10 days ago

Bridge right over the water. Very scenic and beautiful. Easy walk and great for cyclists too.

There were a lot of mountain bikers on this trail and it gets pretty narrow in some spots so it can take awhile to move to the side for them. One of them almost ran over my dog and 4 year old because they were in such a hurry to keep going. Like, watch where your going Lance. All in all a very easy peasy trail.

It was a very easy trail, there is a waterfall along the way but it's fenced in with cameras so you can't go up to it. It was pretty to look at though. Watch out for all the mountain bikers.

great view of the lake, not too crowded today

27 days ago

Great little family hike. We may return in the morning sometime, it got pretty warm on the way back at 2:00pm in May.