Richardson Grove State Park - traditional destination of countless vacationing families since the early twentieth century - is one of the north coast’s first redwood state parks. Situated in the majestic redwood forests of southern Humboldt County, seven miles south of Garberville on Highway 101, “The Grove” began in 1922 with 120 acres and has since grown to approximately 2,000 acres. Named after Friend W. Richardson, the 25th governor of California, the park is bisected by Hwy. 101 and the south fork of the Eel River. Camping, hiking, swimming, and just relaxing are popular activities throughout much of the year. Fishing for salmon and steelhead is popular during the winter. Richardson Grove State Park is where you first encounter significant old growth redwood forest when coming north. The 9th tallest coast redwood, a fallen tree ring study conducted in 1933, and a walk-through tree are immediately available. Note: Richardson Grove State Park is located within "Bear Country". State Park regulations require visitors to store food and scented items properly at all times. Summer temperatures are typically in the range of 75-95 degrees. Morning & evening fog is common. Winter dips to 30-50 degrees. Rain is common so dress appropriately.

It's not recommended but my son and I did this hike at night while doing a little "Squatchin". Trail was very visible and we did get a little Bigfoot activity.