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great Trail

great hike the last 1/4 mile a killer

This is a narrow trail up a decomposed granite ridge to a nice secluded lookout point. Since the DG can be loose and the trail steep, wear appropriate shoes. Bring lots of water - there are no facilities or fountains at the trail head, lookout or along the way.

Much of the trail is sunny, but there are frequent shady patches to cool down and catch your breath.

Some recordings for this trail start at the end of the paved road, but there is space to park at the trail head along the unpaved Radford Truck Trail. This is the dirt road where the sign indicated “to big bear”, and another sign indicated a helipad.

Driving or hiking along the truck trail, continue straight through any intersection or junction. Look for overhead utilities and a fire usage restriction sign - the trail head is on the left. There is room for two or three cars to park off the road.

Total elevation gain over the 3 miles to the lookout was about 2000 ft from the trail head - not including the truck trail.

The view is primarily southward towards San Gorgonio and sometimes westward. It keeps getting better and better the higher you climb.

Once you reach the Skyline trail, follow signs towards Knotty Pine / Grandview.

This trail started out fine. It was pretty dang steep, so we were glad we didn't have small children with us. The problems came when we were about a third a mile up. The path was so worn down by heavy foot traffic that you could no longer tell where the trail was at all! I even tried using the map from the app. No go. We wandered around for an hour then headed in the general direction of the lake. Eventually we found the trail about where we left it. The whole thing was frustrating. Counting all the steep terrain, and the unclear path, this is a difficult hike, and not pleasant.

off road driving
5 days ago

Great trail. Some minor challenges without lockers in a lifted 17’ JKU with 35” tires. Really only would have engaged them once but a little bump and we were up and over.

6 days ago

Went with my husband, 7yr old daughter and 10 yr old son. It was amazing!

Worth the hike...

This is a fun trail that weaves throughout boulders ascending pretty fast. My kids love it! The views are amazing at the top and there are several large boulder areas to climb on top of for great picture taking.

Really good hike! Not trekked as much as some other nearby trails. Good views.

13 days ago

Hiking past the locked gate up to Toro Peak is trespassing onto Santa Rosa Indian Reservation Land. It is clearly marked on the gate. Please have some respect for Native Americans. You can hike up Toro Peak West and North without trespassing.

This trail was awesome!

15 days ago

A moderately difficult hike with some steep parts, but with a beautiful view of Big Bear Lake from the top of the boulders. Parking can be difficult past 9:30-10am because there are limited parking spaces along Hwy 18.

I highly recommend that you continue on Castle Rock Trail to Bluff Lake Reserve further south (view my photos to see why). It's actually my favorite part of the hike because it's tranquil, quiet, and a really nice break from the crowded Castle Rock.

off road driving
17 days ago

5 stars if hard is what you are looking for. JKU 2.5 lift 33 inch tires rear locker only. Destroyed my steering damper but no other damage. Never got stuck. but was pretty challenging. Big group took 6 hours. Don't solo it.

Awesome trail! Extremely difficult incline to go down and especially back up after soaking in the springs. But it’s all worth it for the soak, view and body high at the end!

off road driving
21 days ago

This is a fun trail to be on. There a lot of off shoots to practice and learn how to off road but if you are not comfortable with that, then take the main trail. I did the trail in a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee with open diffs and the car handled the trail effortlessly. Also on the weekends the trail is kind of crowed so bear in mind that you may get stuck behind a group that takes up the whole trail.

21 days ago

Great trail for kids, pets and beginners. Has a stunning view of Big Bear lake. For the more experienced hiker, this trail connects to another unmarked trail that leads to Bluff lake, which is roughly 2.5 mi round trip.

Nice little outting. We did this hike after arriving in town mid-afternoon and finished in time to grab dinner then head back to camp as the sun was disappearing

Run this trail every other day. And every time I notice something different. There are some burn areas from last years fire but it gives the views great contrast. Run hills not treadmills

Just backpacked the entire Section from April 13 through April 23, 2018. Incredible trail; so much variety! It’s important while backpacking to always be aware of the most updated water reports.

Great time of year to go the flowers are in bloom!!!

28 days ago

Very nice hike with lots of panoramic views.

1 month ago

Did this hike with my kids after school. It was a great little hike for them. Plan on going back soon.

Stumbled upon this trail while trying to get to big bear in the middle of the night. Gps routed me through here as a shortcut due to the highway being closed. Craziest experience I've had in a long time. Offroading in the dark in the middle of winter. Great view of the lights at night though. I'll have to drive this trail in the daytime sometime. Try to enjoy the scenery.

1 month ago

Awesome hike. The trail basically ends at a certain altitude, then it’s a rock climbing journey. Great times, the peak has an amazing view.

1 month ago

Amazing first moderate hiking experience for this older lady. Going up was a little challenging because I don’t exercise enough, but my 11yo son was like a gazelle and having a great time. Regardless it was beautiful and I’m so glad we made it to up to Castle Rock. The views were glorious. Going down was obviously much easier :D. Have fun and bring water.

3/31/18 Did Warner Springs to Tule Truck Trail over Easter Weekend. don't start at the trailhead on the Southside, is basically just flat pasture. Go around the corner and start from the north side of the 79 near Glider Airport.

skip the water at Mile 119 if you can. it's doable but the worst water I the section. Don't park at Tule Truck Trail unless you have a 4x4. we drove sedans and it was pretty tricky in and out I wouldn't do it again.

the trail is fantastic, highly recommend

i went on this hike with my two dogs enjoying the fresh air and the beautiful scenery. After 3.5 miles up a steep trail i reached the summit. I was relaxing with my dogs admiring the scenery along with another hiker I've met along the trail. when approached by a man and woman with too little dogs. my dogs of course curious ran up to the man and woman in a none aggressive manner ( remember this is a dog friendly trail) they begin hitting my dogs and screaming bloody murder even after I had my dogs on leashes still screaming. ruining my hike. all in all very beautiful hike.

After the fires its kind of hard to stay on the trail. Look for orange ribbons as markers or rocks stacked up to show you where the trail is. Lots of loose gravel so becareful on the way down.

1 month ago

It’s a b***h the first 0.40 miles with dramatic increased elevation. Once you past 0.40 it’s a steady increase with more smooth terrain, several small streams, and castle rock at the top. Much smaller “castle” + “rock” then I expected but still a great hike.

Nice trail. Wish the trail was marked a little better. Went off trail a few times but nothing too crazy. I’d go back.

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