mountain biking
8 months ago

Alright so this trail could have been pretty awesome but ended up being about average.

- Nice distance, about 9 miles
- Good entry level mountain biking, mostly flat well maintained trails with a couple of challenging but doable hills
- Some cool moments: crossing little bodies of water, climbing a single track hill with a steep drop off just to the side and an excellent view, riding next to the train.
- La Jolla is a beautiful area

- All trails sends you to a bad start off point in a gated community, easy to get by but still ki d of lame.
- There is no clear indicator of when and where to cross over the tracks and it is easy to keep going until you are fully off the trail. This may be due to the poor start off point but I don't believe I was really on the trail until about 3 miles in.
- BIGGEST NEGATIVE, there is massive construction under the 52? 56? I was really looking forward to crossing under the freeway but due to construction I saw no easy route. Very disappointing, I nearly consider this trail out of commission because of it.
- Not the best hike to get in touch with nature.

Overall I still had a good time, if All trails updates to a better starting point, (Maybe across from University highschool?) and the construction resolves, this could be a good one. U til then 2 1/2 stars.