Because it's setup for bikes, the slope isn't severe. Wifey and I made it to the top is less than an hour, and we're old. Just pay attention to the bikes coming downhill; they get going pretty fast. Great views of La Jolla to San Clemente. Raining on and off the day we were there. Not a lot of shade when it's sunny. Take water. Rocky trail. Watch ankles!

This is a solid Sunday hike. It took me about an hour and a half. It reminds me a lot of Cowels Mtn but not as steep and 90% less crowded! Beautiful 360 degree views at the top. It’s more of a mtn biking trail than a hiking trail but I really enjoyed it. It’s super close to Encinitas and really perfect for dogs.

It was a nice hike with great views of the area. We went from 8-10 in the morning and the weather was cloudy and cool. I enjoyed the sound of the creek because it had recently rained. We went clockwise which meant the creek was first and saved the peak for the end. I would do it again.

The description says forest setting, but this is a fully exposed trail, no forest. The trail has a technical element with some loose rock and gravel, but it’s hardly impactful on your hike because the incline is so very gradual. This trail is next to a neighborhood and is fairly close to a main road that can be heard on the trail.

Amazing views! My son loved seeing all the mountain bikers. The view at the top was incredible. We will do this one again!

Very nice work out for me and my dog on a cloudy Sunday morning. Pretty rocky at some points so my little dog took her time with her footing but it wasn't anything she couldn't handle. Great view at the top! Taking our time with some short breaks this loop took about 1 hour 45 minutes for us to complete. Any mountain bikers we came across were courteous and there is plenty of space beside the trail to step aside and let them pass. Just be alert and you should be fine. We will definitely be back!

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Ok trail. Not very well marked and definitely mountain lion territory.

Nice trail with some great views and extra loops if you want to extend it.

This is my 'go to' hike as it is close to my home. I find it challenging due to the incline and the rocky trail...tests my balance. Lovely view and a place to sit and enjoy it at the top. I saw evidence of pigs (of the human persuasion) on the switchback trail today. Candy wrappers and cigarette butts! (That brush is like kindling!) They were just dropped on the trail, like Hansel & Gretel's breadcrumbs. I know anyone reading this would never be so thoughtless. Please, if you see people littering the trails, let them know that these pieces of trash pose a hazard to the wildlife. Perhaps they think there is someone who sweeps the trail behind them? I get incensed when people disrespect our earth. Thank you for your help to keep our city and wildlife safe.

Great local (for me) hike. Short but a good workout. You could easily stretch his hike to 5,6 or more miles. Trails everywhere. Amazing 360 views at the top.

A portion of this loop is NOT DOG FRIENDLY, just a heads up for dog owners out there :) you can take the horned lizard trail but it adds a significant amount of elevation gain, and also an extra half a mile in distance

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