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Robert Louis Stevenson State Park is the place where the famous author of Treasure Island and Kidnapped spent his honeymoon in 1880. Although nothing remains of Stevensons cabin, the site is identified on the trail to the summit. The area features rough terrain, with evergreen forests in the canyons on north-facing slopes and chaparral on the south-facing slopes. There is a five-mile hike to the top of Mt. St. Helena from which one can see much of the San Francisco Bay Area. On good days the top of Mt. Shasta can be seen, 192 miles in the distance. To protect the park's wildlife and other natural resources, dogs are not permitted in this park. Open sunrise to sunset.

trail running
16 days ago

21 days ago

Phenomenal hike with beautiful views. The trail has a lot of damage from the winter storms, so watch your footing. A hiking stick is a great advantage on this hike.

This is hands down my favorite area in the Sonoma/Napa area.

Outstanding views of the Palisades (unless you go on a foggy day), lots of huge rock features, and tons of plant life. Redwoods, ferns, wildflowers, etc.

I would recommend sturdy boots, as after you reach Table Rock the trail gets quite technical.

I think you can connect this trail to Oat Mine Hill trail and hike down to the parking lot for that trailhead. Great if you want a full day hike, and have someone to pick you up!

I would not recommend this trail for young children, anyone with any recent ankle injuries, or for someone seeking an easy hike.

The beginning of this trail is fairly easy, but there are very steep, technical portions. For intermediate hikers, and adventurous folks...you just can't beat this trail in this area.

I wouldn't call this trail hard per se, but it is quite technical and fairly long. The uphill is gradual, but extended.

The views around mile 5 are out of this world, and worth the trek up! Wear good, sturdy boots because the upper portion (after mile 4) gets very rocky and uneven. This is a classic ankle - breaker!

Watch your step, but don't forget to take a look at the awesome scenery. Calistoga gets warm quick, so start early in the day for an enjoyable hike.

The earlier you get there, the easier it is to find parking. The trailhead only has room for about eight cars!

The first mile is nice and shaded with big trees, ferns, and some mosses growing down low. The rest of the trail is a fire road, and very open to the sun.

I would NOT recommend this trail on a hot day. Do yourself a favor and go on a nice Fall or Winter day, or start early in the morning.

Took me about 4 hours, that included a snack at the top. The views are stunning from the summit. On clear days you can see Mount Diablo, and often some nice, snowy peaks in the distance!

25 days ago

We did the first 4.5 miles starting at about 9 in the morning. By the 4.5 mile mark it was getting hot and the shade was gone and my dog was not enjoying the hot sun so we turned around. There were still lots of wild flowers, awesome views and plenty of shade the first and last 3 miles. You can still see wagon wheel ruts in the trail and we enjoyed the flowers and views. There were some mountain bikers and trail runners and they were all polite and respectful. I kept the dog on the leash as it is a bad year for ticks and there is lots of poison oak off the trail. It also kept her from bothering the runners and bikers.

The first mile or so is really pretty and shaded, a little poison oak. The last 3+ miles are a well maintained fire road with no shade and a steady incline. The radio towers at the top aren't pretty, but the view is spectacular. Great wine tasting close by didn't hurt.

trail running
27 days ago

Ran the Mt. St. Helena trail and fire road this morning. Beautiful views and a the fire road was perfect for a good run. Of course, lots of elevation gain, but probably a little boring for a basic hike. Despite the fact that it was a Saturday on Memorial Day weekend, I did not find the trail crowded although I finished by about 10:30 AM. If you are looking for great views, this is hard to beat. There are three "summits" and if you want to go to the top of Mt. St. Helena, you have to go all the way to the end, but all three summits have awesome views. Parking was not a problem early, but by the time I return to my car, the parking was packed. Word of warning, the people drive like maniacs up and down 29 so be careful!

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27 days ago

Lovely hike, steadily uphill (but not sharply so) with some nice scenery. First 3 miles are mostly shaded. I only went 4 miles due to time constraints. Trail is rocky—glad I had hiking boots so I wouldn't turn an ankle.

Completed this hike on May 12th 2017. The trail up to the Robert Lewis Stevenson plaque was most delightful. Our weather was cool, and the trees and shaded areas were nice. Once we hit the dirt road and turned left, the road walking was disappointing, but the grand views all the up to the top were worth the while. My purpose was for the county highpoint of Napa which a different peak (the one with the Doppler radar) was not far off track. Then a quick walk over to the Mount St. Helena Peak, and greatly enjoyed the views. Walk back down was warm in the afternoon sun, but we walked it quickly enough.