I’ve been waiting for 40 years for decent, public access to our river in Fresno and this is a joke. When I was a kid the police would chase us out of this area because the land “near” it was owned by a golf course which would call the police when they saw anyone (not on golf course property) so at least people have a right to be here now but you can barely get a bike through the gate and it’s unclear where boundaries are, not to mention it seems virtually unmaintained. Fresno is a great example of too much private ownership of a natural resource like this river that should freely accessible and safely maintained for everyone.
God, I hope the path from Woodward park is eventually connected to this point as planned but I fear I’ll be too old to enjoy it by then. Maybe my children can enjoy it by the time they are middle aged

trail running
2 months ago

Not really nice. Lots of trash and graffiti littering the path. Path is only paved alongside the golf course. You’d have to veer of path considerably to get close to water.

Seemed to be several homeless camps along the path, didn’t feel too safe even in broad daylight.

Not a very nice view of the San Joaquin and not what I was expecting. Sadly, the trail is polluted with trash and graffiti.

A nice hike to do with kids. No parking lot, just neighborhood street parking.