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I loved this hike and all it had to offer but, and one major BUT, it’s definitely not easy. The beginning is like a brisk walk in the park but the last half was literally like walking up 100 flights of stairs only to have to slide down half on my butt on the way back. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fit person and I love a good challenging hike, but I brought my family along and it’s didn’t exactly lend itself to a nice, peaceful, family style hike.

If you’re in for a good workout, this one is for you. Other than that, turn around at the spilt into redwood peak and call it a day!

Hugged by the redwoods, beautiful stream, fairly quiet.

Great hike, but I disagree on it being “easy” as there is a steep section up followed by a fairly steep, rocky section down. I’m a fit person and enjoyed it, but brought a friend along that struggled. To me, this trail isn’t friendly for all skill levels. We were looking for something long and shaded so we could chat and catchup and it ended up being more “moderate” than I was hoping. I should have paid closer attention to the elevation/climb as I think that’s a better indication of needed skill after using this app over the past year.

All in all, I love Redwood Regional Park and all it has to offer... I’ll just need to be more selective about the trails and people I bring with me next time.

Very enjoyable. Nice hike with some terrain variation and dogs can go off-leash. Bikers seem to enjoy it too and the trail is mostly wide enough for everyone. Good mix of shade and sun and a few vistas along the way. Just enough wildflowers in bloom to make it really feel like spring. As marked, the hike is just over 3.8 miles taking the loop clockwise and going Dunn to Graham to West Ridge to Baccharis to Dunn. There is no trail marker where Baccharis and West Ridge intersect. If you don't take a map, you'll want to note that it's 0.4 miles from Graham to Baccharis as you walk along West Ridge, that way you can keep an eye out for that trail. Or if you take the trail in reverse you can't miss the turn from Baccharis to West Ridge as that's where Baccharis ends. You can park in the lot off Skyline at Crestmont Drive and walk behind the building to get to the trailhead. Or, if you park off the road near where Joaquin Miller Road and Skyline meet, you can join the about trail 0.1 miles in.

Nice and easy in either direction, even with the elevation gain.

Great hike, lovely wildflowers all along the path. Could not find the loop (did not download the map) so circled back after 2 miles. Lots of ups and downs so feels like a nice workout and plenty of shade along the way. Several lovely vistas to look over the valley and over to the bay. Very enjoyable.

Love this hike! and got to see the lady bugs earlier this year!

Beautiful trail lots of redwoods, shade, streams. Lots of friendly people with dogs. We had small dogs on leash and came across dog walkers with large quantity of unleashed big dogs, quite scary, I wish people would keep their dogs in packs on leash.

Beautiful Redwoods trail system! Once I was on the stunning Fern trail there was very little traffic. The trails intertwine in this area and at times I was on the French Trail, Chown Trail and the Redwood trail. which made it adventuresome. The wildflowers are all in bloom with a variety of colors. The variation in temperature makes this area great for hiking because of the redwoods microclimate it offers. I was warm and perspiring in the sun but found plenty of relief from the redwoods cool microclimate and forest shade. Very welcoming indeed.

Great hike with lots of shade. Golden Spike trail is fascinating with some narrow passages and lots of back and forth amidst redwood trees and a few streams. Enough climbs to keep it interesting but on the east side of moderate.

Wonderful trail! Great scenery and most of the route is shaded by tall trees, which made the hike comfortable on a warm day. As others mentioned, many hikers had off-leash dogs and this didn't seem to be a problem.

Beautiful mostly quiet trail with many different kinds of wild flowers. Sunny but with some redwoods and shade at times. Easy, not much up hill if you go clockwise. The trail can be a bit hard to follow with the signposts and map but we managed to find our way around. Take a map at the parking lot! Lots of dog owners and their dogs!

Beautiful, shaded, good for running, lots of trail options

Beautiful trail that has a little bit of everything, including many groves of redwood trees. I ended up taking a shortcut up the Redwood Peak Trail to get to the top of the peak. That was quite challenging. Peak was a bit of a letdown without much of a view but felt good to get to the top. Moderate number of folks on the trail including one horse and lots of dogs.

A tot of tree cover. Great hike for the hotter months

Mill Trail was closed so we stayed on Stream and wrapped around to meet up with Madrone. Added a little distance - we ended up doing 6.2 total. FYI if you're doing this trail soon!

Beautiful walk, most of it in the shade and alongside a stream. The only caveat: the last mile to mile and a half is STEEPLY uphill, and may be too much for some casual hikers. Otherwise, I had a terrific time, and will definitely be going back.

We night hiked this loop starting at just before sunset and finishing about 5 minutes before the park closes at 10. Beautiful views of the city at night, then the moon rose a burning orange before facing into a clear white light to hike by. The wide, flat (ish, still some occasional roots and rocks to watch for) trail made for easy night hiking. the length was just perfect, about 2.5 hours. Saw tiny snakes, huge spiders, and a little orange newt!

the only issue i have with the place is not the place itself but the irresponsible and sometimes even arrogant dog owners who allow their dogs to go off leash. there is so much info provided by the ebrpd about conservation and the impact of y'alls dogs disturbing the fragility of flora and fauna of the park. there are hella dog friendly nature spots in the bay stop encroaching on areas that really need protection. i'm grateful rangers ticket the hell outta y'all. please humble yourself and get educated and examine your sense of responsibility and care to the future of humxnkind and mama nature.

other than that, what is not to love about this place? been going there since a wee thing with my fam. thx ebrpd, government regulation (ya hear, neoliberals and libertarians?), and tax mula for keeping these parks so accessible, protected enough, and natural.

My apple watch recorded:
4.7 miles
670 ft elevation gain
1hr 50 min

A little longer than the Burr, Graham, and WestRidge trail loop.

It was a good hike, pretty much downhill all the way on the Stream Trail, and then bursts of good short climbs on the way back through the French Trail. We saw wild flowers and lots of dogs on the Stream Trail, but once we got onto the French Trail, there wasn't much traffic. The whole trail was quite muddy though because of the rains.

Wonderful trail. Took my friends that were not in shape... a little hard for them. (They are not hikers). Wear proper shoes. Beautiful trail full of redwoods.

Nice hike, lots of lovely dogs, very pretty but not spectacular. I went during the week l, so there was plenty of parking and many times where I was alone on the trail.

Really love this trail. Beautiful walk through redwoods and although I don’t generally like intense inclines, I think they’re fun on this trail. Can be muddy in the spring. Make sure you know your route since there are a bunch of connecting trails that you can accidentally get on. Lots of off leash dogs.

Descend into the beautiful Tres Sendas fern gully before a winding climb up French Trail to the top of Redwood Peak. Short 70-90 minute loop gets your heart rate up and then gives you a nice flat cool down. The full shade of stretching bay trees and cathedral redwoods make for a blissfully cool hike on hot days.

Great hike! Crowded! Parking is hard because the lot is small. Had to park down the road. If you follow the suggested route, the first part is paved and relatively flat, the way back is more challenging with some uphills. Trails well marked, easy to follow. Love the dogs!!

The hike and weather was beautiful today 2/10/18. A few big inclines but our 9 year old was able to manage with a few breaks. Although I didnt use this app to record my hike, our loop was 5.02 miles. I gave it 2 stars because it's an overpopulated trail. Lots of groups, bikers, runners and lots lot lots of dogs off leash, even though dogs must be kept on leash. There was a park ranger ticketing people who had dogs were off leash. The parking lot and surrounding area was jammed packed. Even though the trail is beautiful, I wouldn't be back.

Parking was a little bit challenge when I arrived this morning. Maybe because it's a weekend. its a great place to hike.

Have to say I really love this trail! It should be my favorite trail so far. This distance is a little bit challenge for my boyfriend. But I want him to exercise more, so it’s good for us. View is super nice! Hope we can go for a hike here very often!

If you go during the winter months, look for the lady bugs at the Stream & Prince intersection. They’re usually are a few hundred of them covering the one sign post. I hiked this trail on 1/28/18 and the lady bugs were thriving on that day.

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