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Robert Louis Stevenson State Park is the place where the famous author of Treasure Island and Kidnapped spent his honeymoon in 1880. Although nothing remains of Stevensons cabin, the site is identified on the trail to the summit. The area features rough terrain, with evergreen forests in the canyons on north-facing slopes and chaparral on the south-facing slopes. There is a five-mile hike to the top of Mt. St. Helena from which one can see much of the San Francisco Bay Area. On good days the top of Mt. Shasta can be seen, 192 miles in the distance. To protect the park's wildlife and other natural resources, dogs are not permitted in this park. Open sunrise to sunset.

Stunning views with varying landscape.

Awesome trail and views. Dog friendly off the leash. We did the 4miles one and was espectacular!

I loved this trail. I would rate this closer to hard. The views were amazing. And the challenge was perfect. I can’t wait to do it again. If you’re going to do it, do to the end. Climb the rock and enjoy those views.

I would say this trail is about 50/50 in the shade and sun which is nice during cooler days, but would be a bit uncomfortable in the summer. The views however are amazing. At about 2.5 mile, you start to see really incredible views of the vineyards and grasslands with the best view at the end of the trail. The trail is rocky for most parts and there's a steady incline the entire way. I would rate it about easy-moderate. Easy if you regularly hike, but a little of a challenge if you're just getting into hiking. The trail also has 1 mile markers along the way which is helpful to know how far you've gone.

11 days ago

The drive to/from here is so beautiful! We got to the trailhead around noon on a Saturday and there were still a few parking spots left.

My bf & I stopped about halfway in to have lunch on the giant boulders and WOW, what an amazing view! The labyrinth area was pretty cool too. The next mile though after the rock mazes wasn't as easy as the first. When you reach the top of Table Rock, you essentially get the same views as you did with that first stop on the giant boulders. So if you want to take it easy, stop by the first boulders, check out the labyrinth below, and then turn around. But if you are willing and able, definitely hike the whole thing! Just be careful at the top - it is super windy up there!

This is one of the cleanest trails I've seen in terms of trash and dog poop (great job people!). There's lots of shade and it wasn't too busy when I went on a Saturday afternoon. It took us about 2 1/2 hours to complete (with lunch and picture breaks included) so it wasn't too bad. The trail however is very rocky and not suitable for young children or for those with injuries.

11 days ago

We only had time to hike 4 miles but the views were so nice.

This page needs to be updated: the trail has been open for several weeks
Amazing views with lots of switchbacks and sun. I was disappointed that I couldn’t see Clear Lake from the top (Cobb was blocking the view) but could see very far in every direction. The trail is actually mostly a fire road that passes through a lot burned trees from the Tubbs Fire

Bring lots of water and a hat, there is very little coverage.

16 days ago

Absolutely loved this hike, even though the uphill was a little rough on the way back. Definitely wear good shoes/boots because it's pretty rocky. The views are amazing from the overlook and there's a spot on the trail where it was clear enough to see Mt. Shasta on the horizon!

Gorgeous scenic and fun trail. Love to come back some other time with friends. Alot of burned trees affected from the recent wildfire. Glad I brought my kuksa for a cup of coffee. Enjoyed the sunset but didnt stay too long. I have to run down quick before it gets dark. It stated 9.6 miles but I only took 8miles with steep short cut back down hill.

Fun short but strenuous hike through woods and volcanic rock formations with fabulous views. The first mile is moderate with a few rocky spots, the second mile is very rocky and parts are steep. A few muddy/slippery spots in January a week after rains but nothing you can’t handle. The views down Napa Valley from Table Rock are worth the effort. If you want to take it easy you can turn around after about a mile at the cairn and rock labyrinth formations which are a fun surprise.

22 days ago

A lot harder than I thought it’d be but amazing nonetheless!

I love this entire area! This entrance is my favorite. This trail can be accomplished as an out and back in two - 3 directions or a long loop going to Table Rock which would be considered a hard hike. Fabulous stone features, the area escaped the fires. We hiked an out then North and back (5mi total) prior to new year's.

This is the best hike I’ve been on in a long time. It’s true hiking trails. No paved roads. You have to pass over streams and climb down rocks and exposed tree roots. It is a tough hike with beautiful views.

There are some stellar views on this trail, but for over half of the hike the soundscape is dominated by the traffic and loud motorcycles cruising the highway below. In addition, most of the trail is a dirt road. I'm glad I did it, but I wouldn't be in a hurry to do it again. Good workout though.

More difficult than expected but the short distance makes it very manageable. Loved the variation in landscape and the astounding views!

By far one of my favorite hikes around the valley. It does get crowded on weekends so get there early. Trail is a bit rocky and is a good climb but levels out once you get to the ridge. Good all year long, but bring lots of water and sun protection on hot days.

1 month ago

was a quick moderate hike. 2.2 miles each way, with good signage along the route. Some portions are very rocky and steep.

What’s left of Holm’s homestead is a bit if a let down but this hike was amazing and I would definitely do it again. The views were spectacular. Trail was very rocky and lots of mountain bikers. Mile marker 4 has the best view.

Loved every minute

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