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Robert Louis Stevenson State Park is the place where the famous author of Treasure Island and Kidnapped spent his honeymoon in 1880. Although nothing remains of Stevensons cabin, the site is identified on the trail to the summit. The area features rough terrain, with evergreen forests in the canyons on north-facing slopes and chaparral on the south-facing slopes. There is a five-mile hike to the top of Mt. St. Helena from which one can see much of the San Francisco Bay Area. On good days the top of Mt. Shasta can be seen, 192 miles in the distance. To protect the park's wildlife and other natural resources, dogs are not permitted in this park. Open sunrise to sunset.

Beautiful views and cool rock labrynith.

11 days ago

perfect day hike with our group of scouts and parents added a few loops to create 13.3 loop, fantastic views super chilly at the top.

on Table Rock Trail

29 days ago

One of my favorite hikes. I went while it was raining and foggy, and it made the rock formations even cooler. The only thing is that the trail is rather hard to follow, I used the GPS from the AllTrails app to find where to go at times. Beautiful views and flowing water at some points.

Moderate hike in my opinion, with a gradual 2,000 ft climb. We started at 9:30 am and were back to the car around 2:30, including a few stops and lunch at the summit. The parking area was getting busy. After a mile or so of a shaded hiking trail, the fire road then takes you to the summit. Weather wasn't exactly on our side at the summit. Descending, however, the trail provided amazing views of Napa/Sonoma County, (glimpses of) Lake Berryessa, and distance snow covered high Sierras. As of 2/18 the snow has completely melted. My advice would be to try to hike this on a clear day.

1 month ago

The trail can be tough to follow in spots so be sure to have functioning gps. Otherwise, the views are incredible making for a worthwhile day trip.

Did this hike at the end of Jan. 2017. there were a few stretches of melting snow towards the top, but the trail was still heavily used. First mile and a quarter is trail and after that its a two track fuel break/service road all the way to the summit. The views are expansive from the top, on clear winter days you can see downtown San Fransisco, Mt. Shasta, Tahoe basin, Point Reyes, Snow Mountain, Hull Mountain, Mt. Konocti. Moderate day hike.

Snow towards the top, absolutely beautiful.

This is a easy hike best views in Sonoma county

This is one of the most beautiful hikes in the morning California, my second favorite after the cataract trail During rainy season. It's like traveling back in time to the land of the lost – amazing vistas not to mention cool rock gardens.