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Spectacular views on a clear day.

Pretty trail and views, downhill at the beginning makes for a bit of a climb back up at the end.

This trail is not for beginners. It has some steep terrain. It also had very beautiful views. Pack a light lunch. And bring a lot of water. 2-3 liters atleast and a light jacket. Trust me you’ll need it.

Very tough trail. Not at all for beginning hikers. However it has very beautiful views. Pack a lunch and bring a lot of water. You’ll need it.

It's a beautiful trails with many altitudes and plant life.

Great combination of biomes—everything from sweeping ridge views to bubbling brooks in the redwood thickets. No matter which way you run the loop, it’ll be a bit tough the last mile back to your car.

Did this hike for NYE and it kicked my ass in the most wholesome way possible. You want challenge? Got it. You want views? Got it. You want wildlife? Got it. Literally had everything. Foot traffic is meh but as you get deeper into the park people will thin out. Tracker reported 10.5 miles in about 4.5 hours (breaks included), and I did the sharp incline half first (Whitemore Gulch trail section) starting at the bottom of the “gulch” from the Purisima parking. Highly recommend doing it that way for anyone looking to test/diagnose their endurance levels. Would consider this more hard than moderate, tbh. Word of advice? Bring a headlight in the winter months because hiking in the trees at the bottom of any sort of valley or gulch reduces light visibility by what I swear feels like 50% around sunset - I had to spend the last two miles at the end of it in near darkness while the sun was just barely starting to go down. 10/10 would and will come back though! HAPPY 2018!!

This is my favorite quick hike. Rain, shine, cold, hot (never hot) is all good here. Starts with a nice gradual hike along Purisima Creek for about a mile, then turns up Grabtown Gulch with more rewarding views of running creeks, ferns and redwoods. The 'party' is over after crossing a bridge and starts gaining steep elevation for about 1.25 miles. The return back via Borden is pretty much all down hill for 2.5 miles back to Purisima Creek. A cardio-pumping pace @ 3 mph will bring you back to your car in two hours. At any pace, it's nirvana.

Really nice trail. Lots of shade, smell of pine and earth. Saw many banana slugs too :) On a clear day you can see Mavericks in Half Moon Bay. The return up Harkins Ridge trail is steep but there are small plateaus along the way that provide short breaks. Agree with other reviewers that you should bring more than a bottle (1 liter) of water to be properly hydrated. It took 3.5 hours to complete. There are bathrooms at the trailhead parking lot and at the bottom of the valley just before you head up Harkins Ridge trail.

Would actually consider this just a moderate hike. Nothing technical. Also, I would suggest finding a trail linking the two trails listed and skip Skyline.

Great day hike! Amazing views while going down.

Beautiful trail with great views. Definitely should be rated "hard" due to the steep hike down/back up again. The redwoods and creek that you see at the bottom of the hike are worth it though!

Had a great time here again on 12/3.

This home has it all from redwoods to sun baked grassy hills to a gulch with a creek and moss laden undergrowth at the bottom. Some yellow banana slugs to be seen too though I'm not particularly fond of slugs, even brightly colored ones. :)

The return climb is tough. I was exhausted when I ran into another solo hiker on the last mile. That company made the last section fly by.

I'd say this trail is more fun with friends than solo.

Loved the views and the deep forests on this hike! However, it was very very steep when I walked back up Harkins Ridge- definitely a big challenge. Worth it but I’m not sure I’ll do this hike again until I’m a bit more experienced.

Wonderful scenery on this hike

Great hike. The return climb is brutal. Take lots of water. 1L isn’t enough!

2 months ago

honestly, not that great of a trail. There are one or two spots with decent views, but overall it's not amazing. about 2/3 of the way out to the end, you get a sweeping overlook that's pretty cool right before decending and climping back up to the the point at the end of the trail; I'd just stop there unless you'd just like the excercise.

2 months ago

The narrow trail that offshoots from the main trail is much easier and much more enjoyable to hike than the steep slope of the main trail. An enjoyable hike and nice views of half moon bay. There isn’t much at the end of the trail in terms of view or place to hang out.

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