1 month ago

The trail is easy and can be finished in half an hour. It's well suited for a after-work/school stroll as well. The view is good and the cactus plants form good scenery.

great trail for a run, beautifully tucked down below houses up on the Hills so you feel like you are in the wilderness but you are still near civilization

The hike started out great we even enjoyed the hike up the hill. However when you get to the top the downhill on the backside is closed and washed out. The trail around the lake is nice and easy. The backside does have a sign saying the shortcut is closed. Would have been nice on the front side before going up the hill

This trail leads to so many beautiful sights. Follow the trail to a tiny waterfall and reach the loop that overlooks Lake Hodges. Great hike!

We loved this trail. Scenery was great when you look away from the eye sore of huge homes on top of each other. Terrain varied as we took the loop over looking the lake. I see this as a great way to test gear before major hikes.

The wife and I are new to hiking and training for overnight backpack trips. This hike will be added to our list of returns.

A bit more than just a walking trail. Very pretty!

Nice light trail

Great for beginners in MTB

Nice trail. Some shade if you go in the morning. I would keep an eye on your dogs feet. In some spots there are sharp metal track things sticking up and are easy to walk on if your dog is out front. They look thin and sharp.

nice trail

5 months ago

Nice hike for the dog and I who are just getting in to the hiking thing. Good water views. Some narrow spots which are troublesome with mountain bikers. Having to stand off trail so they can pass when you aren’t terribly sure footed was a little anxiety inducing. Luckily that was only a short portion of the trail.

If you follow the whole 2.7m trail, there are a few spots which children 5 or under might find a little narrow and are near the water. If you are able to carry your children you will be fine.

Beautiful, peaceful, good for running and biking too!

Nice walk did not get to see the painted rocks that the sign says is there, made it to the water fall it was pretty small and the area is blocked off. the walk is pretty easy.

Great trail! There is a small waterfall that is closely monitored with surveillance cameras. It was beautiful! My only two complaints werr with the listing and the trail lines up with the sun in a few parts on a sunny day it beams directly on your head. The trail was closer to 3.8 miles than 3.1.

7 months ago

Good early hike

8 months ago

Easy little walk with a nice lake view on the backside. It's perfect for a weeknight stroll. Dogs on leash are welcome. Watch out for mountain bikers!

90 % of is bikeable
not crowded at all !
dogs loved it !
bunnys are everywhere !!
several spots allowed access to lake
connected to several trails so exploring them was fun

it would be nice to have more markers so I wouldn't feel the need to pull out google maps

Sunday, June 04, 2017

There were a lot of mountain bikers on this trail and it gets pretty narrow in some spots so it can take awhile to move to the side for them. One of them almost ran over my dog and 4 year old because they were in such a hurry to keep going. Like, watch where your going Lance. All in all a very easy peasy trail.

It was a very easy trail, there is a waterfall along the way but it's fenced in with cameras so you can't go up to it. It was pretty to look at though. Watch out for all the mountain bikers.

Great little family hike. We may return in the morning sometime, it got pretty warm on the way back at 2:00pm in May.

Easy trail , lovely rabbits throughout the trail , beautiful lake view , specially at sunset

Friday, February 03, 2017

Super gorgeous trail near the bay! What a pleasant surprise to find such a beautiful trail by a community park! I did have mixed feelings at first since as I drove into the parking lot of a community park....it was hard to imagine looking at beautiful scenery in peace near a park where kids go on slides and ride the swings. I was so wrong though! I went on a weekend so it is possible that there are a lot more people during the weekends. But the scenery is still beautiful!

We did the Piedras Pintadas trail & the Bernardo Bay trail. Both are mostly flat with very little incline and the trails are maintained quite well. Some sections of the trail were closed but there were several side trails to go around the closed areas. The trail around the Bernardo Bay was absolutely gorgeous! I took a break with my dog on top of one the rocks and just enjoyed the beauty of the bay and surrounding mountains. Lots of bunnies and lots of lizards. The Piedras Pintadas trail was not as scenic but was nice how it had panels explaining the different types of plants.

Overall really nice easy hike/stroll. Would be a great trail running course for beginners. If you are looking for a lot of uphill/climb this hike is not for you. Dogs are allowed on leash. Restrooms are inside the community building. Parking is free.

Total miles - 6.4, Total elevation gain - 305 ft.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

A nice easy walk that even my "I hate walking" child enjoyed. We saw lot of birds and rabbits. Definitely doing it again.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Beautiful views and history to read of the area was nice.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

beautiful and informative.

well maintained easy trail.

Easy and enjoyable would be better in cooler weather.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

It was a good hike, but I think if you try to do it in the summer it would be very very hot and dry.

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Leisurely. A community trail, with an after-dinner stroll often sharing the trail with someone who mountain-biked in for a night ride. Great mix of wildlife - watch for rattlesnakes (learn from me...). Take someone for a walk here, and you'll convince them to join you somewhere more remote next time.

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