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Great trail we went with our 2.5 yo that was able to do the bulk of the trail and we we're able to carry her the rest of the way.

Really beautiful quick hike. Worth the admission fee. Would also recommend stopping at the trading post look out over Palm Canyon

Beautiful hike, Nov 9/18
I would rate as easy right now due to lack of water in the creek. I will definitely do this hike again in the winter. We took Coffman trail on the way back and that gave us a bit of a climb and some great views! it didn't make the hike any longer

11/6/18 Drove to the trail head in a Ford Focus st. Take your time and a small vehicle does just fine with no scraping what so ever. Beautiful views at the hot spring but be advised there will be nudists at certain points. The hike out is all up hill making it more challenging on the way back. Pretty decent work out. I will return to hike again.

you can't really go up the trail with the regular car at least not with a 4 by 4. I recommend you come with either a dune buggy or a 4 by 4 truck.

15 days ago

It’s unfortunate that it was so graffitied up, but it’s a nice little treasure you wouldn’t guess to be there. We saw a pack of rams on the way in which an experience in itself.

I'd give this trail a 5 for trail views and a 3 for destination. It's a fairly level trek with beautiful views for 2 miles. The steep descent down to the San Jacito River was not worth it for a dry river bed. Ot may be in the spring when water is flowing, but otherwise, I recommend stopping before the descent and instead taking the shoot off trail about 1 3/4 miles in that lets you get a better "photographers" view of the mountain range.

18 days ago

Beautiful! Bathroom facilities available, lots of parking and several picnic tables. Short and easy hike. Great little oasis :)

loved it! simple yet beautiful!

23 days ago

Easy short hike. So much graffiti.

Great two day with a overnight at dry lake. Plan on fetching water from the spring.

Simply beautiful

if you want to go to the Deep Creek Hot Springs they are just 2 miles past Rainbow Bridge not on the Pacific Crest Trail. plan to bring a headlamp and a jacket. small dogs hiking behind after dark not recommended due to mountain lion activity.

29 days ago

This was such a easy short hike. You walk along the dry river for a bit then take a little trail up into the canyon. a small section of scrambling and climbing for maybe 5 minutes. Just enough to get ur blood pumping then soon enough ur there. the waterfall is beautiful. Lots of large rocks and scenery. It's the perfect area to have a little picnic and relax..

Great day hike. Beautiful views the trail wasn’t hard at all.

1 month ago

loved it. definitely not for kids! too many places where they could fall.

1 month ago

You’ll start off walking along the wide dry river rock, but stay to the left side of the valley. It’s about a 25 min walk until to start the trail uphill. It’s not long until you reach the top waterfall, if you can overlook the vast amount of graffiti on the rocks and trees during the hike, it’s a pretty cool site to see the water falling off the side of the cliff running down the wall when you reach the top!

Absolutely beautiful hike. Hard and rewarding.

If you have 2WD you can easily make it at least immediately past the green gate in the parking lot there if not maybe a mile further.

I think there's a bit of confusion in the comments here. There are a few trails in the valley. The one going to the Icehouse doesn't pass a waterfall, although you can take alternate routes into the valley. Maybe because it was cooler when I went there weren't many bugs anymore.

We weren’t expecting nudists at the hot spring but the trail was fun, challenging and had spectacular views.

1st of all there's a gate that's locked. Once you find a way around you will need a vehicle with high-clearance to reach the top. Nobody said that in these comments so unless you want to waste time & money to go out and discover this disappointment like we did then listen up. Booo!

It is a 4 when water is in the creek it would be a 5. I would say it is easy to moderate vs just easy. For a first hike for children they definitely need to watch their step.

Very pretty.

AMAZING HIKE. 100x better than the side with the gate guard. Longer and more challenging. There are some spots that required crawling on all fours but doable. Less people also, and the views are amazing. Enjoy! (:

If you're going to do this hike, do it from Bradford Ridge. We did the Bradford Ridge side in July and it was much more enjoyable. Less people, more difficult (we like the challenge) and you don't have to deal with the gate guard. We are very respectful people and the gate guard was just rude. We were only going down for a couple hours and they made us take our wine bottle out of our packed cooler and put our firewood on the side and proceeded to tell us "we shouldn't even be open because people break rules all of the time." We weren't camping down there nor were we going to drink. We had brought my boyfriend's parents with us. It was just an annoying 20 minutes of telling us about stuff we didn't care to know about and the way the talked to us was condescending. I absolutely LOVE Deep Creek Hot Springs but will, for now on, do it from Bradford Ridge if I make my way back there someday.

If you do take this side, be short and sweet with the gate guard to avoid a long schpeil.
If you have firewood in your car (and aren't using it down by the creek...not allowed anyways) and don't feel like unloading all of it...put it under a blanket or hide it.
Also, if you have a bottle of wine under 10 pounds of ice, water and food and don't plan to drink it, don't tell them you have it because they'll make you dig through the big ass cooler to put it on the side of the road.

I am not typically a complainer but figured others needed to hear for themselves. I've read the reviews before going and prepared to be as nice/professional/respectful as possible. They're just annoying old crotchity folk.

Went here Oct 1. the weather was perfect. not too warm and slight breeze. trail was narrow but easy to follow. The steep downhill on the last 1/4 was hell coming back up. But the springs was worth it. Only advise i have is bring enough water, i took 3L and ran dry half way back, and MOST IMPORTANTLY be careful with your footing.

It’s a shame loved this place as a child now the only people that would go there must love broken bottles and dirty diapers

nature trips
1 month ago

Beautiful, fun and easy hike. There was no water when we went on Sept 23rd, but was still such a nice hike. A little bit of an incline on the way back out, but my husband and I are always taking our kids (2 months, 3, 5, and 7 years old) out for hikes, lake/river swimming and fishing, 4 wheeling and camping trips so they didn't have to hard of a time. We just let them go their own pace. We lucky when it came to other hikers. The parking was great and we seen maybe 4 other party's hiking. We defiantly want to go again.

1 month ago

We loved this hike. Went September 29th and the weather was perfect! Beautiful waterfall and wonderful little creek. We brought our pups with us and they loved playing in the pools and creek. Was a bit confused at first cause there is no obvious trail...you have to hike straight through the rock for a bit to find the trail that takes you to the waterfall. Such a great little place ❤️❤️❤️

Amazing hike I took my 3 year old and 5 year old they loved it and this app helped us to find the water fall

Took my 3 year old and 5 year old they loved it and were able to hike it . Just cross the stream you come across a bed of rocks goes straight but more towards the left mountain try to stay hugged to it then I’ll find a trail to hike up it’ll get really steep and rocky but not impossible

Is camping no longer allowed at Bowen Ranch? I know it’s a long shot, but trying to get some intel last minute for an overnight trip out there tonight/tmrw.

I camped there last time but this was years ago. Maybe things have changed? Gatekeeper wasn’t bad like many have said, we were respectful and chill and didn’t have any problems. He gave us detailed directions for the hike in and some tips, such as starting while there’s still a bit of light, and paying attention to trail landmarks, as the trail can be confusing in the dark. The camping was nothing special (basically a gravel lot) but you’re there for the hot springs, not the campsite. They were as awesome as all the reviews indicate! Would go back again. Actually. We’re going today haha.

Considering another alternative—hiking in via Bradford Ridge. Can anyone recommend campsites an easy shot from that trail? Either developed or primitive... Main thing is it’s super last minute so looking for an option that doesn’t require reservations. Thanks!!’

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