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1 day ago

Easy to miss! Keep left! Don't go right! Spent most my time going up the stream on the right and ended up too far from where it was. If you spent more than 20 mins to get there then you probably went the wrong way. Look for a sign covered with graffiti. And yes, there is only one parking space and you need the day pass from the ranger station.

trail running
1 day ago

Took the butler peak trail. Trail running. Closed to cars. Amazing. Soft. Lil snowy. Epic views. And the tower. Just an incredible end to 5 miles up. Loved it.

2 days ago

Parking is an issue because this trail is very popular and you have to park in a turn out, which depending on the time/day you go will most likely be full. I went on a Saturday around 10 am and there were so many people hiking this trail it was a bit overwhelming. If your intention is to simply reach the view then the hike is short are relatively easy, it is fairly steep but not for long. If you are continuing the hike there are more trails to do so.
We had to wait about 15-20 minutes to get a chance to take a photo on the rock with the best view of the lake, but it was totally worth it the view is amazing and we got some pretty cool pictures.

I absolutely love this trail. It is so peaceful and beautiful all the way through especially the view at the end. I started the hike in the early morning and there weren't that many others until I was on my way back down.

nice short pretty trail, elevation going up isn't that horrible. once you get to the meadow its super nice also flat.

6 days ago

Great views. Moderately challenging at the end with large incline. Overall pretty nice hike.

Just got back . Did a gear shake down that didn't go well. To cold for iPhone after a couple miles. I wasn't the only one up there although it wasn't crowded at all. You could summit and many I talked to did. Cramp-ons needed so I came up 1,000 ft' or so short of the top. My water bladder froze during the night but all my other gear worked well. This was a spur of the moment thing for me but I am going back to get some pictures and get to the dang top. Watch the elevation change. Made me a little dizzy on the way up so be prepared for that if you think it may take a toll on you. I did a face plant into a large bolder but my teeth are still intact :

I summited San G on Friday, February 9th, 2018. I started my hike at VC Trailhead at 6:4t am solo. Made it to the summit and back in 10 hours exactly. A personal record. The top half of the trail was covered in snow. Enough snow to make it challenging, but not too much to make it dangerous. I felt confident hiking fast with micro spikes and hiking poles. I have been keeping a close eye on San G’s weather the past weeks and months. I would NEVER attempt this trail alone in february, had we not had a dry year like this year.

Plenty of footsteps all the way through the snow made by pervious hikers. No need for a gps device when I was up there. That could very well change after a storm.

Check the weather. Have the proper gear. Do your training. Let someone know about your destination and time and have a beautiful hike.

6 days ago

Love this place

Beautiful and brisk. Poor Big Bear has no snow but it allowed for a beautiful hike and views that were beyond compare!

1. Parking: To park you need to pull into a turn out off the highway. There are about 6 spots or more depending on how people park. Some people also park right off the highway. You have to cross the highway to make it to the trailhead. We arrived at 9:00 am and found parking without a problem.

2. People: There are a lot of people on this hike. There are many families and people with dogs. People seem to be responsible about picking up dog poop and keeping them on leashes.

3. The trail: The trail is a bit steep in the beginning and was tough for me with my asthma. It lightens up a bit. In the beginning there are clear signs and then there are contradictory arrows making the trail difficult to follow. We ended at a dead end. We asked four separate groups where the trail went and no one knew. Everyone we saw was lost. People begin to wander off the trail which is still nice because it is scenic and there are tons of photo opportunities.

Overall it's a nice hike. You get great views and there are many boulders to climb for cool photos. It's a busy busy trail so if you are looking for a peaceful hike this is not for you. To be fair, we went on a Saturday.

Happy hiking!!!

Nice quiet trail.

Decided to do this hike to start off 2018 the right way. Made it to the trailhead by 6 and it was still dark as could be. Took me 7 hours to summit due to elevation sickness and another 4 hours to come back down. Easily one of the most memorable hikes I've done and was able to have the summit to myself for 30 minutes. Wasn't the hardest hike i've done but definitely the longest. Beautiful scenery and just an amazing hike in general. If i had to do it again, i would definitely camp and acclimate to the elevation.

The trail definitely crosses the ski slopes a couple of times, so be aware of that! Besides that it was a great hike, easy to follow, with great views.

had to do this by myself cuz I was late to meet up with my group but it didn't stop me I made it and I didn't die!

Conditions as of Feb 4, 2018: Snow above 8,200 with microspikes necessary above 8,500. Perfect for glissading between switchbacks!

Did this hike on February 3rd with my fiancé and dog. Like others, we had to hike from the road to the trailhead to start. About half of the hike was on snow, and some sections were pretty steep and required extra care and a slower pace. At 12 miles and 3k+ elevation gain topping out at 9950+, this hike pushed us to our limits. Luckily the weather was good. It would be difficult to find the trail in bad weather.

I would recommend this hike to advanced hikers who want a real challenge and are willing to spend most of the day on the hike. All in all, the hike took us about 5 hrs and 45 minutes. We took a couple breaks for snacks and water and pictures as well.

Last thing is to be careful of icy conditions during this time of year. Both my fiancé and I slipped and fell on the way down one time, and had a few other scares. Make sure you are outfitted with proper gear and bring plenty of water. Have fun!

Was up here a couple days ago. Took the day off and started out early in the morning. Been hiking up here for awhile. Never disappointed with seeing wildlife. Very pretty up here. Not recommended for beginners though. You should have the right gear and experience to attempt this trail. Good luck

Lovely set of waterfalls nestled in the mountains behind Lytle Creek. Trail is relatively short and easy to locate. There are a few water crossings to find the trail itself, so be prepared for wet shoes. :) Follow the path up for a ways to a nice waterfall and small pool. Be warned that there is a lot of litter and graffiti here. Rocks all along the route have been tagged mercilessly and beer cans are scattered everywhere. Only downfall to this hike however.

I was shaking driving my Kia Soul, 2 wheel drive to the trailhead. But we made it. That road is rough.
the hike itself, well, we are not acclimated to the elevation and needed to stop to catch our breath many times. beautiful views, great workout, great reward, we will be back.

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