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The wild lands of the San Bernardino and San Jacinto Mountain Ranges were designated a National Forest more than a hundred years ago. The Forest Reserve Act was passed in 1891, giving us the San Bernardino Forest Reserve, which became the San Bernardino National Forest in 1925. The San Bernardino National Forest as public land was set aside for the conservation of natural resources such as trees, water, minerals, livestock range, recreation, or wildlife. Today, the San Bernardino National Forest serves as southern California's outdoor year-around recreation destination, as well as providing valuable watershed protection. Drive the scenic Rim of the World Scenic Byway and Palms to Pines Scenic Byways to discover your local National Forest.

Very cool waterfall and a great experience! Bring some waterproof shoes because you have to cross the stream and well i ate it every time haha! Very neat hike the graffiti wasn't as bad as i thought all the reviews were saying. Biggest fall i have seen though.

mountain biking
3 days ago

off road driving
3 days ago

Hiked the trail with a friend in May 2017. Then visited San Bernardino North Peak while at the top.This really is a five star hike but there is still some buck thorn you will have to go through. It's not that bad and the maintenance has been going on up there recently to widen the trail. Just wear long pants for the narrow few hundred yards or so. This trail ascends fast! As soon as you divert from the Main Momyer trail at the signpost you ascend very quickly through Oaks, Pine and Fir. There are lots of switchbacks to ease the job and toward the top it gets down right easy. It gives you time to take in the breathtaking views. The trail crosses or nears the ridge several times on the way up to reveal your progress up the mountain from several vantage points. Near the top you emerge from the buck thorn garden and cross the ridge once again to a Baldy size bowl with a long ascending switchback that has seen numerous rock slides and tree falls. Don't forget to visit North San Bernardino Peak to the west while you're up there. The view will leave you breathless!
Recommended: Plenty of water you're on the warm side of the hill and long pants for the buck thorn and manzanita.

4 days ago

The directions take you through a road made for off road vehicles. I would recommend taking the 173 to Kuffel Canyon to Hook Creek Road or type in Deep Creek into maps instead of using the directions from the app.

Great hike. Take bug spray. Beautiful views and clearly marked trail. Would definitely hike again.

We forgot to get the day pass but didn't get a ticket.

Beautiful falls but so much graffiti just ruins it all. Should have read the posts before heading up.

5 days ago

5 days ago