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This park and the co-managed state parks protect almost half of all remaining Coastal Redwoods, the tallest trees on Earth. There are three large river systems in this very seismically active area, and the 37 miles (60 km) of protected coastline have tide pools and seastacks. The prairie, estuary, coast, river, and forest ecosystems have varied animal and plant species.

9 days ago

We did this trail when the two foot bridges were down. We were able to cross the river easily at the parking lot side of the trail. the river at the tall trees section was a little sketchy. success! tall trees was great.

Easy stroll through tons of redwoods. Grab the trail map for a self guided tour and info on the history. Best time to go is February, no crowds.

16 days ago

Relatively easy and short hike. Beautiful introduction to the Redwoods for me. would be awesome for kids or people who aren't fit.

Wonderful hike to Hidden Beach! We arrived at sunset, and we're the only people on the beach. The trail was lightly trafficked.

Great smooth hike ! Short but beautiful!
Perfect stop on our way back from Portland to San Francisco. Easy and prefect nature break before to head back to the city!

Very enjoyable hike through sparse but tall redwoods and would be better done in the summer That way you could enjoy Redwood Creek at the bottom. I was surprised at the amount of guys illegally harvesting mushrooms here. The lock at the gate went bad so the couple ahead of me called a Ranger to let us out so we were able to escape. The trail is a hassle to get to and do....34 mile round trip from where you get the pass. Will definitely go back and do Redwood Creek Trail as planned. Nearby Prairie Creek has much better trails and no permit needed...

Amazing coastal views! Trail gets a bit narrow and slick in spots, but not bad overall. Definitely worth heading down to Hidden Beach too (towards the end of the trail, signage is clear). Make sure to listen for the barking from sea lions!

3 months ago

Really enjoyed the panoramic views of the trail mostly in a prairie. Getting over a calf sprain (3x in 3 months), achilles tear (10x in 2 yrs) on the opposite leg this time but usually on the other and the recently acquired Bell's Palsley which has 1/2 of my face paralyzed so I did some relatively flat trails today. The area has an awesome amount of elk, deer, coyotes, mountain lions and a few bears by all the sign and tracks I saw on the trail after the recent rains. The only human tracks I saw on the trail were my own. Lyons Ranch and the structures were incredible... Makes you wonder what it was like back in the day. Definitely worth seeing...

3 months ago

Extremely easy hike - you will see families, strollers, grandparents, etc. This is a beautiful day hike for everyone.

Don't forget to grab a permit! I actually got mine in Crescent City before I left the area. READ THE DIRECTIONS on the slip they give you on how to open the lock! Beautiful, relaxing hike. Not a ton of people - so it's a great place to connect with nature. Enjoy :)

4 months ago

First get the permit. Drive to the trail, and park. Enjoy the view and scenery as you stroll down to the Tall Trees Loop Trail. You can also see the second largest tree on this path but its unmarked. Ask about it at the visitor center. It was hugeeeeee. Everything was beautiful. I saw lot of ferns, banana slugs, and pacific sandband. :)

4 months ago

Would totally do this trail again. Very easy stroll.

Awesome trail

You need to get a permit at the visitor center to access the area. We got there at 8:45 and several people were waiting in line but there was plenty to go around.

Rarely do you get a simple hike with these sort of views!! The hike was easy and we only saw 4 other groups/couples on the trail.

A can't miss if you plan to hike somewhere in the redwood forest!!

Great introductory trail. Amazing, outstanding trees.

scenic driving
5 months ago

Not sure what all my cohorts thought but I loved it

Thank you Lady Bird. The trees remind me of old battle scarred warriors. My wife Donna and I hiked this.

Drove up here with my wife and did this 4 years ago and saw all the salmon fishermen on the spit and went and bought a license and tackle. Took home 3 salmon 25 lbs or so each in 2 hrs of fishing.....
Laws have changed so much since that it will never happen again again in my lifetime ...
So bad already the ocean here was closed for salmon this year.

5 months ago

Berry Glenn is awesome and a beautiful climb up through the redwoods. The loop at the top, Lady Bird is below average and not a place I'll be again. I did it as a kid and had much better memories than what I saw as an adult. The redwoods in this area aren't the monsters you'll see in places like Stout Grove but are incredible and I really enjoy hiking through redwoods. Highly recommend this one!

You have to obtain a lock code from the rangers station to use this trail. You can also get a backcountry camping permit from them as well to camp off to the side of the trail.

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