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Will definitely go again

This was a great hike. It took us about hours to the top. The is a little rocky at times, but was hardly any trouble. The first mile has a lot of gnats and flies due to the streams, but you quickly gain 1000' and they are no longer a problem after that. We saw some bear prints but no luck in seeing an actual bear. We sat at peak for some time and were amazed at the numerous butterflies floating about, even saw a blue bird. It's a tough trek, but so worth it!

Loved this hike. My recording showed just over 8 hours of active hiking (not counting camping time or time at the top), so could definitely be done in a day. But I hiked to Trail Flats Camp (7miles, 3.5hrs), camped, and finished the loop the next day.

Lightly trafficked, I didn’t see many people at all. Vivian Creek is a busier route to the summit, and your run into those hikers at the top.

I chose to ascend via the eastern side of the mountain. That side of the loop is slightly longer than the western side, but not by much. My gps said 11 miles when I reached the summit.

Trail Flats was a great campsite. No water though, and no views. The only other camp site I actually saw was the summit camp - very exposed, but there are rock shelters set up. All of the other camp sites are a little away from the trail so I didn’t see them.

The only obvious water source right at the trail is at the loop fork three miles in. Other than that, you will have to go off trail to find water. I filled up 4 liters at the fork and it lasted me the whole loop.

The trail is really hard to find. Over half of the trail is walking through tons of rocks and not really sure if you’re going the right way unless you’re following the map. Once you start climbing up towards the waterfall the trail is more clear, but the left to go up to the waterfall is easy to miss. We went in the afternoon on a Saturday and there were quite a bit of people there. People left trash and dirty diapers along the trail, we tried to pick up what we could along the way. Tons of rocks had graffiti on them as well. Despite that it was still a good hike and will definitely go back again.

20 hours ago

My family and I love this hike. We brought our dog and she loved it too. Lots of families on Father’s Day but not so crowded that it felt like an amusement park. Fun time with everyone. It’s worth the extra hike up to the top of the falls if you’re willing to get some bumps and bruises climbing the rocks.

A lot of people mention they’ve had issue with the gatekeeper and to take the other alt entrance, this adds extra time and risk and isn’t necessary. He is fine just be respectful and remember it’s a private ranch and he’s out there all year round dealing with constant helicopter rescues from people that don’t pay attention to his instructions / directions. They are simple and nothing to be overwhelmed by. It gets crazy hot out there in middle of summer so lots of water and don’t overheat in the pools cos you still have to get yourself back up that hill! The place is beautiful and well respected by its visitors, the pools are amazing and each vary in temperature. It’s clothing optional out there but nothing enforced. Remember to pick up any rubbish you see on your way out... keep this place clean!

trail running
4 days ago

Fun trail, some of which becomes hard to follow the higher you go up. Thankfully, it's easy to stay on course because of the blazes in the trees. I did encounter a black bear on Wildhorse Meadow Road just after exiting the Sugarloaf trail on my way down. It ended peacefully (the wonderful creature wandered off after a few minutes), but it may be helpful brush up on what you should do when you come face to face with bears in the area.

Heavily worn path with a lot of people on the weekends. It's easy to go past heart rock because the trail is so worn. Had a nice hike nothing to strenuous. The hike is mostly down hill on the way there and obviously uphill the way back. The parking could be a slight challenge depending on the day, but heart rock is a cool sight.

Can someone please tell me where the start of this trail is??? Drove around for hours and never found it!!!

8 days ago

Not boring at all!! such an enjoyable hike.

fun family trail

I really loved it.❤ I would definitely want to go again!!!!

Beautiful hike no clear signs to heart rock. Would not have found it if it was not for a wonderful young lady and her beautiful children. It is a easy hike but did take me and my friend a bit longer as we both have bad knees. We did take hiking sticks and they helped.

Backpacked this a couple of months ago, such a rad trail! Had to turn around because we couldn’t see the trail anymore under the snow

Pretty easy and fun. My family and I enjoyed this.

11 days ago

It’s really rocky but the waterfall is beautiful

Do not go here unless you are completely comfortable with nudity. Do not bring glass bottles, campfires and camping are prohibited. The guy that runs the ranch is known to pull a gun on visitors who disrespect the springs or drive in late to his property. He is charging $5 per person and may raise the price to $10 per person by the time of this posting. The alternate route is severely washed out and dangerous. Vandalism is known to occur at vehicles left at the ranch and alternate route parking lot.

Rocky hike but worth it at the end

super easy trail, perfect weather. waterfalls are beautiful not much water going thru.

Above tied stream crossing is some tricky screed. Too hot today for me

Would not recommend to anyone coming in from Bowen Ranch. The gate keeper was disrespectful and rude. He didn’t let my boyfriend, son and I in because we wouldn’t turn off our car while paying for the fee. Oh and let’s not forget how he went inside and pulled out a gun on my boyfriend for coming back and apologizing for the situation. No matter if we were allowed in.

Still got in through alternate route though :)

15 days ago

Went with my wife and daughter today. Nice and refreshing creek. I’m rating it a 3 because of the amount of trash and people smoking weed here. I watched kids put trash in the creek and their parents just let them. Most people play music as well so it’s not so serene. Gonna go back during a week day to see if it’s more mellow

16 days ago

Amazing hike this morning. Parked at Camp Seely area and walked in. You can drive in little roadway to park closer to trail start but watch for hikers. Took upper trail road around and down. Almost didn’t find Heartrock but finally did. Wonderful time with family.

16 days ago

Very nice and easy trail for a family outing. The trail is shaded by trees, but it is best to get out in the morning as it warms up by mid-day. You would benefit using bug repellent as I got 15-20 mosquito bites. Overall a nice little hike that doesn't take too long to complete.

Great hike with great views. Watch out for ticks!!! Both my dogs and I had them. This would be best during the fall.

17 days ago

absolutely beautiful, the actual trail is fairly short but we wandered off and explored up the creek a bit, absolutely loved it. will be back

Great huge waterfall..climbing a lot of rocks but short hike

18 days ago

Rocky trail most the way along with graffiti.stay on left side of wash and hike to fall entrance good water fall and pond

I set out to do this hike as part of my training and exploration. I hiked out to Third Stream which is about 2.5 miles with my camping pack on. I rested there and explored the area a little before heading back. I cannot mark this trail complete yet because I have not made the saddle but I will be back. Lost of ladybugs in the Stone House area.

18 days ago

Me and my 40 year old boyfriend hiked in and out in two and a half hours. We spent 15+ minutes having a picnic and another half hour playing in the space.

Need a vehicle that can make the long and turning drive along the Rim of the World - if you go that route. Beautiful ride, take time to enjoy the pull offs.

I didn't see any previous notes about the SEVERAL places people can park for this trail. I'm the kind of person who likes to drive to the front of a place and make my way out looking for a spot. The opposite happened for us. We came to Camp Seely's parking area first, saw a spot and took it. Little did we know there were many areas and spots we didn't know about/consider closer/next to the trail head. Big'ol note, the dirt parking lot on the left side of the street (if you are headed towards Silverwood Lake) will not be marked. The parking lot comes before the sign for the camp. Consider driving down the road past the big Camp Seely sign on the left to the several parking areas down the road towards the trail head. Drive slowly as there could be many pedestrians. We displayed our Adventure Parking pass but I don't know if it was necessary.

Verizon coverage was out of range on the tail.

Consider bringing water gear as Seely Creek is super fun to play in: bating suite, towel, WATER SHOES.
Bring bug repellent.

If you don't like crowds, consider going on an "off" day. There was LOTS of trail traffic.

Agree that this is an Easy tail - not long, not a lot of elevation. I saw active looking grandparents on the trail. Not mobile disability friendly.

WON-DER-FUL forest coverage. Deeply pleasing alpine smells. The trail is fun, clearly visible and meanders through the woods. The trees are beautiful and thank goodness there wasn't many/any graffiti. The trail runs parallel to the creek so you can hear running water. Guessing the 'heart' is at the end of the trail. Again, not clearly marked. Go down to the waterfalls for a water adventure. If you have the time and fortitude, creek climb your way back to the trail head. It's possible to water walk back over boulders and under trees. Exit back up to the tail when you see the big piping on your right.

A heart? I guess. We missed it. It's not marked. I think we were supposed to look out over a rock encropment to see the heart.

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