trail running
10 days ago

Great spot. I'm a little biased because I live a couple of miles away from this trail, so this isn't a review by someone who would necessarily drive 30-60 minutes to spend time here. For me, though, it is what it is - an easily accessible, quiet place for a walk or a trail run after work. I'm sure many can relate to how challenging it is to combine the work week with time spent in nature - this is a good solution for Davisites, Dixonians, and Woodlanders.

The amount of wildlife is noteworthy - turtles, fish, herons, and hawks populate the area. Not sure if the Riparian Reserve Trail would qualify as a hidden gem, however I must say it is not very crowded. Usually it consists of fishermen and runners. I get the impression that visitors put effort into not being noisy and letting everyone enjoy the solitude.

Make sure you know what poison oak looks like, it is in abundance along the trail!