Super close to where we live yet feels a world away!

Did this hike with a group including children between the ages of 9 and 13. Hike was a huge hit due to the rocks to climb. A couple of the parents joined in. All the climbers got way to close to the edge, but no one fell. That alone made the hike a success. Take this hike with kids and plan time for rock climbing. We luckily got it all in before the rain could see the front approaching. Timed it just right as it started raining within minutes of starting my drive home.

This hike was enjoyable, even though I wasn't fond of being near the Boeing facility. It was an easy short workout with nice views.

Did this trail again after avoiding it for most of the summer. The summer sun can make this a miserable hike since there isn't much shade. It was mostly cloudy and cool in the west Valley today so I took advantage and did the loop. It was in the low 70s with a cool wind. Actually appreciated the warmth of the sun when it poked through the clouds. Did the hike faster than I have in the past. The sun wasn't sapping my energy so the climbs were easier. All in all a really good hike.

Beautiful scenery! I like that it was not crowded.

Trail in good condition. Agree with comment that counter clockwise is best.

Did this trail again with a friend, his children, and their dog. Everyone really enjoyed the hike. Did it counter-clockwise this time as opposed to my usual clockwise direction. There are advantages and disadvantages to the counter-clockwise direction. One advantage is that the climbs are split between the beginning and end of the hike and are somewhat less onerous than the long climb necessary doing the trail clockwise. The bigger advantage is that you get better views going counter-clockwise. Obviously, this can be solved by turning around when hiking clockwise but it isn't necessarily something you think to do as you're trudging along. The big disadvantage is that the hike gets rather uninteresting for the last half. All the views and real interesting rock formations are in the first half of the hike. I can't really make a recommendation which way is better. To me it's a toss up.

Really like this trail, It's relatively easy, has some very nice rock formations. Views are good once you get to some of the higher elevations. Boeing is off to the left at the beginning (going clockwise around the loop) and it's a large facility, but on a Monday they were very few cars in the parking lot. Other reviews have helpful information like avoiding the trail on hot summer days. One other cautionary note. Hiking the trail requires traversing sloping sandstone. These areas can pick up a thin layer of sand which makes them very slippery. Wear shoes with lug soles and don't be careless about your footing.

1 year ago

I like the Trail. not too difficult not too many steep grades fun trail.