A lot of dead plants. The neighbors have better looking flowers

I love visiting every season! It's a great place to explore and study plants native to Southern California. You will run across a butterfly pavilion in the spring and summer. This is more of a comfortable place to stroll than a hike but definitely worth it.

Really enjoyed this walk! I would call this more of a museum than a hike, esp since you get to learn all about native plants etc. It gets you outside and is rather affordable ($8 entrance fee for adults and free parking).

I was expecting a hiking trail but this was more of just a nice stroll being that it's a botanical garden. Almost all trails are paved & you can decide how long long or short you want to walk depending on what trail you choose to take. I'm glad I went though because with 2 kids under 4 this was so easy for them to walk on their own but get the feeling they were hiking. Note: there is an entrance fee for anyone over 3.

Monday, November 07, 2016

Great for kids!