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Great hike and weather couldn't have been better. the first 2 1/2 miles are hard but the rest is a steady uphill except for the manzanilla section. Levels off for a good breather around 3 1/2 mile mark but then it's up again. Good workout. Hard to say if it's easy, moderate, hard, etc because everyone is their own person and have different skill levels. I hike quite a bit and it's difficult at times. I average about 20-21 minutes a mile going up if that's a good yardstick. Saw a couple campers at Limber Pines area. Loved the hike and met some really good people from HikescapeLA at the summit. Hikers are good people! Don't forget to get your permit for San Bernardino Peak and all the other local hikes at the Mill Creek Ranger Station which is about 14 miles before the trailhead. They open at 8am but the forms are outside if you get there before that.

Went here with the intention of getting all the way to San Gorgonio peek. Unfortunately had a late start due to not having an adventure pass ahead of time, and having to wait til 8am for the local store to open. Tip: buy adventure pass ahead of time. I haven't hiked or worked out in over a year and the trail wasn't too bad, it's definetely tough specially that first mile but it's steady. I loved the views. Will definetely be back to make it all the way up!!

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1 day ago

This is a tight, fun trail with lots of great views all along the way. At the trailhead it's listed as "Blue/Moderate" rather than "Hard. I would agree. Though there are challenging sections and TONS of sharp rocks that make things slow going, we never dragged a skid. Fortunately, in we've never encountered someone going the other way, because turnouts are few and far between.

2 days ago

Well maintained trail. Good for a family hike

Had a late start, about 0930 approx.. I only made it to the junction of Half way camp and Vivian creek trail due to the person i brought wasn't conditioned for such an adventure. Still a great trek. Lots of beautiful views within just the first mile or so. The first mile really isn't that bad if you have decent endurance level. Keep in mind i carried only about 15 lbs in my pack. If you're going to bring a partner or group, I highly recommend them being in shape so they do not ruin or halt your Plans!

on Bertha Peak Trail

4 days ago

nice trail.

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4 days ago

Took Big Pine Flat Trail on a Friday evening and there wasn't much traffic, only saw a handful of people out there. It's a very easy trail that my stock-height Subaru Crosstrek handled just fine, there were maybe 3 spots where I had to take it slow. There are parts where the trail switches from dirt, to paved, then back again, but most is unpaved. I wouldn't take a sedan on this trail, but a 2wd truck or SUV with decent clearance should be just fine. This trail is fun, easy and there are some seriously stellar views, so go in the late afternoon/evening to catch the sunset!

loved it & very dog friendly.

This is an excellent day hike. There is nothing technical and the trail is extremely easy to follow. The first 2 1/2 miles are the most physically challenging part, with a 15% + grade. But by the time my body really started to feel the elevation, the grade relaxed and I locked my pace in all the way to the summit. Of course there are a few steep areas here and there, but they are spaced far apart and don't beat up your quads too bad at all.

Once you break out of the forested section, the view is nearly continuous all the way to the summit. The view at the summit is lackluster in comparison to the rest of the hike, so really enjoy that view during the climb and at "the bench".

I would compare this hike to Cucamonga via Icehouse Canyon. It is not as physically challenging imho, but the elevation challenge is of course much more significant. I absolutely loved this hike and I would probably do this very frequently if I lived close by.

I began at Polique Canyon Road (2N09) at PCT. Hiked to base of Delamar Mountain, where PCT and Delamar Mountain Road intersects. At this point, utilized GPS to find the trail, hard to find. About a quarter of the way up you can start seeing the trail.