They open at 9am

nice little hike I always take the the coyote trail, simple

9 days ago

first time hiking! im 250 lbs it was hot! i would stop frequently but i did it. cant wait to go back!!! make sure ti take water

Good trail..only downer for the early birds is it doesn’t open till 9am.

nice but yes too much dog poop all over the trail

DO NOT PARK AT START OF TRAIL! Myself and everyone else got a $51 citation. Other than that, great trail with alot of steep climbs and cool view at the top.

Really nice views & great workout, but as of last Saturday there was a lot of dog poop on the trail :(

Great views

Native Oak trail is heavily shaded and a great up and down trail. Will not disappointed! Great views too!

pretty nice trials

Amazing view and great quick cardio work out.

Beautiful place to do hike and cardio training. But there's a big problem to find parking spot. The streets around have parking permit. I got ticket for $55

I've done this hike in the past, not too bad. What the heck has Whittier done though? I went up there on Monday & they've roped off the trailhead parking & everywhere within a mile in the neighborhoods is permit parking. Where the heck are you supposed to park?

2 months ago

Great hike beautiful views. On a clear day like yesterday you could see the ocean and boats. On a bad note Dog poop everywhere it seems like pet owners are not cleaning up after them.

I've been coming here for the past two years but I've lived in this area for over 20 years. I wish I'd known about this fantastic trail filled with all forms of nature and beautiful terrain. Great hiking when feeling not so much like mountain hiking. There is tons of poison oak so stay on the trail. I usually feel safe coming here by myself taking photography shots. Just always be aware of your surroundings, that's all I have to say about safety.
Love this place! :)

I love that it’s kid friendly.

Great trail. But no nearby parking.

3 months ago

This trail was just made a Preserve, so only open 9-5, making it a better trail for cooler weather. Ranger will make you leave if you head out prior to 9. As many others have stated, lots of trash and dog poo. Don't screw it up for those of us that actually appreciate the beauty of nature; pack it out! That being said, it's a good little calf burner with fantastic views from the water tower. PSA... if you're thirsty, so is your dog. Saw lots of people unprepared to hydrate their 4 legged friends!

4 months ago

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