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1 day ago

Great walk through a magical place. Walked with 3 little ones who loved the informative brochure that you can borrow at the beginning of the hike.

Walked this in Feb. 2017. Lots of big trees and ferns. Nothing bad to say. This is a walk most people can do.

Walked it today in the rain with 4 little kids. It was so peaceful and the kids had a blast going inside of trees!

mountain biking
1 month ago

Can I bike here? or at any of following trails:
Short trails:

2-Skunk Cabbage Trail, 10.5 mi - Coastal Trail
3- Lady Bird's Johnson Grove Trail, 1.5 Mi - Magnificent
4-West ridge trail 7 mi
5- Prairie Creek Trail (Trail#1 2.9 Mi) - (Trail#2 4.3Mi - most scenic trail).Magnificent

1 month ago

Visited in September of 2015. Beautiful for a nice easy stroll through these amazing trees. Perfect for all ages and skill levels. I’d definitely recommend grabbing one of the info brochures to read about the history and interesting facts. Overall, an easy way to experience the redwoods and honor one of the great women in our country’s history!

3 months ago

Easy stroll through tons of redwoods. Grab the trail map for a self guided tour and info on the history. Best time to go is February, no crowds.

3 months ago

Relatively easy and short hike. Beautiful introduction to the Redwoods for me. would be awesome for kids or people who aren't fit.

Great smooth hike ! Short but beautiful!
Perfect stop on our way back from Portland to San Francisco. Easy and prefect nature break before to head back to the city!

Agree with below... Looked around and wasted my time and didn't see a trail to do.

6 months ago

Really enjoyed the panoramic views of the trail mostly in a prairie. Getting over a calf sprain (3x in 3 months), achilles tear (10x in 2 yrs) on the opposite leg this time but usually on the other and the recently acquired Bell's Palsley which has 1/2 of my face paralyzed so I did some relatively flat trails today. The area has an awesome amount of elk, deer, coyotes, mountain lions and a few bears by all the sign and tracks I saw on the trail after the recent rains. The only human tracks I saw on the trail were my own. Lyons Ranch and the structures were incredible... Makes you wonder what it was like back in the day. Definitely worth seeing...

6 months ago

Extremely easy hike - you will see families, strollers, grandparents, etc. This is a beautiful day hike for everyone.

Still closed due to landslide

7 months ago

have no idea what kind of trail this is, but there was none. Didn't want to step on plants without permission from the park, so i stayed away from it.

7 months ago

Would totally do this trail again. Very easy stroll.

Thank you Lady Bird. The trees remind me of old battle scarred warriors. My wife Donna and I hiked this.

Drove up here with my wife and did this 4 years ago and saw all the salmon fishermen on the spit and went and bought a license and tackle. Took home 3 salmon 25 lbs or so each in 2 hrs of fishing.....
Laws have changed so much since that it will never happen again again in my lifetime ...
So bad already the ocean here was closed for salmon this year.

8 months ago

Berry Glenn is awesome and a beautiful climb up through the redwoods. The loop at the top, Lady Bird is below average and not a place I'll be again. I did it as a kid and had much better memories than what I saw as an adult. The redwoods in this area aren't the monsters you'll see in places like Stout Grove but are incredible and I really enjoy hiking through redwoods. Highly recommend this one!

Absolutely stunning. The fog and the most made the ferns and undergrowth vibrant colors and everything else looked black and white. The trees were impressive and pamphlets helpful.

closed and fenced off because of slide.

Beautiful!!! Easy stroll through an amazing grove. It is like walking through a rainforest!!!

easy walk, dripping everywhere, huge redwoods and rhododendrons. beautiful but lots of other walkers.

Beautiful trail. Easy walk. Highly recommend.

10 months ago

Quick walk in foggy redwoods

Moderately trafficked route. Very beautiful hike, there is a map for a self guided tour. Toilets, no running water.

Beautiful wild flowers and great views!

This hike had a little of everything! Including ticks.... wear bug spray! And save lots of energy for climb out :)

11 months ago

lovely if it's clear. steep

Beautiful and easy hike. Must do!

not a very big of beach. a couple large trees. watch out for banana slugs. must of been high tide 'cuz I didn't find any tide pools, like the sign said.
boarded off from slide

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Always love a loop! Bathrooms by the parking lot were super clean. It was a very accessible hike if you wanted to bring an elder. Interpretive signage was interesting and we even came across a roving ranger who answered our questions about some plants. Only a quick jaunt from the 101 freeway, yet when you get on the trail all the highway sounds are gone. Beautiful old trees, very well-maintained trail.

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