3 months ago

Update: Upgrading my review to 3 stars, since as of 6/5/18, the trailhead has been cleaned up! There were no cars parked in the lot, no one living/camping there, and the area around the bathrooms was pristine. I did see a rental bike down along the trail but didn’t investigate to see if there was anyone there. So I’m not sure if it’s completely safe now, but it looks much better than a couple weeks ago.

Original 1-star review:
While Presidio Park is absolutely gorgeous, and I enjoy walking near the Junipero Serra Museum, this was my first time using the designated trailhead off Taylor St, and I did not like it. Two out of five cars parked at the trailhead were clearly being lived in, and I felt uncomfortable as the occupants watched me park and walk toward the trail. I saw cots, sleeping bags, and junk strewn about behind the bathrooms. I started walking down the trail anyway, figuring that the trail itself would be fine (I picked the one branching off to the left), but a few steps in, a man jumped out of his camp in the bushes and onto the trail a short distance ahead of me. At that point, I felt spooked, returned to my car, and left. I don't mean any disrespect to those down on their luck, but as a woman hiking alone on this particular day, I was uncomfortable. Until the trailhead is cleaned up, this one's a NOPE for me. I'll gladly return to the area near the Junipero Serra Museum, but not the Taylor St. trailhead.