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Redwood Regional Park, part of the East Bay Regional Park District, is located in the Oakland Hills just a few miles from downtown Oakland in the San Francisco Bay Area. The main park entrance is located off of Redwood Road. The park is known for the old growth redwood forest that was once an extensive logging operation. This redwood forest is now the largest remaining natural stand of coast redwood in the East Bay. Hiking, trail running, mountain biking, and horseback riding, are popular activities in this park. There are several trail heads that access the park, including the Canyon Meadow Staging Area, Skyline Gate Staging Area, and the Redwood Gate Staging Area. Popular trails in the park include the East Ridge Trail and West Ridge Trail, which allow bikes, the stream trail, and the French Trail. The park has four picnic sites, several group overnight camping areas, and a children's play structure off of the Stream Trail from the Canyon Meadow staging area. The Chabot Space and Science Center is also located within the park. Redwood Regional Park is great for nature watching. The park is home to a variety of species, including some rare species, such as the golden eagle and common species like deer, raccoons, and squirrels.

Awesome hike, esp the middle third

Nice downhill stream in the winter. Babbling. Lots of ferns. Beautiful moss covered trees. Redwood peak nice for a picnic. No real view though.

This trail is awesome! Highly recommend!!


Very shady trek, wide trail, multitude of trees. Overall a great little escape only minutes away. A restroom along stream trail, nothing on west ridge portion.

Great picture spots

Great for dogs. Beautiful views

Fun for an easy day hike or intermediate jog. Dog friendly except professional dog walkers are restricted to certain trails. Upper trails provide a nice view of the prairie immediately below, and also of the greater Bay Area in the distance. There’s a few small benches and picnic areas dotting the trails for a quiet place to take a lunch break. Generally pretty clean and well kept. Went on a Monday afternoon and experienced some decent foot traffic. Great for dogspotting

Starting with the steep Bridle Trail and ending with the flat Stream Trail was lovely. Beautiful ridge and redwoods. Lush. Wonderful way to spend three hours.

very beautiful oasis in the middle of a metropolis like the bay area

great singletrack in some sections and trail is clearly marked. My watch marked the gain at 1550 and was 7.1 miles. didn't see many people on a weekday

This is one of my favorite hikes in the East Bay. Both the Tres Sendas and Stream Trails are great! Either trail you start on you descend down to the bottom of the hill into a small valley. Tres Sendas has more lush fern vegetation and fallen redwoods, and the trail can be rocky. It's very beautiful. Once you reach the Stream Trail you will head back up the hill, and the nature is not as great. You can go the opposite direction along the Stream trail and loop back around to Tres Sendas, which I recommend if you want a longer hike that is like the Tres Sendas. Once you're at the bottom of the hill on the Stream Trail and following the stream the the shaded redwoods are beautiful and lush. Warning, the walk back up either way is a workout, and I run hills like these a few times a week.

I have hiked this trail many times and it’s always fun.

Beautiful, well maintained, and mostly covered trails, and lots of interesting but different scenery make this a great hike for people and dogs. A large parking lot with bathrooms and a water fountain are a definite bonus.
Only minuses
- There are a fairly large number of bike on the West Ridge Trail, so if you have a dog, be careful
- This hike is rated as Easy but a number of steep slopes covered in potentially slippery rocks and roots together with a fairly long uphill climb near the end of East Ridge Trail make this much more a Moderate hike

Great hike: shaded, redwoods and a little incline. About 1 hour 20 minute hike.

Beautiful Trail! First half is downhill, second half mostly up. I ended up coming back on the West Ridge Trail instead of the French trail and this worked out fine, just a bit of extra elevation. Plenty of spots to cut through back to the French section if desired. Not too many people on a weekday and nice and shaded.

This was a beautiful hike that I will absolutely do again. However, dog owners beware, the West/East Ridge Trails and part of the Tres Sendas Trail are off-leash but they are doing some restoration on the river bed so when the sign is posted to leash up your dog, you should obey. There was a cop on a motorcycle who passed me twice on this trail and gave me a thumbs up bcz my dogs were leashed. I heard he ended up ticketing loads of folks at $275 a pop. It's only a short while so I wouldn't chance it if I were you. Or you can simply stick to the ridges and let your pups roam free.

Nice and rather short, easy to add more miles to it

West ridge is fun, its windy and a good hike

Beautiful hike! We happened to go during the Endurance 100k trail run so there was a lot of activity on the Stream Trail, but it was still very enjoyable. We kept our dog on leash in the heavy traffic areas and let her loose once we turned uphill (toward Redwood Peak). With the climbing, the six mile distance felt perfect.

Lovely hike in the forest. Nearly 100% of this hike is in the shade, making it an ideal hike to tackle on a hot day. You will be surrounded by tall Redwoods for the duration!

Starts off easy enough but gets challenging on the bottom half. Especially the French trail section.

Views were excellent, take it counter clockwise for a calm downhill section to an incline and then another downhill. Through the shade and at the end is a picnic ground, did not partake as another party had occupied the area plan to next time. 1 hour 20 minutes perfect mid day hike

A nice place but ALOT OF PEOPLE. Stream trail is basically a paved walkway. A lot of big groups. We did have a nice picnic

Awesome trail. I’m new to hiking and getting in shape. This trail kicked my ass. The last half mile-ish back up to the parking lot is killer and I had to stop a few times to catch my breath. It’s definitely the higher end of moderate.

Nice hike with lots of shade. Ended up being a bit longer - I tracked close to 9 Miles. There is a paved parking lot with space for 30-40 cars and I found a spot easily on Sat afternoon. There are some inclines but mostly just short bursts. Very easy to get lost because there are a lot of trails - make sure you’re constantly checking your AllTrails map. There was a port-a-potty in the parking lot as well as one half way through (and some picnic tables). Not many people on the trail.

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