I would rate it easy rather than moderate. It's pretty much flat. Even during the week you will always find other hikers enjoying the loop around the lake.

This trail is more an easy than moderate. It's pretty flat and plenty of places to stop for a view.

Love how quiet it is. Easy hike

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2 months ago

This is my favorite place to run. It's beautiful and quiet. I like it most because you're never alone out here but it's never too busy so you can enjoy the quiet serenity of this place.

3 months ago

5 months ago

Nice quiet walking trails. Saw no wildlife other than a couple of small birds. The lower lake trail was partially flooded, so I let Max off the leash to negotiate the boulders... figured he would be more sure-footed without it. Note that there's a $7 parking fee.

6 months ago

I enjoyed this trail alot, lots of benches with sweet inspirational quotes. I also liked that it's easily accessible for people on wheel chairs/strollers. Lots of bbq space for large groups. Cool fishing spots. Loved it!

9 months ago

$7 parking. great place to take your dogs for a walk

11 months ago

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It's a great place to walk my dog.

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