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13 hours ago

Great views from the top and how cool that the lookout is open to the public. The path reflected on this recording is definitely not the smartest route to take. It goes off course completely towards the top. If you stick to the road, it’s much simpler. All depends what you want to see....

No parking and huge potholes- couldn’t find the trail :(

23 hours ago

First time hiking this trail. Our 6 year old had no problem keeping up and led the way most of the hike. Great scenery.

Best hike in the area

off road driving
1 day ago

Awesome trail for beginners! Made it up no problem with stock 4x4 4Runner with all terrain tires. The volunteer at the tower said rains from a couple weeks ago rutted our the trail more than usual. Great viewpoints and so glad we checked it out while in big bear. Trail can get tight and by all the reviews seems it is pretty popular. Luckily we didn’t see one person going either way on a early Friday morning.

The Santa Ana River Trail from Angelus Oaks east to Highway 38 (about 16 miles or so one way) is an extremely nice area. We did an out and back from Middle Control dirt Road (aka Mill Creek Road) heading back West towards Angelus Oaks. Quite scenic. about 30 % of this track is pretty double track, then even prettier single track. The trail follows the side of a North facing steep mountain (down the hill is the huge Seven Oaks/ Santa Ana River canyon that ends at the ocean in Orange County). It is ledgy in a few parts, and you do have to pay attention. The trail narrows in a few place to maybe 8-10 inches with steep slopes on your side. There's bike tracks throughout though. Since this side of the mountain is north-facing, it is quite shady all day. Quite scenic, and becoming one of my favorite areas to hike. Didn't see a sole in the 3 hours we were out.

Great trail with great views! Also take it slow around the sharp turns since it gets pretty narrow

This is a great trail, with lots of shade along most of the route and loads of beautiful vistas. Take a lunch and have a meal at Grand View Point before heading back down.

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9 days ago

Great trail

My first 14er, the challenging hike was worth the views !

11 days ago

Great hike. Wasn’t able to make it the whole way because of a large thunderstorm.

Lovely trail. Fantastic views

14 days ago

Easy gradual incline. Great views through different types of terrain. Tracked my hike at 7.0 miles

The view is a valley..for such a harder trail. Shade and peaceful on the way though

Nice but more of a road than a trail for the majority of the distance. Not terribly well marked and easy to get off on an alternate route. The last 1/4 to 1/2 mike is very steep.

My son and I did Pine Knot Trail and really enjoyed it. The trail was well marked and the shaded. The views are amazing! It was a great way to start the 4th of July!

Trail head starts on the first dirt road to your right on Pine Ridge Dr. You can park on the street at Weisshorn. It is warm enough now to go swimming in the creek by the waterfalls.

20 days ago

Great hike that is 7 miles with a gradual uphill climb. Great for a morning or late afternoon. Also kid friendly if your kids have been out hiking a few times.

23 days ago

Hiked the trail starting at about 830. There's a small dirt parking lot at the end of the pavement, however, my friend and I parked at the ski resort. The majority of the route is a dirt road, with a deviation onto a well worn bike path, before returning to the dirt road for the last leg to the top. We had to step into the brush every so often to make room for trucks coming up and down the road. Headphones NOT recommended due to bicycle and vehicle traffic during the hike, keep your ears open. There is a restaurant at the top of the hill, the Skyline Taphouse. It was nice to have a midpoint to stop and have a beer and a bite to eat, but I would check their hours if that's your plan, and prepare to pay an inflated price. It is a solid incline the whole way, but not quite something I would say is "moderate", as the description states. The small blue spots are not lakes, just big pits, and are fenced off. Perhaps this changes during the winter. Overall, a solid well-marked and well-maintained path. Smells good too.

24 days ago

Nice short hike with shades. Definitely do it again.

Excellent hike from the base gate up.
Take the time and talk with the volunteers in the tower. They have a lot of great area information and can point out some great sites to see.

The trail starts in a camp ground, where there is no parking available for hikers. This entire mountain seems unfriendly toward day trip hikers. It might be possible to hike this trail if you park at McKay Park and hump up the hill to the camp ground.

Definitely a “moderate”, not an “easy”. Dirt road to access was fine in our regular car as we took it slow, a lot of potholes but they weren’t too deep. Parked on a small pull out just before PCT. Really nice trail but a lot of steep climbing on a dirt road (especially near the top). The PCT options made it much nicer lower down. 4miles rt.

It's a nice scenic Trail that rises up through a Canyon and ends within walking distance of a nice restaurant in Angeles Oaks. I can see hikers and bikers on the trail. Good for all ages. moderate. Always carry water

1 month ago

We had a great time under the shade of the beautiful trees. Lots of opportunity to sit and enjoy the views of what’s left of the sadly drying up Big Bear Lake- come see it before it’s a thing of our past. Lots of locals and tourists but not too much traffic for a weekday summer hike. Easy parking. The public restroom was pretty gross! This is a super easy hike. A 5 year old could handle it!

Awesome place to hike with a toddler and a hiking backpack

1 month ago

Just did Butler Peak this morning. Very beautiful hike all the way up to the peak. Nice gradual climb, nothing too crazy. Once you're up, amazing views of Arrowhead, Big bear, Snow valley, and the High desert.

Nice view at the top. Well marked trail and and fair amount of shade. We started the hike at 8 am on a Friday and saw about 20 people total during our hike. It took us about 1.5 hours up and 1 hr down. There is a campground about half way up with a vault toilet which was a pleasant surprise. The ascent was easy but I would say this trail was moderate due to the length which we clocked at over 7 miles. Would go again.

great hike. once you're at Grandview, beautiful view of the big bear valley.

This trail was really nice. A lot of switchbacks at the start but levels out towards the end. Really nice high elevation rocks and pines towards the lookout. Would absolutely do it again.

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