670 acres of gently sloping to steep hillsides of cottonwood riparian, blue oak woodland, and chamise chaparral natural communities. Just a few of the species supported by these habitats include California towhee, Bullock's oriole, and black-headed grosbeak. Please see the attached bird checklist for additional bird species in the area. This area is just downstream of the Monticello dam, where Cold Creek enters Putah Creek, and includes Stebbins' Cold Canyon Reserve.

It was Great for being our first time hiking. Awesome Views. Tough but worth it!

be sure to bring hiking sticks. trail is muddy in some places. will need to cross the creek at one point. entrances seem blocked but you can still get through. great views . challenging but well worth the effort

Awesome hike! Went the last week of February and you have to cross the creek a few times and walk through these huge water tunnels. The views are amazing. On the top you walk across a ridge and have to climb up some rocks a few times. It's a blast and will go again and again.

Great hike! Mostly up hill so it's a great work out.

SO RAD! Burnt my legs out huge. Started at the blue ridge head. The tunnels were a little high... super cool to end the hike with a cool down thru the water. Wasn't expecting how crazy awesome the trail was going be. The Ridge! So beautiful! Get there!

20 days ago

Great workout. Views from the top priceless. Glory Hole is amazing from the top and fantastic to see the lake filled with water. Is also nice to see the the hills lush and green through the valley.

Awesome trail!

Difficult. Not for small children or folks with bad knees but so beautiful and doesn't disappoint!

Awesome 5 star loop. With the recent rains, scrambling through the entry tunnels limbered us up for the hike. Going clockwise, this is a leg burner ascending many stairs and steep inclines. Each moment of this hike being the payoff. The loop is moderately challenging with vast ridge views and overwhelming beauty. There are NO DOGS allowed on this trail, it is posted many times. I was discouraged to see such gross disregard today, by several discourteous dog owners.

closed due to high water through the culverts

Awesome hike!!! Beautiful views. Good workout. will definitely do again if given the opportunity.