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The wild lands of the San Bernardino and San Jacinto Mountain Ranges were designated a National Forest more than a hundred years ago. The Forest Reserve Act was passed in 1891, giving us the San Bernardino Forest Reserve, which became the San Bernardino National Forest in 1925. The San Bernardino National Forest as public land was set aside for the conservation of natural resources such as trees, water, minerals, livestock range, recreation, or wildlife. Today, the San Bernardino National Forest serves as southern California's outdoor year-around recreation destination, as well as providing valuable watershed protection. Drive the scenic Rim of the World Scenic Byway and Palms to Pines Scenic Byways to discover your local National Forest.

Simple and clean

Beautiful area and falls. Lots of room around creek and falls to eat a snack or lunch.



beautiful trail. the parking lot is down a ride that is a little rocky (far enough down a road that you kind of feel like your not supposed to be there. the trail is beautiful but narrow so I would say for older kids. the first 1/2-1 mile is the hardest and steep right from the parking lot but if you can push past it you won't be disappointed.

This was our first family backpacking hike and it was not easy. My daughter got so exhausted after 1 mile we could only go a bit further before turning back.

This was a great way to get introduced to backpacking. Great scenery and views!

Hiked to the peak and back with friends. Total time, with a couple stops for snacks and some time at the peak, was 12 hours 15 minutes. The altitude slowed me down at 10,000 feet and above. It was interesting to feel the affects of it. The views and the overall experience are well worth the effort.