nature trips

trail running


kid friendly

wild flowers


no dogs

Great trail
Not stroller friendly
Very steep hill
On return

This trail
Took us to vernal poos (dry no water)
Then proceeded to
A steep hill to adobes
It's pretty hot today so don't go
Without water

It's was a great hike but got really hot early. I started at 9am and it was probably already 80*. By the time I ended the hike it was over 100* and the last half was really hard to get through.
But it was very beautiful. At the start of the trail to one side was burned due to controlled fires and there were hundreds of conical spider dens.

10 days ago

21 days ago

Great trail with awesome views for an easy hike. Would give it 5 stars if it was free. But does cost $4 daily fee for adults, but annual pass can be purchased.

**this trail has a use fee**
$3 for under 13 years, $4 for adults

This was a great trail, lots of variety in type of trail. If you go all the way out to the Adobes from the trail head it's about 3.75 miles round trip. There are some steep parts so wear good sneakers but it's beautiful, even when the pools are dried up!

30 days ago

Beyond impressed with this trail. From the diversity of landscape to the spectacular views throughout. Great learning opportunities for families and yet enough trail that if you want to feel one with the landscape you can easily get an expanse of trail to yourself. $4 entrance fee for adults/$3 children. Great place for a picnic at the adobe houses. Bring plenty of water so you can go as long as you want!

trail running
1 month ago

very nice hike. took children, they enjoyed it. would recommend.