1 day ago

Easy little walk with a nice lake view on the backside. It's perfect for a weeknight stroll. Dogs on leash are welcome. Watch out for mountain bikers!

mountain biking
1 month ago

We'll traveled and comfortable enough to hike alone.
I climbed on Saturday, August 26th. About 10:30 am I left my trekking poles leaning against the wooden fence posts inside the parking lot, near the design sign of the park. Anyone find them? I just now realized they are missing. Thanks in advance.

90 % of is bikeable
not crowded at all !
dogs loved it !
bunnys are everywhere !!
several spots allowed access to lake
connected to several trails so exploring them was fun

it would be nice to have more markers so I wouldn't feel the need to pull out google maps

trail running
1 month ago

I really enjoy running this trail from Rancho Bernardo Glassman Recreation Center, across the bridge and up the mountain. Exactly 7 miles round trip. Rocky and steep at times, but beautiful view at the top!