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2 days ago

Nice views but, boring. Nice chair lift ride.

off road driving
2 days ago

Such a super easy, fun trail with amazing views. There is also a cool area on top for camping.

if you plan on hiking or off roading to the top to camp. this Trail look it up first for the contact number to open the gate is only open certain times during the year weather restrictions. if your car has two wheel drive it will make it most of the way up until you get to the top where the camping sites are recommend having four-wheel drive just in case. once you get to the top the best views come out

So the description is a bit confusing and the estimations are different than what the forest service provides on their hand outs at the discovery center. Here is what we figured out: We started at Hanna flats campground and got all the way to the intersection to the fire road 2N70. That was about 3.9 miles. At this point we turned back and returned to the campground. Total time was 4.5 hours, 7.8 miles with a 1/2 hour lunch break. We could have continued to gray's peak which the map shows as another 2.75 miles each way which would have made the total round trip about 13.3 Miles . My advice is stop at the discovery center and get the map and trail descriptions from them.
All in all a beautiful hike. Weather was perfect with different many views along the way. Note that you do not see big bear lake on this trail.

on Castle Rock Trail

10 days ago

Definitely not an easy hike but it is do-able if you take your time. Towards the end you have to do a little ‘rock climbing’ to get to the top of castle rock but the view is well worth it! I found a long hiking stick up there and it helped me be stable while coming back down. I got a little lost coming down like some people said because the trail isn’t marked well but if something looks like a path it should take you back down. Hopefully haha

It’s a good hard trail that’ll keep you in tip top shape. Great panoramic views. Beautiful boulders.

great way up to big bear. we were doing AAT service, some spots were badly eroded and need some backfill

AMAZING HIKE. 100x better than the side with the gate guard. Longer and more challenging. There are some spots that required crawling on all fours but doable. Less people also, and the views are amazing. Enjoy! (:

I started all the way at the bottom and found this trail to be difficult and monotonous - not worth the effort. To be fair I didn't go all the way to the peak- I stopped at the children's garden thing, which was pleasant with lots of birds. I'd definitely recommend driving at least part of the way!

Excellent 360 view from the top. It heats up quick so best to do this hike in the AM.

Went here Oct 1. the weather was perfect. not too warm and slight breeze. trail was narrow but easy to follow. The steep downhill on the last 1/4 was hell coming back up. But the springs was worth it. Only advise i have is bring enough water, i took 3L and ran dry half way back, and MOST IMPORTANTLY be careful with your footing.

Great little trail. The rocks stacked along the trail were great because it does get a little tricky in some places.

21 days ago

Good hike! The beginning it starts off pretty steep but levels out (yet still climbing up) towards the middle. Around this area it opens up a bit, and it’s not marked great for directions, but no to hard to figure out how to get back on trail! Beautiful view at the top of castle rock :)

great hike on a well maintained trail

Great hike! Beautiful views from the top. It’s pretty much all up hill so be prepared but it’s worth it.

not a beginner trail, very steep. scrambling over boulders necessary. awesome views at the top

Great hike and beautiful views at the top!

Excellent view at the top but lacks proper trail path. Climbing to the top of the rocks can be bit problematic for people who are not accustomed to rock climbing.

After reading reviews about this trail, I decided to head up the mountain this morning to make this my first solo hike. The directions are spot on and take you right to the start of the trail head. No adventure parking pass needed. I’m not the most out of shape person, but the first half mile is uphill and will get your heart pumping but it definitely pays off. There is a beautiful lookout of the lake about half way through the trail. The trail was well kept and tons of signage to keep you on course. I got up there around 10am and there were only a handful of people on the trail. There was definitely more traffic on my way down, so I recommend getting here early. Will definitely be doing this again!

on Crafts Peak Trail

1 month ago

The access to this trail is either through a campground, which you have to park outside of and walk through to get to the trailhead; or, you can take a left less than a quarter mile before the campground on forest road 2N13 [a 4x4 vehicle is strongly recommended for this road]. The trail head is the beginning of road 2N13D, and there is ample parking to the right [not paved].
The trail itself is quite easy for the first 4 miles, as it is basically a regular gravel road. The trail/road is fully drivable for most 4x4s until the last mile, in case you want to shorten your on foot trek.
It is possible to drive even the last mile if you have a serious off-road capable vehicle; if you’re not alone and very experienced, you can do this last mile with a X-Terra, TRD, or a Cherokee Trailhawk or better, emphasis on better.
Back to hiking; the last mile has two steep parts, but still not technical. The trail only gets technical on the last hundred feet or so.
I really like this trail for its flexibility and for being very dog friendly.

Nice hike. Steep elevations though. Only saw two small groups of hikers the whole trip.

Great hike! Easy to get turned around on the way up, though unplanned diversions are really beautiful either way. Gorgeous views from the top, lightly trafficked, very peaceful out there.

it's a good lung stretcher.

off road driving
1 month ago

Beautiful views. Lightweight fire road with more aggressive off-shoots all along the main road.

1 month ago

Great views! The trail is not clearly marked so make sure you don’t get off track. Definitely do not try and bring a stroller or a small one who can’t climb. In order to reach the top, be prepared to climb. Phenomenal views at the top!

Where to say about this trail and hot springs. Yes, people are nude. They put a new sign up at the trailhead, so don't miss that like I did. The trail is mostly sand and rock for about 1.4 miles on the delcine and up on the upside, so, apparently people hike up naked because of that first bit. I started this trail at 6 p.m. and ended at 11:15pm. Wear hiking boots, use harnesses for dogs as the trail is very narrow, hiking poles would be helpful but they aren't entirely necessary. There's a copper pipe under the pools somewhere that spits out hot, but drinkable water, so if you don't have to worry about bringing too much water though I always bring a gallon with me in case I get stuck, lol. I will say, there is a very narrow winding trail after the hill that is basically sand. I stepped too far and slipped down the side a bit, but thankfully a guy named Dan had been hiking me back and he saved me. The hot springs are jaccuzi temperature. I'd do this trail maybe a couple hours before I started so I still had sunlight to see the springs without a headlamp. I had a great time.

on Castle Rock Trail

1 month ago

Went earlier this morning and we all loved it. It’s a little hard at times some steep hills, but they say the best view is after the hardest hike, and this view was amazing!

not for the faint of heart! steep but short, gorgeous views from the top!

Took the whole family including a 6 year old and 9 year old. We have not been actively hiking lately and this was a great trek. The first 1/4 mile is pretty much a straight up incline and at 7000 ft elevation you feel it. After that it was a great day and found a nice picnic spot near the lake.

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