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This remote and wild valley abounds with wildlife and scenic beauty. The land still contains evidence of its historic use as ranchland by the Murphy family—from old plows to the remnants of old farm buildings. Its lush grasses and the almost cove-like shape of the hills surrounding the valley give it a distinctly pastoral feel. Marsh Creek, which runs seasonally under the bridge at the beginning of the trail, is an ideal place to soak your feet after a satisfying hike. The park also features several picnic areas and one camping area. Hours: 8am- sunset (varies seasonally)

Hiked with my ex-girlfriend about a month ago. We found that shade can be hard to come by. Relative to the map above, I would recommend hiking it counter-clockwise as this gives you the most shade while climbing upwards. Definitely bring water.

Love this hike! Great workout in the great outdoors, and close to home!

great trail to take. Had my wife and 6yr old daughter. That trail was perfect for them. just make sure you take water and a power bar.

Beautiful spring stroll.

We really liked this trail a lot. It rained right before we arrived so it was kinda muddy....just an added workout to the hike that's all lol. There were a few inclines but not too bad. Overall, great hike and very nice views of the valley.

3 months ago

Was hot and dry on March 30 up the steep grade on Hardy, however the Oaks were beautiful and provided shade. Good moderate trip.

Great hike with a good mix of hills and flats. Lots of feeder trails that make it hard to distinguish at times which way to go but they all seem to lead up. Beautiful time of year with the creek running, green grass, and little wildflowers starting to open. Was very surprised with all the rains lately that the trail was not muddy. Very hike-able! Will definitely come back.

Beautiful day and very scenic... but MUDDY!!!

2-18-19 Today was the first really clear day, weather wise, in a while. We hiked the loop counterclockwise. When we reached the summit of the trail on the back side, you could actually see the snow covered summits of the Sierras. Beautiful relatively easy hike. I would definitely recommend this hike.

First time on this loop trail. A little muddy still from the rains, but was a nice hike. We went counterclockwise on the trail. Will go back again soon.

I will definitely come back when it’s not so muddy!

We hiked in January on a drizzly day. The trails were very slick and muddy, but the views and tranquility were worth it, as was the absence of other hikers. The park is occupied by cows but they tend to mind their own business. looking forward to returning in warmer weather. Definitely recommend as a beautiful nature trail.

we visited 1/13/19 a couple days after significant rain. trail was wet but not not muddy, soil is compacted and sandy for good drainage. was overcast all of the hike. there is a side jaunt you can take to the top of a hill that has a panoramic view of the area but was engulfed in fog so the view was not to be had this day. Lits of friendly bovine along the way, watch out for cow paddies! Clockwise gives you the best elevation and workout, counter if you want to go downhill for the steeper grades.

Definitely counterclockwise direction. It was a smooth way back down to parking lot. Mud, cow poop and wet grass is abundant depending on (writing this down in January) climate. We did enjoy this hike. Bring proper shoes and walking sticks were also helpful.

I highly recommend completing the hike counterclockwise. The trail was fairly muddy so I’d recommend shoes that can be washed easily. There is a lot of wildlife on the trail including ground squirrels and cattle. Horses are allowed to use the trail so watch your step. Dogs are not allowed. Keep in mind half your hike is uphill. Enjoy!

We went for a weekend hike in November and really enjoyed it! Did the counterclockwise route as suggested and would recommend it as well. For most of the walk we didn’t run into others. Nice open spaces, Wild turkeys, and good views at the top.

I really enjoyed this ike. Loved the views, reminded me of England

Good trail but only problem is a lot of poop on trail. So winter time is ok but summertime is smelly Except that it is good hiking place near Bay Area

Beautiful views, a couple killer climbs. Definitely bring hydration and chews/snacks for fuel.

Great views! Very challenging and varied terrain but, easy to follow marked routes. I used this as a trail run but, would definitely recommend for hiking or birding. Definitely bring sufficient hydration.

First time hiking this trail and I really enjoyed it. Got kind of a late start (2:30pm) so didn't run into many people. Took counterclockwise route; glad I did as that was the more strenuous, so got it out of the way! Beautiful views, lots of animal tracks - saw some deer. Will definitely hike it again.

Beautiful views. Lightly traveled trail by hikers and runners. We rode horseback the Miwok Trail first, then the Hardy Canyon. Would suggest the reverse, Hardy first to Miwok. Do the canyon early when the sun is low and then Miwok should be in the shade on the way down. On horseback the Hardy has many sandstone outcrops, they aren't slippery, but very challenging if you are going down them, up would be better. This is not a beginner trail for horses.

Went today for the first time. It's wasn't so packed as we thought it was. Not alot of bikers or runner, some people here and there. great hike for those who hasn't hike for the longest. It is a great warm up.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

It's been almost 10 year but it was one of my old winter hiking areas halfway to the gf's house.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Nice trail... You have to go through a gate at the back of Round Valley. I came across an old homestead back there as well.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Great winter hike I've done many times. Hardly anyone there. My gf and I once followed a kit fox on the trail for a 1/2 mile while he constantly looked over his shoulder at us. Pretty funny...

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Dry and hot... Best done as a winter trail.

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