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The trail has recently been maintained and is fully doable (as of 11/23/19). It's a tough hike up. It's steep with minimal to no switchbacks up from either the Frog Pond TH or the Cameron Meadows TH. But the area is unique and interesting with a lot of interesting tree species and some great views. If you only want to do an out and back, the Frog Pond TH provides for a more scenic hike. But it's fun to do the whole loop and the road walk isn't bad.

Beautiful and peaceful hike. Only saw one other group all day. Be warned that you must cross over the river after you’ve hiked about 3/4 mile. There is a sign for mining claim 29 - look across the river and you will see the trail continue. I would recommend long pants because there are many little plants that will scratch up your lower legs. Mostly shaded.... wear layers.

4 months ago

Tough hike, but worth the views and ponds.

4 months ago

Gorgeous mountain meadows make it worth the brutal first couple miles! You have to walk on a forest service road for the last couple miles to make this a loop. This map shows the start point at Cameron lakes trail, to start at frog loop trail keep driving up the road to to where the trail veers off the road. The trails are the same though, just starting from different sides.

I do it again!

7 months ago

Good trail but we did not make it up to the summit. Just be aware of wild life in this area (I should have assumed based on location) but we heard from other hikers of bear sightings at some point on the trail, as well as cougars. If you plan to do this just come prepared-as we were not, thought we heard a cougar growl nearby and got spooked.

over grown
8 months ago

Gorgeous trail but the left route is challenging going up. Almost 2000 ft elevation gain in 2.5 miles. Signage at trailhead is for the Cameron Meadows trail and does not mention Frog Lake. There was still a significant amount of snow today but the dense forest was gorgeous. Would suggest waiting a month to go.

loved it have not been out there in many years it s beautiful it is perfect this time of the year

This is more of a (very) long drive than a hike to a lookout tower...

Sun Oct 28 2018

Nice trail, with a gradual incline to the lakes. Great views of the valley from a ridge. Beautiful Fall colors around the lake. Had the whole trail and the lakes to ourselves. What a peaceful place.

Mon Oct 01 2018

Kind of hard to find the trail but the lake is great with good trout fishing.

Sun Jul 08 2018

Warning: long post but please read for up to date info on the trail so you can avoid my mistakes

Gorgeous area, especially in early October as the fall colors are brilliant in the area. Had the whole place to ourselves all day. Easy hiking except finding the trailhead was a little challenging - set back from the end of the road on the right. The trail was much shorter than described - about 2.5 miles RT.

Wed Jul 12 2017

I loved this trail. It was short, steep, beautiful. There is not much to the hike itself, straight up to the top. Half the adventure was just getting there. Forest road the whole way back, had a landslide or two but was able to get by. Well worth the trip and spots to see the river coming or going. Google took me to trailhead just fine, coordinates on here are updated.

Finding the trail is the greatest difficulty. Gorgeous lake and great trout fishing! Oregon at its finest!

great views! use a truck to get up there. mid way the road has a spot that is slick and there is a drop off.

Tue Aug 09 2016

Truly an amazing hike! We only completed 12 miles and could not find Elk Lake...Take lots of water!!!

did the loop. trail at times was very overgrown.lots of bear evidence. fun!

My favorite trail ever!

Sun Aug 23 2015

One of my favorite hikes

Wed Jun 03 2015

This is the exact location of the trailhead: https://www.google.com/maps/place/42%C2%B001'18.4%22N+123%C2%B015'18.4%22W/@42.0198173,-123.2593217,853m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0!5m1!1e4!6m1!1e1

scenic driving
Sat Apr 18 2015

This is a lovely and interesting drive into the deep backwoods south of Applegate Lake. Watch the road numbers to not get lost; they're pretty well marked. Partway up there's an overlook that marks out the various peaks of the Siskiyou Crest. The road summits a few hundred yards (perhaps) after it passes a trailhead that leads to the summit of Whiskey Peak (which we failed to find). But the climb looked like it must have been steep and (relatively) short.

Thu Oct 09 2014

We have done this hike a couple times this year and it is one of my favorites. Starts out steep and keeps it up for most the trail but the scenery is beautiful. Keeps your heart to pumping in some places! Once you get to the pond it flattens out and there is a beautiful meadow. We watched the ducks take flight off the pond. We ate lunch watching the wild life and listening to the wind come off the mountains. We also hiked into Cameron meadows that day from the Frog Pond . That made for quite a hike! I am looking forward to doing this one again and maybe camping at the meadows.

Fri Mar 23 2012

First of all, the trail is a little less than 3 mile round trip plus it's only accessible from about early June until perhaps November, not year around as described. The road is the same as to Bolan Lake but at a signed fork in the road approaching Bolan campground, take the road to the right for about 3 miles and then left for about 1 1/2 mile. The road is blocked and the TH is about 100 feet before block. The trail does a fairly easy climb 1/2 mile to Tannen Lake. There's only a couple of possible campsites here that are decent as the lake is surrounded by brush and rock. If you take a left at the lake, across a stream , there is a trail that continues about 1 mile to East Tannen Lake. This again is a bit of a climb but easy. East Tannen Lake is similar to Tannen but smaller and without real camping potential. I did a backpacking trip a few years back starting at this TH and continuing to Sucker Creek Shelter and then down to Steve's Fork Tr. and on to Azalea Lake and then to Lonesome Lake, Kangaroo Springs and down Horsecamp Tr. in the Applegate. An absolutely great trip.

Tue Oct 18 2011

We found this trailhead by accident and decided to check it out. Its out in the Applegate Lake area and off a gravel road. The trail walks along the side of the mountain at a steady incline. There are really not good views except for the canyon that is below. We only did about half of it then turned around and headed back for the car.

Mon Oct 17 2011

This hike is not very eventful. It climbs at a steady pace with not much of any views. Early spring would be the best time as it can get hot after that.

2 months ago

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