Sam McDonald, a unique and interesting 850-acre facility, is located approximately 3 miles west of La Honda on Pescadero Road. The park actually represents contrast between two separate natural environments. The northwesternly half, near 400 acres between Pescadero Road and Highway 84, is principally a lush growth redwood forest. The 450-acre portion, southeasterly , is primarily open ridge, grassy knolls and patchy brush areas. From this ridge area, vistas of the Butano and Skyline Ridges, and the Pacific Ocean can be seen.

Was a beautiful mostly flat (on the northern half of the loop) walk. Was perfect for my wife, 2-year-old and I.

fun day hike. Found hiker hut. It would be a fun spot to make a reservation and spend the night. Easy access

From the website: Pets are not allowed in the park.

It is a nice hidden park with usually small traffic all around. Big redwoods and small waterfalls during the rainy reason are very attractive. It is good to hike here all year around under the shades of trees with some bright spots under the sun.

Beautiful hike, one of our favorites. Heads up - the lower Heritage Grove trail stops abruptly at a bridge which has been yellow-taped and declared unsafe to cross. You need to double back but it is worth the side trip to see the old growth trees.