7 days ago

trail running
10 days ago

frist time it was good

mountain biking
14 days ago

I was on the trail yesterday with my E bike,. In my 20 years of biking the trail i had never seen it so full of people. I dont worry about parking cause im local but for those that do worry about parking...good luck my friend. (dont let that stop you). It was an epic ride and im glad the see the trail so active.

Really enjoy this trail. Pretty good for an active rest day. Takes about an hour and a half. Parking is horrible tho. We have to park on Beverly when the little lot is full because the blocks closer to it are permit parking only. Other than parking, I love this trail.

Good hike! Dog friendly and open... make sure to be early, the first part of the hike is pretty full of people but if you complete the whole loop it gets fairly lonely.

It was a good time!

on Sycamore Canyon Trail

21 days ago

Great hike. A bit smelly at the start, but it does go away. The switchbacks totally kick my butt but love it when I get to the top. You can then to right to the nearest water tower will a nice view of the city.

I head left onto Rattlesnake Ridge Trail, if you want to extend your hike, heading to the Turnbull Water Tower. There are other trails that will combine into Rattlesnake. Once near the water tower you can either head up the steep hill or take a left for a much flatter path to the water tower. Here you well get a beautiful view of a Temple. Once a the water tower, give your self a break and enjoy the beautiful view.
I always that the flatter path back, to the right.

Total hike from Sycamore to the Water Tower and back about 7 miles.

love the steps and the loop right after

25 days ago

Sycamore canyon trailhead up the switchback; make a right onto Skyline drive to go toward the water tower and a view of the city. The trail continues past the tower mainly downhill into residential area. No shades.