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Just completed this hike. 4hr30min with a couple breaks and 3L of water. Lake was dry, the creeks were flowing but is very easy to cross. Unfortunately, the first 2-3 miles was burned down a couple years ago and right now is still just a forest of charred trees.

Incline is mild with a couple short tough parts. Only saw about 10 people. Great day hike, will come back in the winter.

Beautiful. Very busy at the saddle. Be sure to have your permits squared away. A ranger was checking everyone at the saddle intersection. Cucamonga Peak is worth your time!

very hard trail over grown shrubs and trees on trail .. you better be in good shape if you do this its a true but kicker .. last thought watch out for ticks i got one

Amazing, scenic, not hard, along the river, a very good hike

18 days ago

Great hike but I would rate as moderate! Fantastic views. Next time I hope to have more time to explore once at the top, it's so pretty.

Too much snow to summit this route right now. Wait until summer. Crampons are not enough. Need ice axe and rope. Had to turn back after 9 miles.

22 days ago

Amazing views!! road is currently blocked so looking at around a 6-7 mile hike up then back down. Not for the faint hearted but absolutely worth it! incredible views and got it all to ourselves it was perfect.

Just backpacked the entire Section from April 13 through April 23, 2018. Incredible trail; so much variety! It’s important while backpacking to always be aware of the most updated water reports.

Excellent hike. Not too steep, well maintained trail. Not sure exactly where All Trails has the end though to come up with 6.4 miles. Deep Creek Day Use Area is about 2.4 miles in (4.8 miles). Or keep going up the PCT and there's a lovely bridge 3.4 miles in. Aztec Falls is about a mile or 1.5 in & down 1 of 2 steep trails. Definately recomend AWD for the rocky road in. Looks like you're not supposed to be there past the 1st gate but its fine & Google maps says you have arrived well before the parking area.

1 month ago

Great trail for beginners. Was my first hike and although I didn’t finish, I was quick to go back and try again. Plenty of great views throughout the trail. A bit rocky in areas but otherwise safe for kids. Will return

Hiked this trail 2 weeks age and the trail was snow bound last mile or so. Dry Lake was completely snow bound. Beautiful! Yesterday’s hike was completely different. Just traces of snow on the trail only at the very top and The snow was completely gone up top. Dry lake was wet again. Beautiful! Very good time to hike this trail. Sun was out, but there was a cool breeze making it very comfortable!

1 month ago

Honestly this is one of my favorite hikes around Big Bear. Went up yesterday, about 10 miles. Parked at the blocked gate at the end of Rim of the World rd for free. Beautiful views, well maintained fire lookout. Chilly and windy up top but SO worth the view! Still some snow on the trail but won’t last long.

3/31/18 Did Warner Springs to Tule Truck Trail over Easter Weekend. don't start at the trailhead on the Southside, is basically just flat pasture. Go around the corner and start from the north side of the 79 near Glider Airport.

skip the water at Mile 119 if you can. it's doable but the worst water I the section. Don't park at Tule Truck Trail unless you have a 4x4. we drove sedans and it was pretty tricky in and out I wouldn't do it again.

the trail is fantastic, highly recommend

1 month ago

Great trail. Planning to come back.

Love this hike! First time I did it in the winter with plenty of snow on the top couple of miles. Was a cold start around 8am, but the sun came up quickly and it turned out to be a beautiful day to hike. No snow for the first half of the hike, but after the creek crossing and the beginning of the switchbacks the snow was constant to the top at Dry Lake. Snow was pretty frozen in the morning, but I kept from slipping by hiking in previous footsteps. Should have put my micro spikes on, but was lazy. Dry Lake was beautiful full of snow, but cold and windy, so I didn't stay too long. Took my time going down, with several breaks to enjoy my thermos of coffee and bagel. Only ran into a hand full people along the way. Got back to the trail head around 2pm. Was pretty tired because hiking in the snow took its toll. Great day though. Would highly recommend this trail anytime, but the winter hike was special.

1 month ago

Keller Peak, The Children's Forest, and The Exploration Trail, all seem to be the same trail. It's always lovely, peaceful, and scenic. Like everywhere in SoCal, it gets crowded at about 11am or noon. Mountain Bikers show up about that time, and that's when I usually leave. get there early.

Not a easy trail and I’m a novice. Moderate for sure. Trail gets rocky and narrow at times. Beautiful views. 2.5 hrs to top and I’m in shape. Take water and snacks. Worth the hike.

I went out with 4 friends and my lab March 3rd and 4th. There were high winds and winter-like conditions. It provided beautiful scenery but was about 25 degrees at night. this is one of the best hikes with scenic views, a cypress grove, creek beds, a water falls and not too much foot traffic. Check out our video to see the excitement. https://youtu.be/G0eW7OWVWFU

Great hike.

2 months ago

There are some fantastic views along this trail. This hike is peaceful and the setting is serenely beautiful.

Super fun hike, as easy or challenging as you want to make it! We only spent 1.5 hours, but did a bit of bouldering and had fun in the couple inches of snow on the trails. Heads up: you need to buy a pass to park your car at the trailhead, but some locals told us they visit often and that the rangers usually only check in the evenings. Still, I would go for the pass over a hefty fine!

trail running
3 months ago

Took the butler peak trail. Trail running. Closed to cars. Amazing. Soft. Lil snowy. Epic views. And the tower. Just an incredible end to 5 miles up. Loved it.

Just got back . Did a gear shake down that didn't go well. To cold for iPhone after a couple miles. I wasn't the only one up there although it wasn't crowded at all. You could summit and many I talked to did. Cramp-ons needed so I came up 1,000 ft' or so short of the top. My water bladder froze during the night but all my other gear worked well. This was a spur of the moment thing for me but I am going back to get some pictures and get to the dang top. Watch the elevation change. Made me a little dizzy on the way up so be prepared for that if you think it may take a toll on you. I did a face plant into a large bolder but my teeth are still intact :

Absolutely beautiful. Amazing bridge and creek.

Awesome hike my group ended up doing today bc Sugarloaf was closed. Very easy. Took my sedan and parked when I got to the sign that reads 'Splinter's [something that I forgot lol]'. i suggest parking there unless you have a better car for dirt road as the end of the 1/4 miles left to the trail parking is pretty rocky and lower cars would prob not manage.. you can go slightly past the sign, but after the small paved portion, I wouldn't risk it. Nice views of the river and you cross it once before arriving to it again. Started the hike at 8am and by the time we were heading back, it was much warmer with about half the trail shaded. Very remote, only saw 2 other parties and a couple dirt bikes could be heard in the distance.

hiking trail is currently closed for the season, road is closed with a sign saying it will open in early 2018.

We hiked and backpack Mt San Gorgonio at 11,503ft over 22 miles, November 2017. The nights were so cold, below 40F, that our toes were frozen that we couldn’t even feel them and endlessness sleeping nights. Hiked in the dark for 6 miles without headlamps using the night sky to navigated our descent back to base camp from the peak and the trails.

Took the dog out this morning for a quick hike. Turned around at the first water crossing (about 1.8 miles). Couple of mountain bikers encountered. Nice, close trail that can be done completely, or in smaller sections.

4 months ago

Hiked in from TH parking on Forest Road 1N64. Trail is overgrown, but still recognizable.Just watch out for the Yuccas. Five or six spots are slide areas that require attention to get across the 20 to 40 foot ravines. Some down trees on trail as well. Pants, sturdy shoes and long sleeves recommended. At mile 3 it ties in with the Siberia Creek trail for a 200 foot decent to the Group camp. Several nice spots here to camp. Siberia Creek and Bear Creeks join here and there is plenty of water. Also bugs. Ammo can with trail log at one site with stories of good fishing here. Maybe if more people travel this, the trail will get some maintenance. Nice views looking down the Bear Creek drainage on most of the trail. Also, an old mine shaft opening at around mile two.

4 months ago

Lots of trucks and jeeps. Be careful with traffic. Start early during summer months. Pretty view once you get to the top.

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