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Climbed to the top on January 7. Got super lucky with the weather. On summit was in the 40s, no wind and sunny. Actually was able to wear tshirt. The search and rescue squad was looking for a lost hiker from the day before. Some Marines that had camped out the night before said they had “seen her.” We left parking lot at 7 am dawn and got back at 5pm dusk. Saw sunrise and sunset. Next day if snowed.

Awesome trail! Has everything you’d want - inclines, views of the lake, dig friendly, decent distance and not crowded. Will do this one again and again.

Easy hike with beautiful scenery! Trail is right next to the water and the vegetation and sounds make you fell like you're in a tropical oasis. During the hike you cross over the water quite a few times so you're shoes may get wet. Definitely going to do this again.

Started 1/12 at 7:30 am, lots of snow from the beginning. After half way camp we took a different trail (looked like the right one) that took us an extra 2 miles out of the way through 2-3 feet of snow. Finally made it to high creek just before dark. it was about a 9 hour day due to the "detour".. High Creek was below 20° at night.
We decided not to go for the summit on 1/13 becuase of two factors: exhausted from the previous day's detour and we were told it was waist deep snow and undoable even with snow shoes (which was the only gear we were short of).

All said and done it was an unforgettable experience and the wilderness is absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait to come back and conquer Old Gray Back!

My third time hiking to the peak of San Gorgonio. My second time not making it to the top. Which is another story.

The views from the trails are and have always been amazing to me. This trail like many others has a wide variety of switchbacks. Of which are not excessively steep. The second half or so of the trail, this time of year (January 13, 2108) was blanketed in snow. About 3 feet of which towards the end which was one of the factors in why it went incomplete this time around.

All around great hike the trial head is not to far off from the parking lot, maybe a half mile. The USFS will ask for a permit for parking as well as if your planning to spend the night. For parking they do have a non-permit day lot.

Overall great hike of the now 5 hikes I’ve done in San Bernardino. I will come back and complete this one.

Beautiful walk. An easy hike. The waterfall itself is not much but the walk getting to it makes the trip worthwhile, especially when you get past the section allowing horses. Lots of shade and running water make this a great little hike on a warm day.

I absolutely LOVED this hike! We went on this trail on a Sunday afternoon in December and only met one other hiker on the trail! It's very peaceful here and the views surrounding the trail are STUNNING!!!! We hiked about half of the trail before heading back! Highly recommend this trail! Click on the photos to see the photos I took while hiking!


Absolutely love this trail! Very pretty, scenery is awesome.

Very pretty and nice views. Can be hard. You will need a Wilderness Permit after a certain point. Rangers do check to see if you have the permit. Elevation is very high. Wild life is present.

Started early (~8:15am) and we had the trail to ourselves. Beautiful views from inside the canyon for the first mile followed by nice shade within the oasis. ~2-2.5 hours there and back. Bring cash for the entry fee.

Last person to summit in 2017! Lucky to have scored this hike at end of Dec. Made the summit in 3hr 45min

22 days ago

A special place. Not difficult but rewarding.

Thoroughly enjoyed this hike and would recommend it to anyone in the area. I would rate this closer to Hard than Moderate as you gain nearly 1000 feet in elevation in about 2 miles on loose sand and boulders. As previous folks have mentioned, the trail is not well marked and the first mile or so has many misleading paths. They all seem to connect back to the main trail, at least the wrong paths that we followed. As you get closer to the pinnacles, cairns are more abundant. And the final ascent is well worth the trek. Stick to the right and look for cairns every 15-20 feet (and add a few of your own). Also, I would not rate this as a dog friendly trail.

Did this hike on Christmas Eve. Beautiful, easy trail with a couple of short rocky sections near the end. Lots of stream crossings with rocks for stepping. Took us 2 hours with a brief stop at the end and lots of photos along the way. Waterfall is fairly small but scenery along the whole trail is lovely. There's a fee to enter Indian Canyons and park closes at 5 pm (4 pm Christmas Eve & Day) so going early in the day will help you make the most of your visit! Highly recommend.

Def one of my favorite trails in the area. Great post-fire photo ops! As stated, the trail could use better markers, but just look for previous footprints, use common sense and look for markers and you'll be fine.
on the final ascent up the rocky mound, stick to the right and look for the small rock-piles that others have left to help guide the way.

Good challenging day hike. Will definitely do it again.

Great variety with part of the trail pretty flat through the palm oasis and then a more strenuous climb up the ridge flank to fine valley views.

As others have said Trail is not marked. We just headed up. Lol We took a lot of pics which slowed are ascent and didn’t finished due to concerns about sunset approaching. Some spots were literally crawling over rocks at a deep angle. I’m 60 in April in good shape and made it up. Great photo op. trail.

Great trail! It's very pretty, and it's definitely worth it to go the extra 1/4 mile (one-way) from the junction to the Grand Viewpoint.
Note that you need an Adventure Pass to park in the parking lot at the trailhead, which is $5 for the day pass (or an Interagency pass). They do not sell them at the trailhead, but do have a list of local vendors posted. The closest store that sells them is Abbey Rose, at the junction of Mill Creek Rd and Big Bear Blvd, but they only take cash for the passes. The local 7-11s also sell them and will take cards.
On a Friday in December, I only saw a handful of people on the trail, including mountain bikers.

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