Excellent views. Great workout. Trail is a mix of rocky and dirt. A few steep rocky sections. Definitely a must do. The length of the loop and elevation seem to be a little off. A little higher and longer than stated. Bring lots of water.

Great hike for all levels. Loved the swing. Imagine it would be hot in the summer.

This is a excellent choice when you want a hike that offers great views not just at the top, but all along the trail. And yes! there is LOTS of poson oak at the start, so be smart and wear long pants!

I know of two ways to get to the top from west side , which I consider the metal tower with a bell. One is very direct, you park up the street from San Luis Adult School. This hike is about one mile and fairly steep. Takes me old guy around 40 minutes. I see some younger people run up. Quite a good workout. When you get to the top, you can go left to the the metal tower or right, going right about half a mile there is another way down, which is a fire trail, it’s not as steep. You can take that back and cross over back to your starting point, or go back they way you came. You can also go up that fire trail, but there is a part where there are signs which say no trespassing but the locals seem to ignore it. This is less traveled than Bishops or Cerro.

A good trail, but know that there is poison oak on the first half mile of the trail. After that? It’s absolutely amazing!

Great hike, attempted to run but elevation jumps from 200 to 800 rather quick. Great leg work out. Best to do this hike early to view the sun as it comes up over SLO. Flatlander heaven.

Good short hike. Nice views at the top. It was pretty clear and we could see over to Morro Bay and south to Avila beach area.

As an FYI, from the top you can walked down south to downtown SLO. Have lunch n Uber back to your car at trail head.

4 months ago

Whole family loved it!

Steep and somewhat rocky trail up. Tough on knees on the way back. Trekking poles will really help.

Fun hike. Good trail with mountain bikers primarily. Went to the top. Some water in the creek but no waterfall like in the spring.

This is a very nice walk/hike, just be careful of poison oak. There are some parts along the creek trail which the poison oak is over grown. I managed to get some on my arm and I was really being careful. The climb to the top is a good workout and the view at the top is great.

Decent trail. We did the complete loop starting from the waterfall nearest the road, as I prefer starting the trail going uphill. There is a green little tower at the top and continue past . The trail back down will be on your left side. There is a cool swing near the bottom, but the flat at the bottom and back to the road is rather boring

on Reservoir Canyon Trail

7 months ago

only went halfway because of the heat last week but was worth it!

Great hike, tough the last .5 mile but well worth the best view of south San Luis Obispo County just short of a helicopter ride. On a clear day, you can see Océano dunes to Morro Bay and most of the sister peaks. Well worth the technical climb. 4/5 only due to abundant poison oak in creek areas that slowed us down; pay attention.

Hard hike but worth the effort once you get to he top.

Great hike, just keep an eye out for poison oak near the creek.

Beautiful views and the swing was a fun surprise. Hiked up and over and took an uber back to our car.

9 months ago

Went up to the summit. It was beautiful! One of my favorite hikes in this area!! My Apple Watch said it was more like 6 miles not the 5 recorded by the All Trails App. The first 2 miles or so were pretty easy the last mile or so was fairly strenuous. Start off at the bottom trail head across from parking area and check out the waterfall then head up the trail. Will do again for sure! Near the start of the trail there are lots of poison oak. Highly recommend pants and long sleeve shirts. Bring plenty of water if you are going up all the way to the lookout point. No real shade up past the creek. It gets hot and steep! Come prepared and enjoy!!

Beauitful trail and an amzing view at the end. Perfect mixture of challenge and fun.

Had an amazing hike 4.7 miles!!! Awesome place can see Pacific Ocean from the top.

Loved it! It was challenging and tiring but the view from the top is gorgeous

11 months ago

Great hike. Very hard on legs when your not in shape

11 months ago

The waterfall is at beginning of trail and it is beautiful. But, poison oak is everywhere, bordering both side of the trail. Some sections there is less than one foot width between the super lush and overgrown poison oak. I am not that much of a naturalist!

Saturday, March 04, 2017

Trail flooded but gorgeous waterfall, will be back to tackle this later!!

Saturday, February 04, 2017

Since it's been raining we were able to see a nice waterfall. We were not able to do most of the trail though because the dirt pathway was flooded with water and we did not have water boots. Definitely will be coming back to attempt again.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

3 miles up. Worth the view.

Trail Closed :( Heads up if you're trying to go in Jan.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

I went on a day after there was a huge rain storm, but nonetheless, despite the mud and muck the view from the top was gorgeous. There is almost a complete 360 view from the end point of this hike and it was completely worth the extra 5lbs of mud stuck to my shoe!

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