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Super loved this hike! After reading the reviews I brought hiking poles for the last steep part and it helped A LOT with stability, would definitely recommend that. The springs are amazing, several different pools and a cold area to swim in as well.

Not much to look at while hiking. Need a gps to stay on the trail otherwise you’ll end up billy hosting up the rocks

This is an awesome trail great all year round. Beautiful scenery of the lake. Amazing during the snow. Parking is a bit of hassle, but it’s well worth it once you find parking.

off road driving
23 hours ago

Great off road trail with two harder obstacles. Took 3 hours with photo ops taking our time. Moving time was 1.5 hours.

One of my favorite hikes I've ever done. The majority of the hike is easy - the only thing that's hard is the last little bit before the springs. Going down is super steep and sandy, so watch your step. While dogs are allowed on this trail, our dog (and half our group) didn't make it past the final slope down. This slope is also challenging on the way back up - I needed plenty of breaks and probably should have brought much more water than the 22 oz. I had brought with me.

There is nudity at the hot springs, so if that makes you uncomfortable don't go. They also recommend that you do not drink the water and do not submerge your head under the water.

The hot springs are beautiful and incredibly relaxing and so worth the tough hike back up the trail.

Unable to access the trail via Birch Creek Lane. Locked gate with Private Property/ No Trespassing signs. Adjacent roadside roped off with No Parking signs.
Be aware that you can access the same area from the Bearpaw Preserve on the other side of the ridge, just off Highway 38. You need a permit to access the preserve (and a code to enter the locked gate,). however you can obtain a permit free online. The distance and elevation to the top of the divide trail are about the same. The Bearpaw trail is not on the Alltrails map, however this is a well maintained truck trail to the top of the ridge.

This is a great drive for scenic views. Sometimes it gets a lot of traffic.

3 days ago

Parking is an issue because this trail is very popular and you have to park in a turn out, which depending on the time/day you go will most likely be full. I went on a Saturday around 10 am and there were so many people hiking this trail it was a bit overwhelming. If your intention is to simply reach the view then the hike is short are relatively easy, it is fairly steep but not for long. If you are continuing the hike there are more trails to do so.
We had to wait about 15-20 minutes to get a chance to take a photo on the rock with the best view of the lake, but it was totally worth it the view is amazing and we got some pretty cool pictures.

only made it to the castle rock and climbed up it due to the sun coming down, but this is a cool trail really can't wait to get to the meadow next time.

nice short pretty trail, elevation going up isn't that horrible. once you get to the meadow its super nice also flat.

off road driving
6 days ago

Lots of tight turns and plenty good obstacles.

Great hike. Like the others have said, its a steep descent and ascent at the last 1/2 mile-3/4 mile of the hike. No one in our group really slipped and had a fun time descending. Ascending was hard but still fun. I wouldn't recommend this hike for novice hikers - mainly because of their worry of going down the ridge and slipping and then the climb back up. A few in our group did not make it all the way :(

The hot springs are beautiful. Make sure to visit all seven in varying temperatures and depths. Bring food to snack on, but please make sure to carry any trash out! Water shoes with good grip would also be ideal to take because of the algae on the rocks make it easy to slip inside the small pools of water.

Take plenty of water. It is not recommended that you drink ANY of the water near the hot springs, even from the source.

6 days ago

Great views. Moderately challenging at the end with large incline. Overall pretty nice hike.

1. Parking: To park you need to pull into a turn out off the highway. There are about 6 spots or more depending on how people park. Some people also park right off the highway. You have to cross the highway to make it to the trailhead. We arrived at 9:00 am and found parking without a problem.

2. People: There are a lot of people on this hike. There are many families and people with dogs. People seem to be responsible about picking up dog poop and keeping them on leashes.

3. The trail: The trail is a bit steep in the beginning and was tough for me with my asthma. It lightens up a bit. In the beginning there are clear signs and then there are contradictory arrows making the trail difficult to follow. We ended at a dead end. We asked four separate groups where the trail went and no one knew. Everyone we saw was lost. People begin to wander off the trail which is still nice because it is scenic and there are tons of photo opportunities.

Overall it's a nice hike. You get great views and there are many boulders to climb for cool photos. It's a busy busy trail so if you are looking for a peaceful hike this is not for you. To be fair, we went on a Saturday.

Happy hiking!!!

Nice quiet trail.

No markers or trail signs. Trespassing signs. Good bike trails.

I was shaking driving my Kia Soul, 2 wheel drive to the trailhead. But we made it. That road is rough.
the hike itself, well, we are not acclimated to the elevation and needed to stop to catch our breath many times. beautiful views, great workout, great reward, we will be back.

quite a hard climb - narrow rough path with lots of steep climbs and no shade, but a great view at the end. saw lots of droppings along the way, so must be a natrual path for all the wild animals here. to get there, it's best to cross the dry creakbed right where you park and look for vague trail going towards hills - key is to get yourself up on the ridge, where the trail is.

15 days ago

Does anyone know if a regular four door car would make it on this dirt road?Thank you

17 days ago

We were a group of 7 adults who hiked this trail Feb. 1st. They charge $6 per person to enter the park for day use, which was fine, we just weren't expecting it, so be sure to bring some cash to get in. It's a large campground with many camping spots, but the park was virtually empty the day we were there. The hikes go off the campground and into the mountains. It's a lovely area but the trails are very, very poorly marked and in many places not marked at all. The map they give you is not useful for the hike. We wandered off the trail a few times and were only saved by our All Trails app. Of the 3 cell phone service providers between us, only one of them got cell service in the area to access the app. The trail was a steady but very gradual incline up. We did not go to the end of the trail as we were encountering lots of deep ruts likely from recent rain. The trail was not wet, but the ruts were fairly deep in spots. We enjoyed our day and the scenery is really lovely. For the price to get in, they need to do a much better job marking the trails and then you wouldn't need an app, or map.

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