Super gorgeous trail near the bay! What a pleasant surprise to find such a beautiful trail by a community park! I did have mixed feelings at first since as I drove into the parking lot of a community was hard to imagine looking at beautiful scenery in peace near a park where kids go on slides and ride the swings. I was so wrong though! I went on a weekend so it is possible that there are a lot more people during the weekends. But the scenery is still beautiful!

We did the Piedras Pintadas trail & the Bernardo Bay trail. Both are mostly flat with very little incline and the trails are maintained quite well. Some sections of the trail were closed but there were several side trails to go around the closed areas. The trail around the Bernardo Bay was absolutely gorgeous! I took a break with my dog on top of one the rocks and just enjoyed the beauty of the bay and surrounding mountains. Lots of bunnies and lots of lizards. The Piedras Pintadas trail was not as scenic but was nice how it had panels explaining the different types of plants.

Overall really nice easy hike/stroll. Would be a great trail running course for beginners. If you are looking for a lot of uphill/climb this hike is not for you. Dogs are allowed on leash. Restrooms are inside the community building. Parking is free.

Total miles - 6.4, Total elevation gain - 305 ft.