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Located at the southern end of the community of Newbury Park, this site reflects the heritage of both Native Americans and local ranching. The Satwiwa Native American Indian Culture Center is open on weekends from 9am to 5pm. Native American workshops and programs occur throughout the year. Rolling grasslands, oak woodlands, and chaparral can all be seen on the same hike here. The iconic and dramatic view of Boney Mountain can be seen if you choose to travel 8 miles to the ocean along the historic Sycamore Canyon Trail.

trail running
7 days ago

Started this on the opposite end at the Sycamore Canyon trailhead off the PCH. Beautiful canyon run on a fire access road. However a few miles in the dirt road turns to asphalt for the rest of the trail (or if you’re going along the route described it’d start asphalt then switch to dirt.

One of a number of favorites

Big Sycamore Canyon: completed a 15.2 mile hike at 951ft, along with the Rancho Sierra Vista, Fireline Trail, and Guadalasco Trail, etc. Easy inclines: a good day hike for beginners. Great for building endurance. Nice and cool weather, at 74 degrees, in January 2018. Be mindful of mt. bikers, please. No dogs. A power bar(s) & 1.5L of water would be fine.

Busy trail at the beggining, with lots of bikers. Trail is hard to follow at peak. Very windy in spots. Very nice views on top. Some shade.

Great Hike to work up a sweat and get your blood pumping. I would rate this a moderate hike up to the Monument.

Awesome place to take ur dog, and a workout at the same time very easy, don’t forget to go through the underpass it will add another mile to ur walk and ur best friend the 4 legged kind

Long but beautiful hike. We did it in about 8 hours with a lot of short breaks at the beginning. Only confusion was after tri peaks where we had just a little trouble finding the trail. Otherwise the trails were all clear and great to hike on.

Many dog friendly options. Some trails had little incline. Very nice and quiet easy hike.

beautiful trail "backbone"

1 month ago

Great hike with rock climbs, take plenty of water and something to eat took my wife and I a full 6 hours.

Love this trail, easy day hike.

I hiked this trail a few days ago. The views from the top are phenomenal! The first 3.5 miles is heavily trafficked and well maintained. Once you pass Danielson’s Monument, the trail is no longer maintained by the park service but is easily followed this time of year. There are some scrambling spots and wide crevices where the trail has washed out. We climbed along the face of one of the peaks, which was pretty sketchy but a lot of fun (we took the back side of the peak on the way down). We didn’t go all the way to the third peak and we ended up clocking almost 11 miles out and back from the Potrero parking lot.

2 months ago

very good overlook.

It was 95 today and dry as a bone. It appeared to be one giant fire hazard also the Chumash center only open on weekends. It was so hot we only did to the Chumash center and back. 2 adults and 2

3 months ago

I completed this in about 7 hours, including lunch on Sandstone Peak. It's a good long hike with respectable gain, which is rare for the Santa Monicas. The stretch just after Danielson Monument is challenging, as the trail is very rutted due to the wet 2016/2017 winter. Once you reach Tri Peaks, the trail is straightforward and finishes on a fire road. This would be a quality preparation hike for something like Reyes, Hines, Wilson or Cucamonga.

5 months ago

I loved hiking with my friend today on this trail, not bored at all ,time just flew bye ! ,it's our third time in the last couple years we've done this trail ,we started at 8:30 in the morning so we wouldn't have the heat on us and it was perfect ,we were done at 11 with a cool breeze through the Canyon the whole hike. I don't know where the 15 miles comes from it's more like 8 1/2 miles from the parking lot where the bathrooms are in Newbury Park to the parking lot at the entrance of Sycamore Canyon.

Had a lot of fun hiking this trail. It was a total of 15.52 miles from the car and back. Very easy just sometimes it got a little boring with the same views (the reason for 4 stars instead of 5) but overall I would hike again if I was looking to burn a lot of calories with a more easier hike (we burned 2715 in calories)

6 months ago

Hiked on Tuesday 8/1/2017 at 5pm and ended around 630pm with a total of around 4 miles... it was hot and very little shade...
Very little traffic , i hiked alone and I saw only two people . Lots of lizards and quails! Lots of bushes and burned trees. It's a recovering area from a fire. The difficulty is about 3/10 with one area pretty steep. Its a boring trail but good for the area. The area near the waterfall has overground bushes that cover the trail. The waterfall at this time of the year is nonexistent. It's was disappointing actually. The best part was essentially the overview area of the hills. Overall, I wouldn't recommend it unless you want to get some exercise.

Pros: little to no traffic, exercise , parking
Cons: boring, no shade, no waterfall
Rating: 2/10
Notes: no dogs on waterfall trail, no bikes on waterfall trail, no hike alone, trails splits to other areas

Lovely hike! The waterfall is a little weak right now but you can still climb the rocks and get close to the pools. The brush on the way to the waterfall in the ravine is not well cleared though. Beautiful views of Boney Mountain and Newbury Park. Plenty of additional trails to extend the hike if desired.

Hiked to the non existent waterfall today. It was NOT an easy hike. A few sections were easy but most of the hike traversed somewhat steep inclines. Bring more than one water bottle. You'll probably need at least two water bottles for the round trip.

Nonetheless, the hike provides views of beautiful rolling hills and forested ravines.

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