Due to covid-19, part of the trail is one way only

Very hard to find parking. Because of covid the trail is made one way. First few minutes weren't shade but then it's all shady. Heavily populated

Ok- not the best, but conveniently located and fairly pretty. Some good inclines here and there but not a very difficult hike. I don’t prefer the fire road hiking but it was ok.

Great trail! If you are looking for a fast workout.. take this loop, my husband and I finished this loop in an hour and half.. great moderate trail with a good elevation gain and beautiful view..

This is a good fix. Can be very hot on a sunny day as going up is mostly exposed. Good workout. Up up up for a bit over an hour. Bring water.

I love this trail. It’s very hard at the beginning, but the views are incredibly rewarding. Highly recommend!!!

After reading reviews here, I checked the signs at the trail before I started. There are trails for both directions and for one way only. Depending on which trail you want to try, it can be either clockwise or counter clockwise.

One way only on back leg

Nice calm trail that’s not too hard. It’s shaded in most parts and fairly wide so you don’t need to worry about brush and insects.

Trail is way too impacted right now. Would stay away from this one until the whole COVID blows over.

Nice trail with spectacular views of the Bay Area. Too bad PG&E power line is damaging the view on many locations.

28 days ago

Ok trail with some elevation... dry, dusty and hot in May.

Still heavily trafficked and one-way... Based on a review here, we started a counter clockwise loop, only to see do not enter signs halfway through. The loop in fact should be completed clockwise. If you want to do the loop, check the signs before you start.

Solid trail. One way traffic though. So make sure you plan at the half way mark if you want to continue or circle back. Crowed for weekday

Way too crowded. Have just been on a Monday afternoon. Cars lining up waiting for spots in the parking lot. Also not everyone is very careful about social distancing. 2 stars bc the trail is nice but would really avoid right now.

Busy trail but a good workout!

Good workout but crowded in some spot. Some shade but majority are still exposed. Some view of the bay but nothing special. Have to wait for parking or park on the street and walk in.

Free parking. OK view.

It’s a good one, starts with a good incline to get the heart pumping and once you’re towards the top it’s like you’re in a scene from The Sound of Music:) gorgeous area to explore with a lot of different paths.

Nice trail, but really a bit too crowded for a Wednesday afternoon. Because of the one-ways you have to do this trail counterclockwise. Some parts are fairly steep so it’s good exercise. Really liked the part along the creek. Despite the COVID restrictions there was a big group of 20 somethings that clearly didn’t care about social distancing. As someone from the same age group I’m ashamed. I honestly feel like this place should be closed down until the crisis is over just to discourage these kinds of groups.

Great trails. Unfortunately the trails are one way for covid reasons and are not able to complete full loops due to one way traffic.

Pretty easy trail. Everyone brings their children and explores. Even the elderly come here which tells you it isn’t “hard” at all. It’s got great views and some combination of ascents and descends. Can be finished in 2.5-3 hours even with a bunch of breaks to snack, take photos, and enjoy the view.

Get here early before 8 am since this trail is half shade and half no shade. Bring extra water too because I ran out with it being hot out now. This is a great hike for a good work out!

Great views and some nice climbing. Hard to beat for a local hike.

WARNING: There is currently no way to follow this loop in either the clockwise or counter-clockwise direction without at some point violating the temporary One Way Do Not Enter signs posted on the narrower trails to ensure social distancing. I got about 75% of the way around going in the direction as shown in the app, and, unfortunately, had to just pull my bandana up and give people as much space as I could. There were many people going the "right direction" but then how would they continue around the loop back the way I came from since that was marked Do Not Enter in the direction they were headed. Maybe they all had to detour a completely different way, but, regardless, you can't do the loop as it is here in the app, just a heads up.

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