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This was a beautiful hike that I will absolutely do again. However, dog owners beware, the West/East Ridge Trails and part of the Tres Sendas Trail are off-leash but they are doing some restoration on the river bed so when the sign is posted to leash up your dog, you should obey. There was a cop on a motorcycle who passed me twice on this trail and gave me a thumbs up bcz my dogs were leashed. I heard he ended up ticketing loads of folks at $275 a pop. It's only a short while so I wouldn't chance it if I were you. Or you can simply stick to the ridges and let your pups roam free.

Nice and rather short, easy to add more miles to it

West ridge is fun, its windy and a good hike

Beautiful hike! We happened to go during the Endurance 100k trail run so there was a lot of activity on the Stream Trail, but it was still very enjoyable. We kept our dog on leash in the heavy traffic areas and let her loose once we turned uphill (toward Redwood Peak). With the climbing, the six mile distance felt perfect.

Lovely hike in the forest. Nearly 100% of this hike is in the shade, making it an ideal hike to tackle on a hot day. You will be surrounded by tall Redwoods for the duration!

Starts off easy enough but gets challenging on the bottom half. Especially the French trail section.

Views were excellent, take it counter clockwise for a calm downhill section to an incline and then another downhill. Through the shade and at the end is a picnic ground, did not partake as another party had occupied the area plan to next time. 1 hour 20 minutes perfect mid day hike

A nice place but ALOT OF PEOPLE. Stream trail is basically a paved walkway. A lot of big groups. We did have a nice picnic

Awesome trail. I’m new to hiking and getting in shape. This trail kicked my ass. The last half mile-ish back up to the parking lot is killer and I had to stop a few times to catch my breath. It’s definitely the higher end of moderate.

Nice hike with lots of shade. Ended up being a bit longer - I tracked close to 9 Miles. There is a paved parking lot with space for 30-40 cars and I found a spot easily on Sat afternoon. There are some inclines but mostly just short bursts. Very easy to get lost because there are a lot of trails - make sure you’re constantly checking your AllTrails map. There was a port-a-potty in the parking lot as well as one half way through (and some picnic tables). Not many people on the trail.

This trail was quite fun as a trail runner! The initial ascent along the West Ridge Trail is quite steep and not very runnable (unless you have calves of steel!) but beyond that the trail is very runnable. I went on a Monday morning and parked at the Wayside Parking Lot. It was my first time at the park and there weren’t too many people but trail markings were abundant. Once I hit the East Ridge Trail I did see a lot more people (and dogs!!) walking and hiking about. I didn’t really get to see the exact viewpoints where one could see SF and Mt Diablo but then again it was also a cloudy day. The fire trails were quite wide and it was overall a fun 12.4km/7.9mile run!

Was a great run, and I absolutely love running through those redwoods. It's a treasure of the east bay, and can't get enough of seeing these thousand year old behemoths right in my backyard. I started at the entrance off Skyline Blvd, and ran mostly downhill before hitting some of the bigger inclines along the Stream trail. Overall, was a good run and will definitely do it again!

Was a great run, and I absolutely love running through those redwoods. It's a treasure of the east bay, and can't get enough of seeing these thousand year old behemoths. I started at the entrance off Skyline Blvd, and ran mostly downhill before hitting some of the bigger inclines along the Stream trail. Overall, was a good run and will definitely do it again!

Nice hike! Wide trails, and very dog friendly!

You have to park on the side of the road to access this hike since there is no public parking lot. The trailhead is at an equestrian center, but it’s not clear whether the public can park there or not, so I just parked on the street.

There are no redwoods on the first section of trail and the scenery in that section was very dry in early September. Eventually you get to the redwoods which while it’s the most interesting part of the hike, still never offers any expansive views.

There are some fairly steep climbs for short distances, so if you are taking someone new to hiking prepare them to expect that. It’s not the most difficult thing ever, but this trail does have some climbs.

Overall, there weren’t enough views for me to want to hike this more than once.

Great hike! Saw a few other people on the trail but was very lightly trafficked on a Sunday morning.

Like others have mentioned the hike borders on moderate and hard. There are parts where it’s straight up. Enjoyed it either way nice hike among the trees. It took about 3 hours. Bring water!

Such a great hike! It even rained at the top of Redwood Trail! That was amazing! Definitely a moderate hike. Lots of steep inclines and declines but the views, smell of the forest and the sound of the woods made it at worth it.

nice trail, lots of shade, lots of people

Quite a bit of shade, good for dogs

Started at West Ridge and went on to the French trail.Kept on french trail .It had pretty steep inclines and declines.Wanted to go till Chown trail .But,took the route back to steam trail.It was about 7.5 miles hike overall.It is pretty intense and hard .

Lots of shade, nice trail, great for dogs

Beautiful hike however I missed the switchback and ended up going a bit further and ended up by a horse corral lol. There was a short bit after the horse corral where the trail was poorly maintained but thankfully I saw some more hikers making me feel a bit more at ease. Note to self, don’t do this part of the hike alone-or maybe I was just a bit paranoid? All in all, beautiful hike that ended up to be 3.7 miles that clocked in at about 1.5 hours.

Stream trail is easy, flat and fairly wide with portions where the trail is paved with concrete. I went on a Thursday morning and was surprised by how crowded it was. It’s very nice, especially considering how close to Oakland it is, but it doesn’t stand out as a memorable hike. On its own I’d give 3-3.5 stars. French Trail on the other hand is quite pretty. I took Orchard Trail off of Stream Trail which connected me to French trail. French Trail has a number of steep inclines and declines with beautiful, dense forest. I had the trail to myself almost the entire walk.

It was an amazing place. Calm and love all the fresh air.

Actually 4.1 miles, a wonderful, woodsy 2 hour hike with kids and dog. Shady most of the way, under the canopy of gorgeous redwoods.

Very peaceful, the end of the loop is pretty steep but a good workout

We've started this loop anticlock wise.
Still believe was a smart decision.
I wouldn't rate it hard, more like moderate/medium.
It is 8.6 miles not 7.1.
Either way you go you are going to hike in the sun for 1.5 miles, the rest is just beautiful shady redwoods.

This is our go to trail when hot or raining... The trail is under the canapy and easy to moderate... The trail is always changing and if you are lucky you will see a nice waterfall

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