Located in Jamestown, in the heart of Californias Gold Country about 100 miles southeast of Sacramento, Railtown 1897 State Historic Park is home to the Historic Jamestown Shops and Roundhousean intact and still-functioning steam locomotive repair and maintenance facility, portions of which date back to 1897. This one-of-a-kind attraction combines industrial heritage and railroad history with the lore of Hollywoods film industry. The Railtown 1897 Interpretive Center, the authentic roundhouse and shops, and the Depot Store (a railroad specialty gift shop) are among the Parks unique year-round offerings. Railtown 1897 State Historic Park is open daily (April-October, from 9:30 to 4:30 p.m.; November-March, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.), except Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Day. HOURS OF OPERATION: April through October, open daily 9:30am to 4:30pm; November through March open daily 10:00am to 3:00pm.

Awesome hike, some serious rock action near the top! Beautiful views and perfect weather. unfortunately, wild flowers are not abundant at this time of year (February).

on Tuolumne Table Mountain

7 days ago

I took a few cub scouts and a boy scout up this trail It was a good introduction for the cubs to see some of the easy and the hard parts of hiking. Due to some of the open area's, this is definitely a hike you want to do in the cooler months or early in the morning during the heat of the year. It is a good trail to intro young people to trail hiking. Bring water as there is nowhere where you can pump water.

Though Melones area is known for poison oak, I didn't see any on the trail, though it could of been still dormant. Stay on trail, no problem.

As far as the climb to the top, It's doable for an old fart like me with bad knees and over weight, which is one reason i agree more with the B.L.M map of the area designating this trail a challenge and not moderate. .

I saw people with with kids under the age of 5 and will say that the upper part of the trail is going to be a challenge and do think its a little foolish to bring somebody that young on the rocky trail with steps higher than a foot sometimes. There are some serious fall dangers not only on the trail, but at the top of the bluff.

The view though, as you get to the top, and on top is awesome.

As was mentioned earlier, get there early and turn around heading back. It is a tight area to turn and as usual, there is always that 1 inconsiderate person that out of ignorance will block the area where the gates are so very difficult to turn around.

amazing view at the top definitely will be going again soon!

Great hike and amazing views. This hike is definitely with your while.

It's a beautiful hike that is easy enough for someone that hasn't been hiking for awhile or just wants an good walk.
There are two entrances - the trail actually starts at the first gate. You'll walk a little over a mile thorough trees and fields. Once you get to the restroom you can take the trail to the top or go through the gate to the "watershed" trail. That's a great hike along a dirt road that's pretty much flat. If you want, that leads to the dam but it's a 12 mile hike. Along the way you see glimpses of the lake.
All together it's a wonderful place to hike. A few things:
1. The road to the second gate is bumpy and you'll need a vehicle with a high clearance.
2. If you park at the first gate turn your car around to park. It can be a tight bunch of turns to get out otherwise.
3. It's better to get there relatively early in the morning - I got there at 9:00 am on a Sunday morning and there were about 3-4 cars. By the time I left 2 hours later there were 10-15.

29 days ago

Beautiful birthday hike with my teen sons. It is almost surreal up top with the landscape resembling something you’d expect on a foreign planet. The views are spectacular at sunset! For those afraid of the steep/rocky bit towards the top...Just do it! It’s not that bad. Take a hiking stick for stability and go slow. There is plenty of room for advanced hikers to get around you.

My whole family enjoyed this hike. The end was a little steep, but my boys (youngest is five) made it up. The view was well worth it. So beautiful!!

It’s nearly halfway flat but once you pass the bathroom it starts to climb decently. I’m pretty out of shape and while I was definitely huffing and puffing I made it to the top. Definitely wear sunscreen because shade can be sparse in a few areas.

1 month ago

Great hike! A bit challenging but well worth the scramble to the top. Make sure you explore the top of the mountain, you will find a wonderful tribute to someone who must have been very special to his friends. Definitely need to go back during Springtime to see all the wildflowers.

2 months ago

Amazing Hike, Its Beautiful. Definitely Not My Last Time Visiting . I Definitely Recommend

Gorgeous view

Seek out the monument overlooking the reservoir

Wandered the plateau and pondered the unique geology

Love this hike

Good hike! Lots of shade going up. But none at the very top so bring some water cause in the summer it is HOT! The first time I did this hike I did kinda take a wrong turn so when the trail Vs take a left to get to the top!

Great quick hike with amazing views.

Great hike!!

my favorite hike!

7 months ago

The mountain is striking with gorgeous views, even as you are climbing up. A couple of tips:

1) The trail is not well shaded. So would not recommend hiking during a 100+ degree day (like we did)

2) The directions on AllTrails takes you to a trailhead. However, the first part of the hike is flat and basically follows the road. Also very hot and with limited shade. You can skip that first part and just start hiking up the mountain if you open the gate at the end of where AllTrails directs you to and continue driving down Shell Road. There will be another trailhead and space for parking further down near the restrooms

3) There is a part that requires bouldering

Went with friends, a 7 y.o. and my little dog. We made it to the top. Not super hard, but definitely need to be a little fit to get up there. Definitely worth it, will be back!

Reached the top with my 13 year old son. Great view on top.

The table top was covered in purple brodeia wildflowers (one lone poppy), we were down by noon, thankfully, it was getting warm. But, the hike was glorious!

Wonderful hike. Be aware of the poison oak!

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