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Amazing hike with beautiful scenery. Could be challenging for some but the view is well worth it. I plan on doing this hike again very soon.

trail running
6 days ago

Took the butler peak trail. Trail running. Closed to cars. Amazing. Soft. Lil snowy. Epic views. And the tower. Just an incredible end to 5 miles up. Loved it.

I absolutely love this trail. It is so peaceful and beautiful all the way through especially the view at the end. I started the hike in the early morning and there weren't that many others until I was on my way back down.

Beautiful and brisk. Poor Big Bear has no snow but it allowed for a beautiful hike and views that were beyond compare!

had to do this by myself cuz I was late to meet up with my group but it didn't stop me I made it and I didn't die!

Conditions as of Feb 4, 2018: Snow above 8,200 with microspikes necessary above 8,500. Perfect for glissading between switchbacks!

quite a hard climb - narrow rough path with lots of steep climbs and no shade, but a great view at the end. saw lots of droppings along the way, so must be a natrual path for all the wild animals here. to get there, it's best to cross the dry creakbed right where you park and look for vague trail going towards hills - key is to get yourself up on the ridge, where the trail is.

Did this trail on 2/2/2018 and it was a gorgeous day to be up in the mountains. I only saw one other hiker the whole day and had the summit to myself. A couple of things to note as in one of the previous reviews there is still snow on the trail above 8,000 ft. After passing Limber Pines I used my micro spikes the rest of the way up. The views are definitely worth it from the top!

This is a gorgeous trail that has steady, not very steep incline for 7.7 miles (there are few patches of steep ones). The hike would have been easier and more enjoyable if there was no snow on the trail. Mid section was covered in ice and the higher elevation was covered in powder snow, which made the hike extra tiring ... Do not attempt this hike during winter without microspikes /crampons and hiking polls ! Follow the footsteps of previous hikers if you don’t want to submerge in snow. The powder, which by the time we were heading back became slush, was not fun at all and was pretty dangerous!
The view at the top ? Sooo worth it - you can see Mt Gorgonio in front of you, Big Bear etc... Sense of accomplishment was pretty big :)! We couldn’t stay at the top for too long though because we wanted to make it back before it got dark! Total hike was 15.5 miles with 9 hrs moving time (10 total)... all and all this was a great hike!

20 days ago

Does anyone know if a regular four door car would make it on this dirt road?Thank you

Sucks! No parking anywhere. Only with a $20 permit parking pass.

21 days ago

We were a group of 7 adults who hiked this trail Feb. 1st. They charge $6 per person to enter the park for day use, which was fine, we just weren't expecting it, so be sure to bring some cash to get in. It's a large campground with many camping spots, but the park was virtually empty the day we were there. The hikes go off the campground and into the mountains. It's a lovely area but the trails are very, very poorly marked and in many places not marked at all. The map they give you is not useful for the hike. We wandered off the trail a few times and were only saved by our All Trails app. Of the 3 cell phone service providers between us, only one of them got cell service in the area to access the app. The trail was a steady but very gradual incline up. We did not go to the end of the trail as we were encountering lots of deep ruts likely from recent rain. The trail was not wet, but the ruts were fairly deep in spots. We enjoyed our day and the scenery is really lovely. For the price to get in, they need to do a much better job marking the trails and then you wouldn't need an app, or map.

loved this trail did this during the santa Ana's when it was 90 in the valley but up here a cool 60 and hardly a breeze beautiful trail through forest and boulders and an absolutely stunning view at aptly named grand view

The hike was not where the location stated. There was no foot trail anywhere nearby.

Beautiful trail, watch out for bulls! On our way back to the road, we encountered a herd of cattle grazing in the oaks between the 2nd and 3rd gates. The majority had HUGE horns on them. We heard cowbells on a couple, so we figured they were at least somewhat familiar with seeing people, and we calmly and quietly continued on trying not to startle them. They gave us some pretty solid stares as we walked by, but we made it through without upsetting any of them. So keep an eye out, and make sure to abide by the signs and close the gates as you go.

Most amazing hike I have ever been on but also very life threatening! beware of the trail as it gets not even as wide as 1 foot. But I would take the risk again to see the beautiful deep creek hot springs.

hiking trail is currently closed for the season, road is closed with a sign saying it will open in early 2018.

We started from the north side (miller canyon). Maybe the south end of this loop is nicer but we turned around after about a mile - too many “red flags”. First it starts near a dirt bike riding area, which I’m not against but we could hear them the whole time. It also had some sort of prison near the start. And finally the trail was just following a steep 4x4 road next to some power lines.

Awesome trail! Has everything you’d want - inclines, views of the lake, dig friendly, decent distance and not crowded. Will do this one again and again.

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