love the views... and the history

beautiful place to walk around and tour the history of the mission. been coming here for years. the park hands can get a little aggressive from time to time. just ignore them. I come for the nature experience not the people/volunteer experience.

mountain biking
6 months ago

Great for beginners. Easy climb. Scenic views.

More beautiful than I expected! I went up to the cross, then at a Y in the path after the cross, I went left and eventually reached the trail marker where you can go up to Santa Rita Mesa or, as I did, go left toward La Artesia. There was another fork after that where I went right and ended up going down steeply to the access road and back to the mission. Don't know what the distance was, but all the sand made it seem longer, I think!

Great! Lots of fun. I took the trail that heads up to the cross (great view of Lompoc Valley - trailhead just passed visitor center) then kept on the trail passed the cross. Eventually following the fence line and heading up on Rita Mesa. Very sandy (beach like) trail past the cross. Some decent hill climbs all on sandy trails makes for a good workout! Take plenty of water and maybe a snack for energy. Stayed on the trail and ended up on an access road for an easy walk back to the mission and start of trail. Fun hike! About 4.8 miles or so on my route. Felt like more because of that sand! Got pretty windy too around 11:30am. Good hike! Really recommend it! Just far enough away from civilization to feel refreshing but not really that far away!

The lower loop is a good warm up track, the upper loop add another mile with a few hills. There are water towers you can walk to as well off the lower loop a steady up hill road.

Easy trail. Excellent for beginners. It's beautiful country and has plenty of wildlife around. If you're a bird watcher... it's a must do.

walking trails are fine, very easy. definitely hike to the cross. entrance is just left of the visitor center. will go back with dogs. $6 to park or just pull over at the farm across the street and it's free.99.

Beautiful bike and hike trails! Easy trail but you can hit the uphill trails and increase intensity.

One of the best places in the area to train on ur mountain bike. The Full trail is about 9 miles. I map it out when i did it. To te green tanks in the back to the 3.8 miles circle on top by the rangers station

I mostly walk the lower trail with my dogs. It is always beautiful, and it is quite an easy walk. We hike in from our home, the back way. The dogs enjoy the quail, rabbits and other critters we see, and of course, once in the Mission building area there are pigs, turkeys, cattle, etc. to see (for me) and smell (for them). I highly recommend it.