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kid friendly

9 days ago

Heavily trafficked, lots of dogs. Pleasant elevation changes and scenic views. Not entirely removed from society: road noise audible at times and private houses are visible.

Nice loop with views and variation of open ridge and shadowy woods. Went clockwise.

Great for dogs. I do disagree that the trail is easy, especially for beginners. it was all uphill for about a mile.

Nice trails for dogs but no trash cans. Great views!

Beautiful trail and dog-friendly! Just be sure to pick up after them or else you will receive a very passive-aggressive note

Nice hike with a view or two thrown in. Nothing difficult but will break a sweat. The wildflowers are unique and worth stopping for.

Nice 4miles trail and awesome views

2 months ago

this trail has amazing views when you get to the top. there is even an area where can even let your dogs off leash and socialize with other dogs.

Beautiful space, but we found 4 ticks on our dog when we got home...

Beautiful hike. 2_2.5 hours, dog friendly, easily accessible.

Amazing views!

Really nice for trail running

3 months ago

I have to agree that being sandwiched between a barb-wire fenced the highway seriously detracts from the experience, especially at the beginning.

The Crystal Springs Reservoir is beautiful in the morning. As seen from Edgewood Road, thin clouds hover some hundreds of feet above the reservoir as the glistening water reflects the green hills like glass. There's one particular spot where the vegetation is wonderful mixture of green, orange, and red as it gives way to the water. Seeing it from my route to school each weekday morning, I wanted to spend a weekend day hiking along it.

Unfortunately, that did not go so well. My main issue is that there's a massive fence- seriously, six feet tall with barbed wire- separating you and the reservoir. Practically every view of the water is deeply dampened by the fence right alongside the trail. The beautiful views from sections of Edgewood Road are inaccessible or impermissible to travel to.

The trail seldom passes alongside the edge of the reservoir. It spends more time closer to the highway/road than to the reservoir, as the topographic map shows. The heavy vegetation and fence means that a good view alongside the edge of the reservoir is basically nonexistent. There does appear to be a trail that passes closer to the reservoir (look at satellite) but it may be trespassing.

If you're looking to hike along this area, I'd heavily suggest going to Huddart Park and marveling at the Redwoods. The Purisima Gulch Trail is tantalizing in the Winter. If you want to hike alongside the water, the Californian coast will serve you better than the fault reservoirs in this location. The paved Devils Slide trail or Muir to Rodeo Beach (in Marin) hikes would be worthwhile hikes on a sunny morning.

As beautiful as the reservoir is, this trail won't give you any reward. Look elsewhere in this area- there's many, many alternatives.

The description in Getting There is spot on. This is a nice hike and I'm happy it's close to where I live. Some great views and lots of wildlife. I gave it 4 stars because of the fence that obstructs the view of the lake and because how close you stay to the state highway. There are only a few spots where you feel like you've gotten away from it all. So, why 4 stars and not 3? It's a nice trail and when you get above the fence line it's a beautiful view. I saw bunnies, deer, and even a tiny little snake. The payoff at the end is nice and they have port-a-potties in case you need it. Better than nothing. And you can refill your water. Close hike that's convenient and has a lot to offer despite the downside of the fence.

Love this trail very much!

FYI: No dogs or pets allowed.
This place has some plenty of shades on a hot weather. The view of the lake on the side of the trail os also soothing and there are quite some number of squirrels lurking around. They also have a good number benches around and some tables at some areas. My goal originally was the Pulgas Water Temple, but there was an on-going construction at the dam thus i couldn't get through. One day if i get the chance i would definitely like to cycle on this trail.

Nice trails, good bay view. Watch your step. There is way too much poison oak.

Some really nice views and easy to get to.

8 months ago

The trail itself is well maintained. It does a nice loop with decent amount of wildlife to interact with. The main gem of this place is taking your dog and allowing them to run off-leash when you get to the top. This is a huge advantage over your normal dog park.

Things to note:

There are no trashcans so you have to carry dog waste out.

Bring water for your dog to make sure they have it. It can get hot.

Way too much dog poop on the trail.

this was a fun Sunday afternoon trail with a big payoff at the end.

Nice easy trail, good for entire family, but short and limited view along the way but still a good experience if you are starting off or with kids/dogs.

10 months ago

Nice local hike to let the dog loose and get some fresh air.

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Mixed terrain. Great views.

the trail itself is nice, but the directions are problematic.

to access the trail, you need to drive down Edgewood to go to the Pulgas ridge open space.

there is no access from the vista point that the directions take you to.

otherwise the trail was well maintained and a nice day

Monday, September 26, 2016

This is my go to place if I need to get a quick hike in but I am short on time. As a previous reviewer stated, this is not the Pulgas Water Temple but is the Pulgas Open Space Preserve. I would place this a little harder than easy. While I think beginner hikers will do just fine they should keep in mind that it is not flat. Dogs are allowed and there is a bathroom along with trail maps at the trail head. Bring plenty of water because it gets really hot even though there is a lot of shade.

Monday, May 23, 2016

This is a good place to walk. The only problem is, it is not the Pulgas Water Temple. It is the Pulgas Ridge Trail. Everything else is correct.

The pool picture is on the other of the freeway, not in this trail. Google it if you want to go to the pool area. Don't expect it in the trail.

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