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Hugged by the redwoods, beautiful stream, fairly quiet.

Very enjoyable. Nice hike with some terrain variation and dogs can go off-leash. Bikers seem to enjoy it too and the trail is mostly wide enough for everyone. Good mix of shade and sun and a few vistas along the way. Just enough wildflowers in bloom to make it really feel like spring. As marked, the hike is just over 3.8 miles taking the loop clockwise and going Dunn to Graham to West Ridge to Baccharis to Dunn. There is no trail marker where Baccharis and West Ridge intersect. If you don't take a map, you'll want to note that it's 0.4 miles from Graham to Baccharis as you walk along West Ridge, that way you can keep an eye out for that trail. Or if you take the trail in reverse you can't miss the turn from Baccharis to West Ridge as that's where Baccharis ends. You can park in the lot off Skyline at Crestmont Drive and walk behind the building to get to the trailhead. Or, if you park off the road near where Joaquin Miller Road and Skyline meet, you can join the about trail 0.1 miles in.

mountain biking
12 days ago

i think its B.S. how mountain bikers get limited to fire roads. riding a fire road is like riding on the street. every trial that looks like it would be fun we cant be on. out of all the trails in most of the parks in the area there,s maybe 4 to 5 bike trails.how ever if you a hiker you can be on any trail you want{ now thats fair } NOT. WHERE ARE THE BIKE ONLY SINGLE TRACK TRAILS for those of use who arent afraid of a little danger like flower sniffin bird watching wimpy ass hikers. MOUNTAIN BIKER 4 LIFE

Great hike, lovely wildflowers all along the path. Could not find the loop (did not download the map) so circled back after 2 miles. Lots of ups and downs so feels like a nice workout and plenty of shade along the way. Several lovely vistas to look over the valley and over to the bay. Very enjoyable.

Beautiful trail lots of redwoods, shade, streams. Lots of friendly people with dogs. We had small dogs on leash and came across dog walkers with large quantity of unleashed big dogs, quite scary, I wish people would keep their dogs in packs on leash.

Beautiful Redwoods trail system! Once I was on the stunning Fern trail there was very little traffic. The trails intertwine in this area and at times I was on the French Trail, Chown Trail and the Redwood trail. which made it adventuresome. The wildflowers are all in bloom with a variety of colors. The variation in temperature makes this area great for hiking because of the redwoods microclimate it offers. I was warm and perspiring in the sun but found plenty of relief from the redwoods cool microclimate and forest shade. Very welcoming indeed.

Wonderful trail! Great scenery and most of the route is shaded by tall trees, which made the hike comfortable on a warm day. As others mentioned, many hikers had off-leash dogs and this didn't seem to be a problem.

Beautiful mostly quiet trail with many different kinds of wild flowers. Sunny but with some redwoods and shade at times. Easy, not much up hill if you go clockwise. The trail can be a bit hard to follow with the signposts and map but we managed to find our way around. Take a map at the parking lot! Lots of dog owners and their dogs!

Beautiful trail that has a little bit of everything, including many groves of redwood trees. I ended up taking a shortcut up the Redwood Peak Trail to get to the top of the peak. That was quite challenging. Peak was a bit of a letdown without much of a view but felt good to get to the top. Moderate number of folks on the trail including one horse and lots of dogs.

Mill Trail was closed so we stayed on Stream and wrapped around to meet up with Madrone. Added a little distance - we ended up doing 6.2 total. FYI if you're doing this trail soon!

Beautiful walk, most of it in the shade and alongside a stream. The only caveat: the last mile to mile and a half is STEEPLY uphill, and may be too much for some casual hikers. Otherwise, I had a terrific time, and will definitely be going back.

Really love this trail. Beautiful walk through redwoods and although I don’t generally like intense inclines, I think they’re fun on this trail. Can be muddy in the spring. Make sure you know your route since there are a bunch of connecting trails that you can accidentally get on. Lots of off leash dogs.

I think this is a great hike to bring your non-hiking or beginning hiking friends as it’s pretty easy but has some uphill sections and variety.

Beautiful forest and a decent climb

Beautiful views. Such a great escape from the city.

Good off-leash for dogs for most of the way except the very beginning, where the stable is. Echo previous reviewer that I would rate this as moderate, not hard. Some elevation but with breaks in between. Also has multiple choice points in route to either make your loop longer or shorter.

Mostly shaded well defined trail with multiple forks. A good 2 hour hike!

Great, varied hike. I agree that the Graham trail was the best part!

Really enjoyed the hike - great views from the TH (which has a lot of parking). Extended the hike on Baccahris trail to West Ridge - also extended to Redwood Peak which was a nice walk but not many views from the actual peak. Graham trail is the best part of the hike. The one downside - was pretty busy for an early Friday

I loved this hike. The Mill trail is closed for maintenance because it is unsafe at this time, so we had to take the stream trail back to Tres Sendas and get to French trail from there. The views are gorgeous, and there are enough breaks between the uphill climbs on Tree Sendas. I’m definitely doing this loop again, and can’t wait to try the Mill trail route when it reopens.

Good hike. Dog friendly. I was able to take my dog off leash almost the entire trail. There is half a mile of the trail where dogs need to be on leash. Some sections are shared with horses and bikes, good dog handling is advised for the safety of your dog and other users. 50-60% under shade. Some steep-rocky sections, good shoes are recommended. I will rate this trail as moderate rather than hard. Trail with moderate traffic, during the 3 hours we met about of 25 groups, almost all of them with dogs (off-leash), and we met 3 horses. This trail has hardly any view points. No phone service (AT&T) for the first 30% of the hike.

Awesome park with so many great trails...

trail running
6 months ago

Nice trail for a run. Mostly fire road width. Started near staging area on Skyline and headed clockwise. East Ridge Trail was pretty empty after a couple miles, even on a Sunday. The ascent on/to the West Ridge Trail from parking lot was a challenge but over quickly. Would certainly do this run again. Nice shade most of the time.

Depending on your pace (ours was a run/jog), it’s a nice, quick, moderate butt-burner workout. Trail is well-kept, beautiful redwoods and eucalyptus trees line the paths. Very dog-friendly.

Solid hike mostly flat with a few uphill bursts that got the heart going

We meant to do 3 miles and ended up doing those 3 miles plus these 8.

Good hike. Was a nice comfortable distance. It's about half open space and half forest. Some good views and benches too.

I love this trail, it’s just right! You can make it short enough or long enough I love how there’s shade threw most of the trail.

One of my regular hikes when I lived close.

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