance.

It is a difficult and unmaintained service road.

This was a great hike! There was hardly any trash but unfortunately there is some graffiti. There is a pretty big incline so depending on your fitness level this could take a little while. My group made it to the creek crossing in an hour and from there we headed up the river to do some exploring. We didn't see the falls as we were afraid of being cited. We saw a camera or sensor up there that may be used to enforce the rule? Parking is $20 so we were just dropped off to avoid this cost. Overall a great hike that was fun and short! I really hope they open up access to the falls soon!!

Rock climbing wall. Rope climbing through waterfalls. Swimming. Greenery everywhere. Awesome hike.

Nice hike with a lot of shades. Parking was a problem for me. I drove my Mazda 3 into the parking ("Splinters Cabin Day Use Area" on google map) and I almost was not able to drive it out. So I suggest parking along paved roads if you are driving a car not suitable for off-road driving.

Nice little loop for a quick jaunt. Vegetation is starting to recover from the Blue Cut Fire. Area is healing, but the iconic rocks are great for photo opportunities.

Nice hike. Day after Christmas hike this year. Wish we had to snow to play in but this hike was a nice alternative this year!

Fun for the kids to climb around. Cool to see the famous rocks from Star Trek and Bill & Teds Bogus Journey.

5 months ago

There are multiple parking areas for this hike past the “trailhead” in alltrails, but the road is attrocious and really only for trucks and suvs. Having said that, some stunning views of Deep Creek from this trail which is mostly high above the river. Around Aztec falls there are steep trails that will take you down to the falls but we ran out of time (and drinking water) to check it out - sadly you can’t actually see the falls from the trail. But along the way you’ll see some spectacular crystal clear pools of water that people have also clearly found paths down to. The trail ends in a large pool of water that’s also beautiful, though when we went quite a few people were there, having driven in on off-road vehicles on a separate trail. Though it is generally down hill the way there and uphill the way back, he uphill is not bad at all, very manageable. Great hike!

7 months ago

Beautiful hike in the fall! Narrow/bumpy dirt road to get to parking lot, was fine in our Ford Escape and we even saw a Prius in the parking lot, but I wouldn't drive a nice or low car down that road. We enjoyed this hike with our dog. Saw a snake on the path, be on the lookout!

I loved this hike, it was easy and had some really cool abandoned structures and cars that made the trip to the waterfall fun. I think it closed mostly due to the amount of people that died up there, either by falling or drowning. For years I wondered when they were going to close it, because it was scary watching people climb the waterfall in shorts and flip flops, with clearly no climbing experience, and often times after drinking beers they brought in an ice chest. I don't know how many of the deaths involved this kind of behavior, because it could happen to any of us, but it was obvious that it was a dangerous place that was easily accessible to a lot of people.

Closed due to fires, grafittit, vandalism. Falls only accessible if you are with the clean up crew or you will be cited for trespassing. Legal trail (STEEP) will get you close enough to hear the water. Park below Almond anywhere permit is not required

This trail is great and everything a "moderate" trail should be. Beautiful views, perfectly strenuous to get the blood flowing but nothing extreme. Great single track is fun to trek down. HOWEVER, the GNATS are INSANE!
They were so bad that we cut the hike short just 2 miles in before we just has to turn back. I'm not even sure repellent would have helped, though definitely bring some and apply liberally if you go. The moral of the story here, although the trail is terrific, is to wait until the fall or spring when (presumably) the gnats arent around.

Must have an adventure pass to park or the rangers will ticket you.The first mile of this trail is pretty busy as people headed to Aztec Falls to cliff dive and party. Up to this point you will see some graffiti and trash. If you proceed down the PCT it is deceiving but you are descending and about 2 miles past Aztec Falls you can easily go down to the waters edge (this is not the Mojave River it is Deep Creek) great place to soak the feet and have lunch before heading back which is a gradual uphill return. Views of the river all along this section of PCT not a lot of shade and the trail is narrow, but a great hike.

Here is my advice: about 0.5 mile from the bridge, you'll see a blue spray painted arrow that leads you down to the waterfall, cliff jumping and a a good chill spot. Then go home. It's really easy to miss bc the trail is not obvious. The rest of the hike is along a desert hike with lots of sun exposure (plan accordingly!) with nice desert scenery, ending in Deep Creak. The cliff trail is above the Mojave River so you don't get an opportunity to enjoy the water past what I mentioned. Deep Creak is a nice tranquil spot but not worth the desert hell of walking back (mostly flat elevation). Enjoy!

The trail is very beautiful and is so much fun unfortunately they closed it because a lot of people were tagging on the rocks and leaving trash everywhere

Gorgeous place. Great for swimming and camping. Spent most of the day by the swimming hole. Didn't go to the waterfall. Next time.

8 months ago

We did Six miles out and back ..I love the hike the only things is there was maybe .5 section with gnats and a few here and there. But I guess that's Norman when hiking this time around. Other then that it was great!

Awesome, not sure what the other users confusion about the bridge is.
Very simple:
Stay on the PCT as the map describes, no reason to cross the bridge on use the bridge at all (the bridge will lead you on the PCT but in the wrong direction)
Blue marked rock leads to "main" popular water fall cliff jumping and swimming
There are many many more isolated pools to swim in if you continue on the along the PCT trail, there are many fairly steep side paths that will lead you down to the pools. Awesome.

Why was it closed ?

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