2 months ago

Nice mix of urban (near roads and housing tracts) and wilderness. I only went about half way, from Quail Hill to Turtle Rock community center, and back. Nice, pretty easy hike. I would go back with my dogs, on leash, of course!

4 months ago

Great easy trail out and back for a quick walk or a longer excursion. Nice views!

6 months ago

I was expecting more of a hike. This is just a walk on a dirt road next to a street with lots of cars. If you want to pretend like you're in nature, but never actually step more than 20 feet out of a neighborhood, then this is the place for you. If a kid on a tricycle can ride up the path, it's not a hike.

8 months ago

10 months ago

on Shady Canyon Trail

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11 months ago